3 thoughts on “Situational Awareness

  1. I did this in a 1-ton service truck back in 1977. I hit a wall of water and knocked
    what I suspect was a Mojado on his ass in La Puente CA. I wanted to go back
    and apologize, but I decided that he might be a little pissed off. There is no way
    to judge depth. I did it again in San Fernando Valley. This time, I hit a pothole
    and the new Saylor Bealle compressor I just picked up, did a backflip in the bed
    that trashed the intake filter assembly.

    I still have a scar on my left leg that I got at a company that manufactured scissor
    and telescoping man lifts. There was a sump pump vault and the morons removed
    the grate and placed a dumpster near the hole without using caution tape. A sentient
    being would have placed the dumpster OVER the damn hole. It looked like someone
    took a cheese grater to my shin starting just below the knee!


  2. Thats just bush. The real lack of situational awareness is you don’t do things to others that will come around back to you as bad karma.


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