The College Admissions Scandal Just Got Blown Wide Open With More Charges, Including Money Laundering

This is going to get real good.

Lori Loughlin and husband are among parents indicted on new charges in college admissions scandal

TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 2019, 11:08 AM PT
Actress Lori Loughlin, her husband Mossimo Giannulli and 14 other parents implicated in the college admissions scandal have been indicted on charges of money laundering and fraud conspiracy, federal prosecutors said.

The indictments come one day after 13 other parents and one coach said they would plead guilty in the case, in which the parents are accused of paying a firm to help their children cheat on college entrance exams and to falsify athletic records, enabling the children to secure admission to elite schools.

The ripple effect from this is going to expose a whole shit ton of influence peddling and expose several money trails that is eventually going to rock virtually every major university in the country. As a side effect, look for several college sports teams to come under scrutiny.

Some of these college sports team managers make more money that the governors of the states they play in by a large margin.

If you click the link and go to the article and read it, you will see a statement at the bottom that should put chills down the spines of some people,

A Palo Alto couple, Gregory and Amy Colburn, had been indicted by a federal grand jury last month after balking at an offer from prosecutors. The couple’s lawyers said the deal would have required them to plead guilty to a felony without seeing all the evidence against them.

That indictment was a shot across the bow for the other parents, said Rory Little, a UC Hastings law professor and former federal prosecutor.

Money laundering is an elastic charge that can be stretched to fit most crimes where money changes hands, Little said. In this case, he sees prosecutors wielding it for “plea pressure,” to induce parents to plead guilty and avoid the risk of incurring more prison time.

“There’s a side to this that’s kind of unseemly,” Little said. “They’re playing very, very aggressively here. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it’s aggressive.”

My bold.

There must be a little yellow river flowing out of Hollywood right about now.

15 thoughts on “The College Admissions Scandal Just Got Blown Wide Open With More Charges, Including Money Laundering

  1. They all know they are guilty, and the ones with common sense are looking for a deal. The far left whack jobs(ones with no common sense) know they are guilty but can’t figure out why(Jussie got help) and they are being treated like an everyday criminal. Welcome to the real world Bitches.

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  2. Another smoke screen…..Yeah, I said it, those elitist beeatches are all guilty BUT, why do we get to hear about it now? What pray tell is happening on the national guberment front that needed to be covered up with a scandal like this?
    Oh and hey, how come those folks are so quickly lining up at the intake window of the local gray bar hotel? Are they really, really going to prison over this……and we can’t even get anyone to seriously take out shillary for all the crap she’s done.


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    • Chipping away at the stone. Like I said, the ripple effect is what we need to watch for. This goes way deeper than some stupid Hollywood types.
      They are the icing on the cake.


  3. First thing I read this morning was that Lori Laughlin and her husband were
    offered a plea deal. Take 2-years (meaning 1 with good behavior,) and we
    have a deal. 5 hours later, she and her hubby were hit with additional
    serious charges. It is my understanding that Laughlin and her husband’s
    legal exposure is far more serious than the people who pled out yesterday.

    A little bird told me that the former smoking hot chick is living in denial,
    meaning that she and her husband may be calling the prosecutor’s bluff.
    This entire episode proves that even the rich and famous have lazy ass
    slacker offspring too. They had to bribe people in universities to accept
    their brats. These are people who could hire tutors at 500 bucks a
    session. The evil bitch who broke my heart is a building manager at
    USC. USC is not Harvard or Yale, yet Laughlin ruined her fucking
    life because this helicopter parent could not take the time to teach her
    children to read or even think!

    My mom was a book whore who had me reading at a 2nd-grade level
    before I set foot in Kindergarten. The list of classic and contemporary
    literature I read by age 17 could fill a book. This is what happens to
    the children of rich parents who abandon their responsibilities to

    I have a plan. I Realize Laughlin is not smoking hot chick she was
    when she co-starred in The Night Before. Stay with me here guys!
    I would be willing to commit a felony so that I could identify as a
    female lesbian so that I could share a cell with her:

    Bob and Tom Prisoner Of Love:


  4. I’m probably in the minority here, but I see a big nothing burger here. Most of us see the wealthy and/or well connected find a way to get their children into schools and jobs that will assure them of future success. A smart kid with no business connections will likely do worse than an average smart child with well connected individuals watching out for them. The latter will get the well paid easy job. Been that way for years – watching this Hollywood ‘news flash’ is just confirmation of that fact.

    Prosecute them and the people who broke laws that prevented honest students from getting a fair shot – sure, why not.. But it really doesn’t change reality – all of us see this in our workplace every day. It will never change – its who you know and getting in their good graces that will determine a fast track to success. The rest of us have to work and think hard to get there..


  5. Will be interesting to see if an Asian kid, with scores off the charts, sues a university for not being accepted, while a ding bat was accepted. Will be glorious to see leftist lawyers suing the livin’ shit out of mega leftist universities.


    • This [anti-Asian bias lawsuit] is happening right now. Sorry to link to an NPR site, but check out the bar-graph figure. It shows percentage of applicants receiving a high “personal rating” score which supposedly takes in nonquantifiable stuff. It appears however to be a fairly crude thumb on the scale. Or it’s that black and Hispanics (Sun People) are just naturally better human beings than Ice People Europeans and East Asians. I’m CERTAIN it’s the latter.

      Also note that the analysis in the bar graph excludes legacies (children of connected alumni), recruited athletes, and other “special” cases.

      This pro-Sun People bias has gone on for literally decades. About 30 years ago I recall a Dean at some California powerhouse school (Stanford or UC Berkeley I think) saying, “Look, if we purely went by grades and SATs, we’d have entering classes 30% Asian, 30% Jewish, 30% whites, and the 10% minorities we’re forced to take.” Back then Asian meant East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean). These days South Asian Indians and Pakistanis are increasingly prevalent and relevant.

      Anyway, I’m sort of with Anon @0226 about the nothingburger-ness, but I think this is a deliberate distraction, to keep the press and public occupied with a few sacrificial lambs, rather than looking at more serious crimes committed by those in power.


  6. If just 5% of those charged (all cases, not just this one) refused to take a plea, the entire legal plea scam would come crashing down.


  7. They still don’t get it. They still think laws are for us dirt people. Cause they be special.
    There’s a new Sheriff in town. He be named Trump.

    Another aspect to this, these are the class who pissed on Mr. Trump, and especially us Deplorable’s who chose the guy to be our LEADER. They had it made, they have everything, we where not bothering them. All we want is to be left alone and have a fair shot at making a good life. But these scumbags nothings enough. It is more more more, me me me, and fuck all you dirt people.
    Shit catches up with you when you treat people like dog shit long enough and hard enough.
    Ol Trump, he is no dummy, he knows America is Great because of us little people.

    Sucks to be you assholes. Welcome to the real world. I hope you all enjoy your stay at the crowbar hotel.


    • Umm , Trump is one of those whom daddy paid out mucho in order to get Sonny boy papered…the Shrub fell nto this category also.
      It don’t just apply to the libtards…

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      • Don’t start that fucking worthless Trump bashing shit with me by conflating my admiration for Trump with your own infantile commentary. The guy never required any sort of assistance. High IQ MENSHA people make half the population look like Neanderthal’s, your hateful commentary makes that real easy.


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