Julian Assange Has Been Arrested In London

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Julian Assange: Wikileaks co-founder arrested in London

  • 2 minutes ago
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Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange has been arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Mr Assange took refuge in the embassy seven years ago to avoid extradition to Sweden over a sexual assault case that has since been dropped.

The Metropolitan Police said he had been taken into custody and will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court “as soon as is possible”.

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17 thoughts on “Julian Assange Has Been Arrested In London

  1. I’d be worried if I were Hillary. Not only could Assange testify 1st hand in a court of law as to who supplied the Wikileaks information (the relatives of Seth Rich would receive some closure), he is probably saving the best information to help broker a deal to lessen the sentence.

    Seven years in a bullding – almost like he was in a prison already. Being prosecuted for exposing crimes committed by others – shouldn’t they be held accountable too ?

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    • One way or another here is a whole load of shit about to hit the fan. Also take note the timing of this, right when AG Barr and crew are lining them up to knock them down. This will change the news cycle.


      • If Assange survives his flight across the pond and transport to a Federal secure lockup. I am sure there are going to be people scared of him and will be gunning for him… Arkanside anyone?


  2. We joke about Hillary and the circle of death that surrounds her, but this man is a real threat to many many people and organizations. Assange poses a threat to the deep state and I would not at all be surprised if he is assassinated before he actually starts revealing things that many do not wish to see the light of day.


  3. Ecuador revoked his citizenship (used the excuse that he was assisting Russia who were screwing around with their politics) and booted him out of their Embassy. Guess who was waiting? Hint: It wasn’t a CNN camera crew…


  4. Assange has to know some really serious shit that certain actors see him as a very dangerous threat or they never would have bothered with him like they are.
    Only question now is who gets their greasy meathooks on the guy. Dollars to donuts they are going to leave him in the Brits deep state hands so they can sweat him out without the visual’s of the amerikan deep state working him over. Lot of obama and clinton regime actors probably dying to know his sources.
    Be a pretty awesome fuck you to the fake media and yellow journalism if Trump pardons the poor guy.
    There is no way after all this time he is a “threat to national security”, if he ever was to start with, he probably would have been booted out long time ago if so.

    This is about exposing scumbags as scumbags. Like Podesta. They couldn’t kill Assange as easy as they murdered Andrew Breitbart to stop him from exposing the Podesta’s and the other sick fucks.
    Probably its what Assange knows, thats got them wanting him involves that kind of deep state dangerous knowledge like Pizzagate and the child sex slave/sacrificing at its core.

    Next up in the news, rate of Arkanside takes a large jump in 2019





  5. The poor guys only “crime” was he is a real journalist, and he chose to expose the illegitimacy of the “wrong” people, running this government at the time.

    Since everything is connected, and as the screws aere tightened and the layers of corruption and treason are being pealed back closer to the top crooks and traitors, going to be interesting how they try to hide Assange’s revelations of truths.
    My bet, Trump is going to use Assange as a stalking horse. Not very comfortable position for Assange, because self suicide by nail gun and hanging himself by his shoe laces, jumping off buildings, that sort of Arkanside, but he has been playing in the big leagues, there’s some very serious business going on, in a way being he is an undoubted leading world advocate of the truth he should prefer running a pick for Trump. If he comes out alive he will be more than vindicated.
    I hope Trump at least protects the guy from the contract undoubtably placed on him.
    Thats the #2 reason they want to extradite him, of course after HRC FBI hit squad torture’s him like they did to the guy, Jesse something, can’t remember his last name, who new the FBI was behind setting up the bombing.


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    • I have no idea what Trump’s strategy is here. He is quoted as saying he doesn’t know anything about WIKIleaks when asked about Assange yet referred to it several times while campaigning.
      I have to go to work early today to get in my 40 hours because they commanded me to be there at 7 in the fucking morning tomorrow for 8 hours of mandatory CPR, First aid and fire extinguisher safety shit.
      That means I will be leaving early tonight so I can try to get at east a little sleep .
      They only pay OT after 40 hours and I’ll be damned if I am going in at OH DARK THIRTY on my fucking day off for straight time.

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      • Heard that! Sometimes you cant get away from that crap. If they hired real foremans and supervisors who came up thru the trades most of that stupid shit would not happen. The Peter Principle in action rules industry. And the SJW nazi’s in HR.

        It was getting like that in the mines here. 6, 12 hour days, 2 days off, then you went on 6 12 hour nights, then back to another six 12 hour days etc. Talk about being a zombie. And all the time it was all this safety shit. What a fucking joke. They just found a loophole they could use in the employee function insurance audits. Besides cheating us on over time. If your 72 hour week shift cycle jumped over into Sunday, your where into a start of 40 hours, any “overtime” over 40 was lost. They ran 3 crews so they could arrange the cycle to maximize how many hours of straight time they could squeeze out of the schedule.
        We had a mutiny. Told them it wasnt going to happen anymore. Where they fucking cranked up. Threatened to fire all of us, we all stood there and said go ahead. So they put us on straight 40 hours no OT, to make us slowly quit. It was so fucking stupid. We ran one of those AddCarr highwall miners. Highest 24 hour rate coal mining systems in the world. They keep them running nonstop, (except one shift every Thursday for maintenance), even between shifts, crews swaps places while its mining coal. Thing is you couldnt tell them these miners where so used it was constant breakdowns, if they let us shut down and fix them right they would get more coal on a 40-50 hour shift week cycle.

        I was a welder that jumped from crew to crew and did maintenance welding and millwright work. I went to the superintendent showed him my figures how if they let me take belt car out of the lineup every 6 days and did an overhaul instead of fix it enough to make it thru the shift, they could increase production 25 to 42 percent. It would reduce all sorts of non valued labor and overhead costs, down time, and lost production. He said never happen. They run this thing from Virginia he tells me, we have to call in every 15 minutes and give them a coal total. They put the screws to us foreman’s by paying us less than you guys, we have to be here 2 hours before your shift, and stay 1 hour after you all are off the mantrips. How we make any money is through a production bonus, its figured so tight if we don’t meet it, we make about 12 dollars an hour.

        Corporate slavery man. Have to get the absolute last buck out of everyone.
        Thing is good crews can mine coal for as little as $15 a ton off the stacker belt loaded on a CAT 777 to take to the wash plant with this highwall miner system.

        At that time high grade met coal they where getting around $200 a ton. If you get into real clean coal with no rider seam and a good miner operator, it sometimes can go straight on the train if the rock is below so much percent.
        We where mining enough coal to fill 3 100 car trains every 24 hours. That is 100, 100 ton coal cars, 3 times a day, sometimes 4 trains if they had an extra to send to the loadout. And that don’t count the trucks that hailed down to the mixing yards on the river where they filled barges that they end up docked next to coal fired electrical power plants, or up to US Steel in OHIO for coke plants. Even long wall mining can’t meet that kind of production. Craziest fucking rube Goldberg contraption you ever seen. 5 guys and a foreman, 1 mine electrician, a shift. And they tried to cheat us every six ways to sunday. Nickle and dime us to death. Nobody wants to work no more in the mines. They can’t get enough miners to run 1 shift most mines now. They refuse to pay a decent wage. its dangerous. Somebody gets killed ever week, or maimed for life. Everything wants to kill you. To run say a CAT 998 G model loader, or run a coal shuttle car underground, you make more working on a road crew or gas pipeline, even the state road workers make more. I dont get it. Finest metalurgical grade coal mined, Sewell seam, awesome blacksmith/blade smithing coal, no sulfur, cokes like a dream, about 1600 btu, runs right under our property, the are getting $450 bucks a ton. Thats unheard of. They can’t mine enough of it. The whole world needs it to make steel and a zillion other things. And they won’t pay the prevailing rate for equipment operators everywhere else.
        I could move back to NH today, and get 50-60 bucks an hour running a D-11 or a 993 with the experience you get coal mining. They want you to be experienced at running everything. You cant get that kind of open machine time any other place. You can practically jump into any piece, and with a task training ticket half the day run a 4 million dollar fly by wire D-11T, and jump into a Kumatso electric truck, no problems, then run a triple 7 water truck, and then a CAT 340 hoe if you want to work a extra half shift. But they refuse to pay guys that got experience like no other equipment operators can get. They have you do everything if you like, build french drains, build a haul road, dig terrace sumps for drain water, fill caustic tanks that feed the recycle ponds that supply the plant, dredge containments, drive a fuel truck, water truck, sit in the control room for the plant while the head controller makes a round house inspection of everything, load coal trucks, haul rock from the plant up to the gob dump, fill in so the gob dump dozer operator can get a hot cup coffee and a break, or haul coal up to a stock pile, run some belt rollers or a new reducer down to the deep mine crews,you could walk belt lines all night with a case of grease and a handgun, work in the metal fab shop, run a tram under ground, a miner, a scoop, a mucker, be an electrician or a mechanic. But they refuse to pay comparable wages.
        I worked as a contractor at a wash plant. In one 10 hour shift I could keep the grizzly clean with a 980 loader, then haul rock from the plant upto the gob dump, jump in the water truck spray the roads down, then jump in a d10 in the raw coal pile push coal into the feeders for the plant for a couple hours so they could make a custom blend, then be down in the kitchen making dinner for everyone, then go for a ride with the foreman , shoot a deer for the rumps and tenderloins for tomorrows biscuts and deer meat gravy, then finish out the shift in a bobcat cleaning up spilled coal under a loadout. Probably do a quick weld repair with a tool truck at some point, or weld patch a water line for the sprays they use to tamp down methane at the train loadout.

        I think till they get rid of this wall street fiat monopoly casino money and go on the gold standard, those fucking central banksters will keep this worthless pay scales happening. In the conglomerate, every dime the corporate piracy system squeezes out of you and me, ends up being millions and billions they skim off the only way wealth is created. By guys like ours sweat and elbow grease. Real wealth creation comes from no other place. I think it is why the economic and financial world is like it is. It is a wealth strip mining operation. It is no coincidence I’m equating it with coal mining. The parallel’s are striking in their analogies.
        I think too thats why its so valuable for all of us to become self reliant, become makers and artisan’s, craftsman, that we make stuff at home and small shops, create craftwork guilds, build self sustaining enterprise and small business.
        We not only become self determining people, we cut out the skimmers, the manipulators, the price discovery controllers, these stages in economy are highly intrusive, they literally steal value out of the economic cycle, it is artifical economic activity and it exacts an exorbitant toll, all without lifting a finger to create it. Why should they, when theirs 150 million slaves to do the hard work creating it.

        The whole corporate world is geared to eliminating any and every source they do not control. Look at blowes and wallyworld. Its the business of total unchallenged market monopoly.
        Unfettered economic activity is one of the essential elements of freedom & Liberty. Without unfettered economic activity Liberty is not possible. Guns and unrestricted economy at the dirt people level. Without it no freedom. Its why we are regulated to death. As it says in the DofC, “He hath sent hither swarms of agents to eat out our existance” unquote. From the greatest document ever created. The singular indictment of all time of the motherfuckers fucking with us and meddling in every facet of the sphere of our lives.

        Every day the pursuit of fettering any/all competition to the corporate oligarchy is essential to their garnering wealth to themselves and keeping an iron fist around that wealth. To the exclusion of all else.
        And labor is the most costly expense to these oligarchs. Eliminating every penny of labor possible is absolutely essential to their hegemony. In part it is why there is an alien invasion army invading us. A horde that represents trillions in unrealized profits just waiting to be tapped.

        Too replace all of us White Christian Men of The West, with those who come from the worlds shitholes and see our civilization no matter how tyrannical it is being subject too, as heaven on earth. Trading really bad dictators for dictators who don’t appear worse than the dictators they are escaping, but who are another level of dictators far worse, instrumental in keeping those shitholes shitholes. Its all profit potential baby.


        • Man, tell me about it.
          I work 72-84 hours a week. Sometimes more, rarely less. Mostly the time off is to switch shifts, of which are of course 12 hours. I’m pretty sure the supervisors are getting screwed also. I do get full medical and anything over 8hrs is ot. That’s mostly because of the Union. The CEO is the same guy who drove Caterpillar into the ground, guess the just shuffle those losers around in big industry. Anyhow, he endlessly sends out memos celebration diversity for diversity’s sake. Of course, you can’t have two diversities in the same room/area or things will go to hell fast. This forces the handful of whites here to do most of the work anyhow. I swear the diversity will expend more effort to do nothing or simply ruin equipment than to actually do the job. They’ve a don’t care attitude because they know they wont get fired. Don’t even get me started on safety/hr.
          Miraculously, I got a day off yesterday. From sunup till after dark I managed to get all of the gardens tilled and planted. Just wish I had enough time to get the rear wheel on the tractor back on. Oh well. Heading out in 10 to start nights for a week or two. Plus side, is I will get a day off on Monday, jury duty. Then again, working nights means they may just keep me working as I can do jd on my own time.


          • Yeah, and you look at your pay stub, how much is stolen from you before you see your pay, and think this isnt worth it anymore.

            The old lady said year before last its time to quit. I’m like no way, how we goingto get by, she says we will, I know it will work out. Sometimes you got to trust the one who loves your stinky old goat arse. She also said, one door closes another door opens. What the hell lets go with it. At least I’ll get a real vacation for the first time in 40 something years, I can always go back to a regular job. So I quit.

            Worked out great. Interesting thing, never realized how much it costs out of my pocket to work for somebody. From fuel to tires, the higher expense of making lunch or dinner break food, how much clothing I wore out, boots, tools, nevermind time i never had enough of to do things that improved our lives, or saved us money.

            I make half what I did working gross, full time and more than get by, its awesome. Low drag no stress, it is a happy really nice life. I have time now to do every sort of thing. Its amazing how much I can do that in a myriad of ways garners us things from food to barter that requires no money, or a tiny fraction of what it took before. I can’t believe how much I was a slave to so many things and never saw it.
            I’ll never go back. I don’t care how poor in money we are.

            I could get a gas pipeline welder job, make about $75 an hour, or equipment operators slot and take in around $35 an hour, I’m not even tempted. Last year I had 11 job offers I was not interested in a one.
            I got a real life now. My wife is real happy, we get to enjoy many things now together.
            A regular paycheck cant buy me that.


  6. I wonder what Vegas oddsmakers are giving on Assange’s chances of living long enough to stand trial…… You KNOW the Clinton Crime Cabal has an open contract out on him.


  7. I’m taking a different tack – JA has ample dirt, data, and the pics to back it up. It makes HRC\WJC\et al ‘very nervous’ that he’s not under thumb. He’s stated that he has Pear Harbour files sprinkled about, and, dropped ‘the keys’ about, just in case.

    The Chans\Anonymous are furious and mad of this event, and will be out in force.

    Ever wonder why the nmemonic ‘D5’ has been sprinkled about? Its the worse avalanche possible, most destructive, ect. There have been warnings this is coming, coming to a head, and will rock the house. This is battlefield prep – the arty barrage before the assault.

    I would not be surprised that JA is in safe hands, shuffled off to safety, and will come out of this smelling like a rose, surveying the effects of the floors, walls, ceilings, and whole structure being cleaned. Light, like bleach, is a great cleaner – I’d bet that JA just operated the switch…


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