The Pendulum Swings Back

Nunes sends criminal-referral notification to Barr, alleges several ‘potential violations’ in Russia probe


EXCLUSIVE: Republican Rep. Devin Nunes sent a criminal-referral notification to Attorney General William Barr on Thursday alleging several “potential violations” of the law.

The ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee said he and Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe are prepared to brief Barr on alleged misconduct during the FBI’s investigation into Russian meddling and contacts with Trump advisers during the 2016 campaign.


The referrals stem from the investigation conducted by the House Intelligence Committee when Republicans held the House majority.

“As part of that investigation, Committee Republicans identified several potential violations of law,” Nunes, R-Calif., wrote in a brief letter to Barr on Thursday.

The notification comes after Barr testified to Congress this week that he is reviewing the “conduct” of the original FBI investigation. During the second of two Capitol Hill appearances on Wednesday, Barr said he believes “spying did occur,” and the question is “whether it was adequately predicated.”


24 thoughts on “The Pendulum Swings Back

  1. Smoke and mirrors. Sturm un drang. A couple of low level scapegoats may do time but NOBODY of any importance will suffer any meaningful consequences. This is just a dog and pony show to make the gullible believe the GOP is “DOING SOMETHING!”.


  2. Disagree – there are shadows, and angels moving where mere mortals refuse to tred.
    The signs are there, and there is ample ‘things happening’ that make no sense, but are subtle and away from the view of the common man, but there if you choose to see. I try to show the wife, but he’s more discerning.

    Its almost like listening to ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ – slowly building, expanding, showing its presence, up to the overpowering crescendo…


  3. “Let the bodies hit the floor – let the bodies hit the floor …”

    Politics is an ugly game and attacking your opponents is a given. But regardless of your party, using the U.S. legal system to attempt to railroad with charges which have no evidence of occurring, you are guilty of framing them. Not only unethical – its illegal. And if you are guilty of that, that needs to brought to light, prosecuted and if found guilty, time in prison.

    Because that isn’t America. You can disagree with someone else but framing them for charges deserves punishment.


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  5. It is no mistake they went in and captured Julian Assange at this point. Some people desperately need to know what he knows, what his insurance policy of information to be released upon his death or disappearance is.
    Events are getting tight. One shitload large bunch of actors who are in a serious pickle. The vice is tightening slowly, it is forcing them to have to react where they in anyway do not wish to be forced to attempt to save themselves. Desperation. The Brits definitely had an inside setup of some sort, they where allowed to walk right into a sovereign nation’s territory, right into the embassy. Beyond unusual. It is unprecedented. He could have been brought out by the embassy security staff no problem. Assange is no physical threat.
    It is no coincidence Assange re-enters the center stage. Central dynamics are in play. I still think Trump is using Assange as a stalking horse. If Trump isn’t, Assange is a stalking horse by default. It would be just like Trump to pull the Alfred P Neuman act and say “What Me?” Julian Assange? I don’t know nothin’ about no steenkin’ Julian Assange!
    Think of the underlying effect. It is about as rich as it gets.
    Julian Assange knows shit like nobody else. He knows who has been arkansiding who. Who ordered the hit on Andrew Breitbart, Rich Seth, Tom Clancy, etc, what was going on in Benghazi with the Clinton state department running arms thru Libya, why they left all those Embassy people to die, probably set up the hit too. What the Podesta brothers are involved in, Pizzagate to start with, he has all the Clinton emails and everything on Anthony Wiener’s laptop the server system they where using automatically downloaded as a process of putting your device on this “isolated” private server system.
    Assange is the Rossetta Stone of the deep states dirty secrets. Somebody really needed to get him out to:
    Pick any
    Protect him
    Squeeze him
    Increase or employ his strategic political value
    Torture him for info and his connections, where his dafed data is and how to get it
    Kill him
    Pardon him

    No way he will be put on public trial in the US. The discovery phase alone could potentially take half the state and federal governments of the US down because of the vast deep state/globalist crime syndicate and its tentacles in everything.
    If Assange has HRC emails, he has everything from LeVoy Finnicum’s execution, to Uranium One, obama’s treason to the DOJ/FBI/CIA/BLM/ATF collusion in all of her and Bill’s activities.

    Question. Can they risk assassinating Julian Assange at this point? He had to have had a doomsday device for the advent of his death or disappearance for him to have survived so long.
    Some rumors back awhile ago it was either Roger Stone or Glen Greenwald who was entrusted with all that.


  6. The angle I’ve never seen addressed seriously is going after the FISA court itself.

    Let’s pretend they were innocent and were just defrauded. Wouldn’t they be pissed off and make life hard on any fibbies coming in trying to get warrants now? Then there were hints that one of the fibbies (Strzock?) knew the FISA court judge and “social engineered” him at a party. Wouldn’t he be trying to get back at him after the news broke they were committing fraud in the FISA court?

    Isn’t committing fraud in your documentation to the FISA court illegal also called perjury, and illegal all by itself? If the FISA court isn’t fighting back, isn’t that evidence of breaking the law themselves?


    • Read 2 articles last two days, they are investigating very seriously the FISA court hijinks which where the key to the crooked FBI instigating their plausible deniability spying scheme. It is actually central to a number of angles in the investigations.
      Remember how Admiral Rogers went to Trump before he was inaugurated, let him know he had stopped the open unfettered access to all the “contractors” and other scam clearances provided by the FBI FISA warrant ruse.
      Some say Rogers single handedly stopped a constitutional crisis in its tracks because he discovered the breaches and abuses. Right after that is when Trump and all walked out of Trump Tower and hopped over to Trump’s NJ HDQTRS to get away from the illegal wire taps and other intelligence assets the FBI had set up illegally to listen in on the transition teams activities.


  7. As far as I am concerned that FISA court is an UnConstitutional Kangaroo court to begin with.
    They have been rubber stamping shit since day one with ZERO oversight.
    No one can defend themselves against it because they aren’t allowed to see the evidence used.
    Absolutely tyrannical from the get go.


  8. Phil, get it while it’s hot. Who knows how long the server will be up.
    Assange’s Wicki-Leaks document dump he promised if he was detained. Lot of stuff here. Things like the Bilderberg minutes of meetings from 1957 to 1980, you can see the evolution of the omnipotence and arrogance of these self anointed “elites”. Another conspiracy theory made conspiracy fact.

    Some stuff is simply interagency/internation communications, interesting because it mostly shows how .gov people operate and communicate their work and politics. There’s the Clinton emails. Looks like some files are deliberately misslabled with titles and dates, probably for security reasons. So you have to lok inside to see what they contain.
    I been downloading certain files to archive them. Can’t take it for granted it will stay up on the web.

    This collection is like the East Anglia University data dump on globull colding records of how they where coordinating with Mann in the US to fudge the data and create the infamous “Hockey Stick fake warming trend temperature graph. Inside info of many kinds.


    • I saw this last night on The Chan. They are claiming that this is not a new dump and has been around for years.


      Verified account

      Follow Follow @wikileaks
      Note: is not a release, insurance dump, or response to Assange’s arrest. It is the page where published documents are available for bulk download so that people can create mirrors, access publications offline, or use the raw data. It has existed for years.

      That doesn’t mean there might not be anything worth digging on though.

      The insurance files have been out for a while but the encryption key has not been released, yet.
      If you want to download them here are he links VIA twitter. Be careful and always wear protection….

      just_in_case ⏳

      18h18 hours ago
      The insurance files are available as a torrent files. Huge files.
      What no one has, is the encryption key to open the insurance files. 😎

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      14h14 hours ago
      Where is the file to download it?

      2 replies 0 retweets 0 likes
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      just_in_case ⏳

      7h7 hours ago
      I won’t post the actual links….but this should do.
      There is no key and they can’t be opened, but….
      I would suggest using a VPN before accessing the files and download to an external drive. 😎

      Here is a link to a copy of the tweet that has the addresses,

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  9. Got this running thru my mind Phil:

    Follow The Money
    Clinton/Soros dirty money system drives the power elite underworld
    Assange Knows Things Somebody Needs To Know,
    And they do not want the world to know
    Listen to the Clintons and their ilk, turn their words back on them,
    They are Projecting their crimes on others,
    To deflect attention from themselves
    Follow the money
    South/Central Amerika is an unrestrained
    Zone of Comintern & deep state/neo-trotskyite activity since the 50’s
    Somebody down there laid a trump card on the table
    Assange’s capture is also a product of Mueller’s hunt for moles,
    Whistle blowers, leaks, stool pigeons and double agents
    Follow the money
    Assange knows about Pizzagate
    They found Assange’s Doomsday Cache, they can not open it,
    Nor are they confident they have the only cache or all of it
    There are others than Manafort, Stone and Greenwald, they where stalking horses,
    Who are the actual doomsday cache stewards
    Assassinating Andrew Breitbart,
    Created a cascade of unintended consequences
    Podesta made a strategic blunder having Andrew killed
    There will be many false flags to keep everyone off balance,
    Events are out of many comfort zones
    Trump is honest,
    When Trump stated he did not know,
    Trump does not know
    Trump never dissimulates
    Trump is very prudent
    He attacks and fights only on his terms instead
    Trump is surrounded by enemies on all sides,
    They sequestrate Trump’s access,
    Trump has very narrow unfettered windows of intelligence access
    Outside his trusted group, they stymie his range of access,
    To timely vital dynamics, to looking out, and using his power
    Why Trump uses Social Media so successfully,
    They can not control the message,
    They can not risk stopping the message
    In all things, always effect the tactic of disenchanting,
    And disenfranchising Trump’s base and support,
    The color revolutionaries, aka, The Deplorable’s in the main, ie,
    By not being able to protect or pardon Assange,
    Disrupt, Undermine, Destroy,
    The Big Beautiful Wall
    Creating negative optics
    Blame Trump for everything
    Assange is the key to tying up critical loose ends dangling dangerously,
    Assange’s “arrest” represents a key juncture in the re-acquisition
    Of power of the deep state and setting the agenda back on course
    JFK said “You have no fucking idea how fucked up everything is”
    If they knew, and know everything Assange knows,
    He would be dead, or at least disappeared into their underworld
    Pizzagate is their Achille’s Heel, because the instrument of control
    And power they have employed Pizzagate as their system of blackmail
    Has created circumstances very difficult to control
    They are as Q says clowns
    Their illusion, of legitimacy and infallible elitism, is in grave danger
    Grabbing Assange is part of damage control
    Too many leaks in the elite’s dike, not enough fingers
    A tide of White cascade preference of solidarity is building,
    Identity tactics on White Men only are ultimately effective,
    In an echo chamber of the NPC hive mind collective
    Time is running out for all,
    Like the pig,
    We are all committed
    Pigs past the inflection point,
    Everything we think we know is wrong
    The dialectic changes,

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    • Trump has more than anyone knows. As a matter of fact, Q has said repeatedly, “We Have It All”.
      The very first thing Trump did when he got into office was to secure the NSA. What is it they have been doing for all these years?
      Collecting every nano bit of electronic communications and storing it….
      Imagine the possibilities.
      Just for example, they snagged Nellie Ohr’s Ham Radio hijinks when she thought she was flying under their radar.

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      • Another example, why did Epstein spend millions of dollars filling in the tunnels on Pedo Island and then subsequently burn everything to the ground?
        Some dumbshit Pedo took a cell phone with a camera inside and Q Team got a hold of some of the images.
        They have more than you know, more than anyone knows.


        • No shit! Didnt hear about that.

          Pizzagate is gonna get them.
          Be what takes them down.
          In ways nothing else could.
          Because it won’t be just shovels, pitchforks, ropes and boolits.
          It will be a cold kind of comeuppance.
          Total withdrawal and utter withdrawal of consent, by those who count.


      • Ohr’s Ham Radio thing becomes more relevant by the day because of what it implies.
        Admiral Roger’s single handedly saved our arse’s. Going around the gate keeper’s, to Mr. Trump, before Trump was sworn in, that was an amazing act of courage and conviction. To defy the fuckers like that?

        Looking at that now, think about it, there was no one in this entire country Admiral Roger’s could have gone to. No. One.
        The implications are profound. He single handed brought the deep state down. If none of us knew they had pulled that key stunt with the FISA court warrants, looks like palace coup might have been successful after all.
        Who would have known otherwise? The fix was in on the Dossier and the narrative. Brennen had dissimulated their standard operating tactics for setting up regime change by dividing up various tasks between domestic based non CIA operators and agencies, creating that ever critical ruse of plausible deniability. All else follows.
        The fake FISA warrants where key.
        How that judge didnt know she was gulled by the FBI is beyond me. She had to look the other way. Even if she wasn’t complicit, she single handed enabled the whole thing.

        Notice how not a single word about command structure in this whole thing. It all stop’s vaguely with Comey. A huge tell all by itself. That nitwit couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. All he is is a yes man, yes master I will do that. Actually pretty low hanging fruit.
        Everyone, everything, dances around that curious ommission. Who is running this coup clown show. It certainly wasn’t by democratic quorum or vote of a council. Somebody ordered the hit on Trump. In no way does that lessen the top actors part, nor their input. Somebody had to make the decision that set the bureaucracy wheels in motion. We are talking about career institutionalized crooks. They can’t take a crap without the chain of command of the hierarchy.

        And the Brits. They are hugely behind this. Brit agents. Brit actors. FBI travels to England on how many occasions?
        Then the Brits take down Assange?
        Everything is connected.


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