Women’s Logic

I went in the kitchen a minute ago to grab some more coffee and my Sister In Law is in there with a bunch of little green onions. I am yakking at her for a minute telling her how much I love those little fuckers when she cuts about six of them in half.



I am in mid sentence when she grabs the bulb ends, turns around and throws them in the garbage!

I was kind of stunned for a second  and then I just blurted out,






She looks confused and says to me, Oh I don’t eat that part.


 What The Fuck??????!!!!!

Then The Wifely Unit chimes in from the front room, yeah, if you want to eat onions, just buy onions, we just use the green part.

OMFG, women.

As long as I live I will never understand the logic sequences they use.

I told her to save the rest of them because I eat that part, that’s why I buy ’em.

They make this stuff called Ranch Dressing, ever heard of it?

Hell, I munch on ’em as is while eating sandwiches.



16 thoughts on “Women’s Logic

  1. One time when I got home, all the living room furniture was moved around. I’m sure it was NOT that serial-furniture re-arranger gang that was going door-to-door. So, my wife must have done it. MY logic: 1) she was cleaning, and needed the ‘swing-space’, or 2) had to move the TV because of sun-glare, or 3) just for the heck of it – a change of pace. All perfectly good reasons, right?

    I asked her [sweetest husband voice]: “Honey, why did you move the living room furniture? She answered quickly, yet nicely, “I don’t know”. The male brain, however, needs a reason for all it sees, or does. So, I asked her again, a little more forcefully. “Honey, WHY did you move the furniture in the living room???” And, like a deer in the headlights, in slow motion, she answered, “I … don’t … know”.

    BTW, my wife is a Mechanic, real quick and sharp-witted, and very strong from pulling Heads off engines all day. I love her to death. I never have to do the heavy lifting; but, I do take care of all the mail and bills …

    True story from 11 years ago. Thanks for the use.

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  2. Yet they’ll yell at you for leaving a couple sips in the bottom of a drink.

    There are recipes that call for only the green tops. So… save the bottoms for the next time you cook onions.

    Head hurts. Head hurts bad….


  3. Phillipe, I find the urge to smoke and read Larry Niven novels quite strong. I will stop at the smoke shop soon and send more cigars . Niven novels are only by request, Regards my man Stay safe. Stay happy. Best to you and yours

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  4. Read a true story moons ago…newly married couple have her family for Sunday dinner. Guy walks into the kitchen and sees his young wife cut 4” off the end of the roast and toss it in the trash. Asks what she’s doing…she says “Oh, mom always did that, tastes better.” The guy is like no way…goes and asks his new mother-in-law about it, she says, “Oh my mother did it so I did the same, tastes better.” Guy is still baffled so goes to grandma and explains all this. Grandma says she has no idea what they are talking about, she had to cut the end off the roast because her pan was too short.

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  5. I cut the bottom inch or so off and plant the bulb in a long pot on the front porch. I can make a package bought in the spring last all year by replanting until it gets too cold in the fall. Love the little things.


  6. There were always fresh scallions on the dinner table when I was a kid. My dad would munch on them with his food… so I did too !
    Thanks for the tip fireguy, I’m gonna try that….


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