I Believe I Told You To Stock Up On Popcorn, Did I Not?

I’m pretty sure I did, because I knew this was coming.

It’s going to be called FISAgate I’ll bet.

It took this long because Trump had to clean out the FBI first, then the Judiciary to get rid of Obama and other Democrat installed judges.

Notice the Supreme court changes and the Ninth circuit?

Trump has installed over two hundred judges very quietly recently.


Nunes to send eight criminal referrals to DOJ concerning leaks, conspiracy amid Russia probe


House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes exclusively told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that he is preparing to send eight criminal referrals to the Department of Justice this week concerning alleged misconduct from “Watergate wannabes” during the Trump-Russia investigation, including the leaks of “highly classified material” and conspiracies to lie to Congress and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court.

The dramatic step comes as Republicans have pushed for the release of key documents to uncover the origins of the now-discredited narrative that the Trump campaign colluded improperly with the Russian government. President Trump recently told Fox News he would release the entirety of the FISA applications used to surveil one of his top aides, and other related documents.

Nunes said he has been working on the referrals for more than two years, and wanted to wait until the confirmation of Attorney General Bill Barr.

“We’re prepared this week to notify the attorney general that we’re prepared to send those referrals over,” Nunes said. “First of all, all of these are classified or sensitive. … Five of them are what I would call straight up referrals — so just referrals that name someone and name the specific crimes,” Nunes told Maria Bartiromo. “Those crimes are lying to Congress, misleading Congress, leaking classified information. So five of them are those types.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg people.

British intelligence was involved in this also.

These charges and the resulting investigations are the biggest can of worms you have ever seen in your life.

This is going to make Watergate look like a children’s birthday party.

The Clinton Foundation and the Democratic National Committee paid for the tainted Steele Dossier.

The people being charges here all knew it was fabricated bullshit and used it anyway, failing to inform the FISA judge about that little fact. Barack Obama himself signed off on all of it.

These charges are what is going to start the ball rolling and have been in the works for a couple of years now.

This should wind up exposing actual Treason.


Get your popcorn, I’m dead serious.



36 thoughts on “I Believe I Told You To Stock Up On Popcorn, Did I Not?

  1. From your lips to God’s ears. I’ll believe it when I see it. You can call me Doubting Thomas. Please, Please let me be undoubted.


  2. My primary motivation for voting for Trump was the vacant Supreme Court
    seat. Had Felonia von Pantsuit won, she would have stacked the court
    with fellow leftists and quite possibly ended up as a one-party state for
    generations to come. I am a bit of a policy wonk, so I took the time to
    check the status of all of the district and appellate courts.

    There were enough vacancies in the 9th Circus Court to come close to
    flipping the court. 4 of the 8 vacancies have already been filled by
    President Trump. If he fills the other 4, he would only need 3 more
    seats. There are 4 judges from the Carter administration, so Trump
    might not need to be reelected to flip the 9th Circus.

    I still want to see him reelected because he is like the Energizer Bunny.
    What he is doing is the equivalent of small ball in baseball. Every day
    that goes by he is loading the bases. We don’t see all that he is doing,
    but we often wake up six months later shocked at all the progress he
    is making.

    PS Trump played this perfectly. He let the Mueller investigation run
    it’s course because if he started firing the deep state rats, the Donks
    would cry obstruction. In a recent Tweet, Trump said, “Now it’s my turn!”
    The conspirators left a trail even Mr. McGoo could follow, so there will
    be criminal indictments in the future!


    • Exactly. This is what Collusiongate and all the trial balloons floated by Ilhan Omar and AOC are about. Fundraising and campaigning for 2020.


  3. This piece is a good one too with Kevin Nunes, did you read his piece in the Washington Examiner this week?:

    Talking about cleaning out the vermin and filth:

    They should go back and start at Ruby Ridge and Waco. All those they murdered need to be vindicated.

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    • Like I said, the biggest can of worms in history. This is GLOBAL.
      Look to be hearing about HRC, New Zealand and the Five Eyes program soon.
      We have agreements with other countries to share intelligence with them. They can access our intelligence and act on it without breaking the law whereas agencies like the CIA and FBI are supposed to not be able to do that.
      This is where you will be hearing about the British intelligence agency MI5 being involved in the Steele dossier fiasco.
      This is going to go world wide when it finally blows open. I’m not however, liking what I read about Nunes not including certain information in his announcement of the pending charges. Brennan and Clapper especially need to be held accountable. I’m sure Military Intelligence has that aspect covered, they are the ones behing this whole Q thing. This entire scenario we are seeing has been planned years in advance. As a matter of fact, Q has said REPEATEDLY, that they have already won and that what w are witnessing is the movie version for public consumption. They are having to slow play this whole thing because most people have no fucking clue about what has happened or what is coming.
      They are trying to get the public up to speed and get them ready to accept that the people they trusted the most are the ones behind all of this and the come uppance that they are going to be facing.


      • That is a fine summation there Phil. I think you defined it really well. Thats how I see it too. It sure is complex, there are so many elements to this and the number of actors involved and in on it, just the 5th column media and corporate/cronyism alone is mind boggling there is so many people who hate, utterly despise, our great country and civilization, that alone is a mind bender, where this hate came from!? Nobody can describe it all to completion.

        There is another element doesn’t get much exposure, these people are true weasels. They are superb at gaming the system, no where every loophole and escape hatch is in the law, the rule of law, and how to expertly manipulate the color of the law. Most of them are red diaper babies or have long Cpmintern ties, but in particular are trained and adversed in the art of counter revolution, some far back as the anti war movement during Vietnam, and seriously came of age as radicals and international organized crime figures, money laundering, and arms smuggling during the US communist heyday of the Sandinista’s, NACALA, CRISPES, infiltrating the US church, using that as a vehicle, along with around 12 US congressman and big city mayors as US Gov. fronts for various “peace parties” and anti US foriegn involvement specifically in those countries where the comintern and Soviet efforts where underway to install commie regimes. Working with and within Fidel’s various anti-imperialist fronts supporting the old Soviet Russian programs to establish in the western hemisphere where a particularly treasonous series of activities.

        Most of them either no longer believe in that “The Revolution” crap, or new from the start what it was, and used it as a vehicle to greater power influence and wealth over decades and more than a few generational timelines. The Clinton’s and clowns like Holder, Mueller, Sustein, Jarret, a slew of false media figures and wealthy, old and new money, it is basically the radical chic playground of the rich and disaffected, not wrapped to tight scions who think they are the next Che or Marx, just plain crazy fucks from wealthy families with generations of truly inbred breeding, with dark secret family histories of pedophelia and incest, ( believe me, I know, I was born and grew up in the middle of those old old monied family compounds, original King’s Grant’s awarded to Colonial and war of 1812 loyalists and die hard British Torrey agents of the King George, you want to talk about damn yankee’s, these are the scumbags, the source of so much war, genocide and corruption in this world. I grew up right next to where they have held the 3 major 12 banking family, one world order conferences, 2 where called The Brettonwoods Conferences, where these assholes decide the fate of the world thru financial and war strategies. Their offspring I knew growing up and later in life, are dilettantes, they practice all sorts of cult and sexual deviations, they are so wealthy nobody works, they are psychotically board with life, they grew up molested and raped by family members, and their heads ain’t screwed on very tight. It is a very small community up there, tiny towns with 50 people, vast wild lands, they own everything, are nasty and not a few are pretty sic in the head. They tolerate people like my family, working stiff’s, because we provided services and trades. As we where kids, hanging out running a ski lift or at a out in the woods drinking party, they would talk about stuff sometimes and tell stories, you be like WTF!)
        Anyways, thats one source for the crowd we see today trying to pull this palace coup on Trump, and who matured into the deep state as we know it. Of course like you say, their international associations are vast, and basically are the Amerikan faction of the organizrd crime syndicate called the globalists, Agenda 21 being their solution to the form of life they aim to achieve where they control everything, with a population reduced to a size they can easily manage, or rather extreme de-population. It all comes out of those heady days of the 50’s-80’s when “The Revolution” reached its peak. Reallly, get down to it, marxism, ideology, communism, socialism, whathaveyou, its all simply cover, and they employ it to create a never ending flow of useful dupes and proxies who do their dirty work. They are crooks. Thats it. Criminal’s who sip champagne and enjoy watching the world burn. They play musical chairs with various privileged positions of influence, money and power.
        Blackmail is their chosen instrument of political and banking control. Thats what Pizzagate, Epstien, the secret satanic/child sex slave/sacrifice compound in Little Rock the Chan’s uncovered is for, the one built around that man made lake with all the architectural symbolism, why HRC is often seen with noted satanic cult leadership, photographed in very particular locations. Why Trump went after the human trafficking in children and young people, I think they where working up the “food chain” of the human trafficking operations. Aside from the hedonistic purposes for satisfying the demented urges of these fuckers, they use this system as a blackmail platform. They choose specific individuals, from Judges to Mayors, draw them into the outer fringes of their syndicates, expose them to these despicable things, once they set the hook they then build a network of figures in every branch of society they can manipulate. Its why you see these politicians utterly betray us and everything about republican form of government, and you go WTF! Why they violate everything. They are extorted right down to the death of family members if they refuse to go along or are suspected of blowing the whistle. Its why the Clinton Dead, whats it up to now, almost 1,300 Clinton linked murders. That doesn’t count shit like half a million killed in Libya, Syria, millions in Irag, thousands in Mexico from operation fast and furious, Waco, Oklahoma City, ( just so happened where all the archived federal hard copy paper records of all the investigations into the Clinton Crime syndicate and their associates where held. Not many know about that one)
        Its why they are so scared of President Donald Trump. They never set hooks into the guy. They got nothing on him or his organization or family. Besides he’s an honest Joe, a decent fellow, and is fearless in his beliefs and patriotism. Aside from us dirt people who they hold total contempt for, there isn’t a more dangerous enemy to them then a Donald Trump. Make him POTUS, and it is existential enemy. Add 64 million Deplorable’s who had the gall and audacity to defy these demi-gods ruling over us, and they come unglued and make big mistakes. So they decided to create something from whole cloth to get back at everyone who defied them. They aren’t very good at it. Sloppy doesn’t begin to define it. Only thing got them this far in this phony palace coup attempt is they hold so many sources of political and bureaucratic power.

        But back to what you wrote Phil. Trump and The White Hats, Q et all, they have to be incredibly careful, and precise, they can not miss dotting one i or crossing a single T, they must follow the absolute color, intent, and rule of law, as establish, the base precepts of western Christian Greco/Roman rule of law, they miss one tiny detail of the constitutional imperatives which are the basis of our western law system, even the most innocuous seeming thing, these weasels with slip thru and get off scot free. All they need is a sliver of a lever somebody violated or forgot one essence of the rule of law, and they get out.
        To do this takes time, lots of it, and patience to see the task thru without fail to its conclusion. Once this happens, these fuckers are dead meat. And once one breaks the oath of el-Murda they all start folding. Thats the glue makes them powerful, break that bond and they have nothing, and they can not conceive of losing the trappings of their power, they are the most spoiled self centered conniving motherfuckers in all history. Rome would blush. They don’t even have proper descriptions in the Christian Bible that adequately define what these people are, they will have to re-write their sins into it for future history to understand the scope and scale.

        Don’t got enough popcorn man.


          • Yeah there’s that.

            I’m gonna piss on Phil’s parade here. Sorry Phil, like Ol’ Ronnie Raygun said, “Trust but Verify” and he said that about dirty stinking commies.

            I kind of baked my own noodle after you got me thinking with your comment. I had to search for this, its from back in 2012 I think, (I save this shit, got almost 18 years of stuff about Liberty and resistance saved in files from the WWW):

            “If the people come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws then they will conclude that neither are they.”
            -from Michael Cannon, Cato Institute’s Director of Health Policy Studies, testified before a congressional committee about the dangers of the president’s legal behavior.

            Thats not the noodle baking part, this is: Me: what if, we are still are being gulled here. What if it is all a huge Psyop Operation. All of it. What if its one huge false flag, designed to give us just enough hope, eleviate just enough pressure, just enough cold anger out here in dirt people land, to gull us just enough to keep us from waving our rifles in these tyrants faces and shooting the motherfuckers?

            They been running false flag Op’s against us for generations. There’s what, 12 intelligence agency’s, never mind shit we don’t know about. Shit that huge fusion center in the NV desert needs its own power generating system to run the computer capacity they got out there. They been printing trillions a year nonstop since 2008. The Pentagon can’t account for how many hundreds of billions in their half ass audit. They got a lot of shit set up to protect themselves in the federal gulag system, thats a shitload of spies and secret agents, scientests, proffessors, to figure out how to fuck with our heads, who see us dirt people as the most dangerous threat to their system that exists. Billion and billions spent each year giving us all a colonoscopy they are so far up our arses peeping fucking tom-ing into our lives.

            They got to know the real data, the numbers of us armed to the fucking teeth itching to shoot them in a legitimate just armed revolution, how many weapons are out here, how much ammo, whose ex .mil, who is getting combat training, and they got to know they got no chance of winning if we go hot on their worthless ass’s.
            The numbers aren’t rocket science, even 1%, never mind 3%, 1 percent of the population fights these scumbags in an armed uprising thats 3.4 million men with the finest small unit infantry combat rifles ever devised. 3.4 million men really pissed off, cutting off the water, electricity, the food, everything, take out the bridges over the Mississippi alone it would bring this country to a fucking screeching halt. Any coal miner worth his salt knows how to set a charge of powder and drop a bridge, take out an aqueduct or a earth damn or a power station. And thats not even counting peaceful resistance. Truckers across the country simply stop hauling freight for 5 days. The cities would come unglued. Or a couple whizbang IT guys shut down the EBT system. Just sit back and enjoy the Armageddon by the free shit army going postal.

            There’s a lot of incentive here to run a false flag op like what is inclusive of everything we are looking at going on in real time right now.

            Wouldn’t you if you used common sense and you where a part of this group of tyrants running things, wouldn’t you do something like run a huge psychological operation where you could keep that revolt of the dirt people from happening? It sure is a lot cheaper and less bloody and disruptive than 3 million really pissed off armed to the teeth red blooded white boys with a bone in their teeth coming for you. Its pretty well established you get us riled up, and we come unglued, we make the finest warriors in history. We already won the most kick ass revolution in history against the greatest military empire the world has ever seen.
            And no we have combat rifles that shoot 30 rounds in a few seconds verses 1 round every minute.

            Think about it, seriously.
            I’m not doubting Q or my eyes right now.
            It is just Prudence makes me wary, trust but verify.


            • What if they let Trump win, on purpose? It would be enough to give us the hope that would stay our hand until they come up with more false flag shit?
              They are in a serious pickle here. We got too many guns, there are too many of us. They know we are fed up. They know we know we are within our rights to go revolution on them. They can’t disarm us. It is a mathematical impossibility, unless they go full bore Martial Law on us or some shit. And even then, be a fucking full blown war. And not for nothing, the way the jackoff’s running the military run it, they can’t beat goat herders in tire tread sandals who live in mud huts and run around with with iron sight AK’s. The old Soviet’s tyrants couldn’t either. You think they can beat 3 million American’s defending their homes and way of life?


              • Allow me to bake yer noodle real good here.
                For starters, Q is a Military Intelligence Psyop.
                The Military and some other people with a lot of money and a lot of power were so pissed off that the SEE EYE AYE assassinated JFK and saw even before that the Deep State and the NWO crowd were taking over, that they started planning this shit BACK THEN!
                Yes, Q is a Military Intelligence operation and The NSA is also HEAVILY involved. That was the very first agency that Trump cleaned out.
                This is a pretty good synopsis from the very early part of this deal that I am copy pasting, By the way, The Military did actually ask Donald Trump to run for President. There is no coincidence there.

                “In late October 2017, there was an unprecedented level of intel dropped by US Military Intelligence onto the 4Chan boards. Specifically, The NSA’s Q-Group and POTUS, under the pseudonym “Q” Their main goal since 2015 has been to fulfill JFK’s mission to ‘break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind’.

                A few of the bombshells that were revealed by #Q included:

                That the NSA has every crime committed by the New World Order crowd well documented, and that no deals will be made. Since too many of their districts have judges, mayors, governors, and police commissioners that will not comply with the law, that the only way to prosecute their level of crimes against humanity was to have them prosecuted in military tribunals.
                POTUS & The Military agreed to have the NSA Counterterrorism Q-Group strategically unveil the intelligence they had accumulated on the traitors to the nation. They understood that 20 million+ of our countrymen and women were awake to the NWO and knew they could be depended on to help assist them in ‘the great awakening’.
                How senior officials like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman, Adam Shiff, assisted in gun, drug and human trafficking as well as money laundering billions to unsavory groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS. Al Quada, Al-Shabab, Al-Nusera, Hezbollah, & MS-13.
                The Clinton criminal syndicate’s high levels criminality, theft, money laundering, human rights abuses, and their obsession with Haiti, witchcraft and child sacrifice.
                The ‘3 sides of the triangle’ that needed to be taken out for world peace to occur and for humanity to be freed. (Soros, Rothschild, Saudi)”.

                I have to admit that one goal of theirs is to defuse our asses so that we DON’T start shooting the place up because it would fuck their plan up.
                It’s a Pied Piper OP.
                As the above stated, the government is INTENSELY aware that , by their own estimates, there are AT LEAST, twenty million people who are “Woke”.
                That would include you and I, plus pretty much every single Patriot who swings by our respective Blogs.
                Personally I think the 20 million number is way, way low.


                There is a lot of shit going on that we can’t see. One other thing here, this Q thing is also the largest Intel drop in world history.
                Another thing to point out here that most people are not aware of is that Q is not just one person. There is Q and then there is also Q+.
                Q+ is the nine or so people who are all inside Trumps inner circle who are in on this.
                Q+ also includes President Donald Trump, who has posted on the Qanon research board on 8Chan multiple times.

                Q has said that there are less than ten people who are completely on board and know what is going on with this plan and operation.
                There has also been more that one person in the Q role, including at least one woman for a short while.
                Remember right after Trump was elected that the very first country he visited was Saudi Arabia?
                Do you remember shortly after that reading about a shit load of their royalty got imprisoned and all of their assets seized?
                Those fuckers own Hillary Clinton lock stock and barrel. Obama too.
                Trump went over there, told their King what was coming if he didn’t clean house and the next thing you know, all kinds of shit starts happening.
                The Rothchilds?
                Do a little research into just how much property they have sold in the last year and a half. Then ask yourself why.
                Trump cut those fuckers off at the knees.
                Soros is next.
                Lots and lots of shit going down that 99% of Americans have no fucking clue about.
                Hell no they don’t want us fucking all that up by running around shooting Commie assholes in the face, even if they do deserve it.
                The thing is, there is also a lot of disinformation mixed into those Intel Drops to keep the Black hats guessing as to what’s coming next.

                Let me sum this long winded little rant up in a way that you will appreciate my man.

                Even if all of it comes to naught, Trump fails spectacularly, the rat fucking Democrats take over the White house and both houses of Congress, our worst nightmares come true, you know what?

                We still have our rifles and our ammunition.
                If worst comes to worst, then we still get to shoot some dirty stinking Commies in the face.
                Because they most certainly do deserve it.
                As a matter of fact, some of them have been begging for it lately.
                As the old saying goes, beware the fury of a patient man.
                If it comes down to it and I pray to God it never does, it is going to be Genocide on a massive scale and on a limited timeline unlike anything the world has ever seen before..
                This is why I am “trusting the plan”.
                If the plan doesn’t work then it’s going to be on like Donkey Kong.

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                • Hell Yeah!
                  Now I like the sounds of all that. It sure fits together very well.
                  Dude you miss your calling. It looks like you have put a lot of thought into that, no doubt about it. Best shit I’ve read in a long time. Thanks.
                  There’s more to all this, no doubt about that either. Care to enlighten us further? Its really good shit.


  4. You don’t have enough popcorn…

    This guy Tom Fitton of Judicial watch is one tenacious motherfucker. I think single handed in the last 5 years he has exposed more corruption and treason than the entire media and all other journalism over the last century combined:


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  5. Don’t hold your breath. The ‘deep state’ is far too pervasive and entrenched for Trump to dismantle in just two years. They may send one or two low level scapegoats off to the gray
    bar hotel after the smoke clears but NOBODY of any real importance is going to suffer any
    significant consequences. The system simply doesn’t work that way. It’s two tiered. The
    little guy gets the shaft…..while the rich and powerful get at MOST a slap on the wrist…..if that.
    The elite have spent the better part of a CENTURY creating this system. It isn’t going to be
    defeated quickly or easily.


  6. While I’d love to see them all publicly hung or lined up against a wall and shot, nothing is going to happen. The corruption is too deep.
    One day closer for Americans to be shooting the shit out of each other.


      • The more of this stuff I see, he madder I get.
        They have intentionally fucked us for thousands of years. This cabal of evil fuckers has been around that long.
        It is for that reason I am “trusting the plan” because you don’t just take out a deeply entrenched world wide cabal that has had that long to rig everything in their favor in a year or two.
        Trust me when I say, if it comes down to shooting and I step off the porch, it is going to be a one way trip. I will go until something or someone stops me. As in dead.
        You know how the Irish are, right?

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  7. Phil, very unusual thing happened at our post office. It is a rural PO, in a little remote mountain community, probably serves some what north of 200 people. Been scratching my head. Last week, on Wednesday, the staff federal Post Office staff, and the contract civilian mail carrier’s suddenly are no longer employed, everyone replaced with new people nobody knows or has seen before. The old lady and me are like WTF?!

    Now there are all these federal actors being shitcanned, Head of DHS, SS, (right on the heels of bagging a Chinese agent slipping into Maralargo to get dirt on Trump), Trump is going to appoint Herman Cain to the Fed. Nune’s is on a fucking warpath, he announced a $150 million lawsuit against the McClatchy News Group for their part in a conspiracy to derail and manipulate the Clinton and Russia probes, (which is totally awesome, even if its barely scratching the surface of these incredibly destructive scumbags of the 5th column propaganda complex), Allison Mack pleads guilty in her role in a perverted blackmail operation using sex slavery and other sick activities to compromise targeted persons, all of a sudden a spate of FOI act requests being released or under serious consideration for their lease, as in real due process, two Clinton associates, and a ponzi scheme run by Clinton Global Initiative honoree’s convected for bilking investors out of 375 million dollars, (which disappeared, only 8 million was recovered, $250 – $350 million being the chunk of ill gotten money the clintons in their operating style constantly prefer to pull in, remember back in 07 when HRC, right when she announced her candidacy for that New York seat vacated by that guy who died in a mysterious plane crash, suddenly became the “caretaker” of the international Childrens Fund, and the 234 million in it’s coffers up and vanished into thin air? Like 3 billion in donations to Haiti by regular people for disaster relief vanished into thin air and anyone who pursued this vanished donation money got a dirt nap?) Rep Doug Collin’s has put Nadler Polosi Cummins on the spot, calling their bluff on impeaching Pres. Trump by requesting Mueller to attend a special hearing during recess, and also accused those three of gross violation of the law in their scheme, also openly accused them of gross misleading of the American People, and a conspiracy with the media to serve up this false narrative of their criminal behavior as a legal witch hunt.

    Like you say lot of stuff happening.
    The Post Office thing is really perplexing, nothing adds up, unless it somehow fits into what the White Hats are doing. The HillBilly grapevine in these parts is a fantastic information source, everyone knows whats going on in a day or hours. Nobody has a clue whats with the PO. The lack of any rumor even is highly unusual in its self.

    Now this might be related. They built this huge Boy SCOUTS OF AMERICA compound on thousands of acres of woodland about 20 miles south of us, it was a cover for what nobody nows, but a secret underground complex that took about 7 years to complete. It was all high security fenced off, they didnt let any contractors in, if you drove a cement truck or ran equipment, deliveries etc, you drove to a special gate, got out, and a federal employee drove or ran your equipment into the construction site, they brought it out after and gave it back to you. I know a shitload of guys who ran equipment around the site on the Boy Scout complex, they where all told dont even discuss what you think you might know.
    Anyways, definately something serious going on their. Then they built an Air National Guard airbase on top of a mountain top removal coal mine site, probably 3 or 4b miles straight as the crow flies from that secret complex, which just so happens to be under a very large concrete helicopter pad, then I find out, this tiny little local town airport, west of us, talking small plane one landing strip kind of local operating base, all of a sudden can land big commercial jets, 707 rated. Its a town probably has a dozen farming families living in it. Its right on the National Forrest border. Also have seen recently another unusual event. I like to get up about 3-5am, when things is real quiet, and go sit under these big pines front of our house. I see all sorts of things. Wolves, mountain lions, lynxs, coyotes, I also go out to listen to the wild dogs that band up, most are abandoned by the meth heads they use for alarm dogs they stake near their labs, or on the creeks they use to cool down the cook to keep it from exploding. Anyways we hunt them hard. They are very dangereous animals. Took out a number of them taking down cows and horses, my tally is 36 so far. Anyways, its super quiet and still up here at that time. We live on a 3000 foot high ridgeline to no where, its all farm or vast tracks of paper company land. Millions of acres of uninhabited land. The road up is an 8 mile one lane kiss your ass turn goat path. You get the idea, pretty remote. I’m sitting there puffing on a Backwoods cigar, and up from the end of the ridge here comes a caravan of pickups and Suburbans, all black, all blacked out tint windows, all brandy spanking fucking shiny penny new. They drive by about 6 foot and have to slow down to about 5mph to make the turn its real sharp. They all have fed plates and reservation stickers on the bumpers. I saw them about a week later coming up from the other end of the ridge coming down the main mountain road. I’m like WTF are these actors doing up here in 10 vehicle convoy in the middle of fucking nowhere that goes nowhere?

    Anything here make sense to you Phil?
    They are running a 6ft diameter main gas pipline over the far end of the ridge from us. Its a totally buried line. Basicly runs slightly north west about 20 degrees right up the middle of the state. They have a few exploratory wells over in the National Forest, and have sold leases in there.
    No I know the main primary scam with global warming was to push coal and oil out as power generation fuels, ie “The War on Coal”, also make all us hillbillies poorer than dirt by getting rid of our main source of jobs in this state, but thats an aside, the gas industry is controlled by……….. guess who? The obama and clinton crime syndicates, out of…..Chicago! They are using gas because you can put it in pipelines, and after getting rid of “king” coal as the primary fuel for making electricity, you have a total monopoly on the supply and price of natural gas because you own the pipelines. FYI, coal is a very unique fuel. You can run it thru a distillery just like oil, and make all the same products as oil with it, plus some really great extras. Anyone can mine it with a shovel. Its safe to transport, it isnt hazardess or explosive, (except for methane some coal has, but after it runs thru the cleaning plant that moot) you can haul it in anything, its basically crushed rock. But here’s the thing, the supply stream of coal can not be controlled like oil or gas. All the crap you hear about coal is absolutely total bullshit. All of it. And WV here where I live is literally one big coal mine. I have counted 22 seams of metalurgical grade coal in one mine I worked at. And that doesn’t include the coal seams below that are deep mined, i’m only counting the ones exposed on the high-walls on the surface mining. 22 fucking coal ribs, some 20 foot thick, A mine they been working for 75 years, running two monster electric drag lines and for electric shovels, they dont make digging equipment bigger than these machines, they run off 19,000 and 48,000 volt cables, It is so much coal under us, they can not get even a general estimate of what reserves are down there. They say just the known, commercially viable, just the top BTU met coal grades, they have core drilled to map out, is enough coal to supply this country with 100% of all its energy needs, including coal to liquids plants making gasoline and diesel, for 150 years. That doesnt include the high grade met coal used for steel production they make coking fuel with. And its guessed there is 1000 years minimum enough coal to do this. And this is ONLY West Virginia. You got Pa. Kty, Va, Ill, Ind, Wyoming, Col, Ala, Alaska, and thats what they know currently.

    There was a self financed fellow, kind of like Trump, he was going to build 5 coal to liquids plants up the western border of WV. Each plant could produce 750,000 gals a day of premium non ethanol gasoline, about the same in high cetane grade diesel, plus all the other stuff like plastics, fertilizer, etc, and employ 500 people at each plant, the construction was to employ 3 teams which leap frogged each other up the line of 5000 top pay rate workers. And the best part was the coal they where going to mine is not even “steam coal” grade, there is so much of it they figured 50-75 years before they would have to consider another series of coal ribs. And this was the start of this guys plans. He claimed he could produce gasoline that everyone could make a better profit margin on than crude oil gasoline, and keep the retail price below $1.75 a gallon, for premium.

    Here’s the thing, this energy and technology, it is all highly controlled and manipulated by these fucking clowns trying to oust Mr. Trump. They crush all technology, all advancement of science, thinking, philosophy, all forms of wealth creation, they have systematically been turning us into paupers in a sea of unimaginable wealth and prosperity. all so they can have raw naked unchallenged power and wealth over us.
    And what really makes them ignorant savages in my thinking, is we had everything, this great Republic was online to make the entire earth wealthy and happy along with us, there is more than any of us could imagine, wealth and prosperity beyond our wildest imaginations, technology, science, medicine, stuff of science fiction in real time in real life. But nooooo, they had to have their twelve banking cartel central bank, start two world wars to get rid of all the little prosperous independent, soveriegn nation states who would never go along with these scumbags bankster one world order crap. You know both world wars in Europe alone vanished from the face of the earth 262 little unique nation states, which are the key to prohibiting tyranny for western christian peoples. Its why they made us a republic of small individual unique nation states. It is how the people keep control of their home land. The founders where brilliant people, they learned from history, they knew. About that technology again: It is literally raining soup in outer-space, resources on truly astronomical unlimited scales, unlimited energy, we had the technology and the R&D to beam all the electricity we needed from low earth orbit satellites. The asteroid belt is one big fucking metal and rare earth mine, takes thousands of years to make a tiny dent in that resource, its all there for the taking. We just got our foot into it, and they offed JFK to stop us from being so happy and prosperous they would never be able to rule over us, and they been shoving their tyrant shit up our ass’s ever since. It’s time to shoot these fuckers. All of them, to the last. Hunt them down like the animals they are. To the last one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t say as I have any idea what is going on with your post office but from the rest of what you are describing, it fits their MO.
      Only hand picked people.
      This underground base and landing strip you are talking about is , as Arte Johnson used to say, Veddy Interesting.
      You guys back there in the coal mining industry got Spotted Owled just like the lumber industry did on the West Coast over here. Politically sabotaged.
      I agree that this country is fabulously rich with natural resources and the only reason we aren’t all busy making money hand over fist is directly because of these criminal fuckers.
      Btw, speaking of asteroids and such, did you know that Trump formed a new branch of service called the Space Force?
      We already have weapons in space and have had for a while now. Look up Rod Of God sometime. Pretty fucking awesome satellite with basically pointy telephone poles made of tungsten that we can rain down anywhere on the planet.
      A couple of those blasting into your secret underground bunker would ruin your day, right?
      Related to your story of the secret underground bunker, did you know that they built one directly underneath the Denver Airport?
      The bad guys were going to use it as a temporary seat of government and have been using it for nefarious purposes.
      That got some Trump scrutiny too.
      Then there is the whole North Korea thing. They were controlled by the See Eye Aye. You read that right. Blackmailed and the Spooks were pulling the strings. That mysterious missile test site that collapsed in a big boom last year?
      Rod of God baby.
      Trump pried the fucking Spooks loose out of there, visited Kim Un secretly a year ago from last November, freed them from their Spook Overlords and hammered out a peace deal without the press ever knowing about it. He secretly flew over there and made the deal without ever setting foot on NK soil.
      Then several months later, he played the press and made a big deal out of this peace deal he was working on when the whole time it was already a done deal.

      I’m tellin’ ya man, there has been so much shit going on behind the scenes that I can’t keep up with it.
      The MSM goons are all guilty of aiding and abiding Treason and them fuckers are on the list just as sure as shit HRC an Obama are.
      Did you also now that Q predicted He Who We Do Not Call By Name’s death TO THE MINUTE a month in advance?
      A certain Former Senator McCain’s death. TO THE MINUTE.
      There ain’t no coincidence there buddy, they smoked his ass for Treason.
      They gave him the full meal deal hero’s burial to appease the Leftards and keep them quiet.
      Shit be happening, Trump is going to win again in 2020 and even after he can’t run again, there is a PLAN for then also.
      The thing that really fucking worries me is the Cabal sees all this too and them fuckers are desperate. Desperate assholes do desperate things.
      The NZ mosque shooting is a perfect example. Crashing the entire planets economies as a last ditch move would be right up their alley and they still have a lot of influence.
      I will continue to follow along with the Q drops as much as I can.
      There is a ton of shit I still don’t get and the big one is learning their Comms, they way they communicate. Cryptic fucking shit is over my head. Another damn good reason for me to read the Qanon threads EVERY FUCKING DAY when possible.

      Keep your head and ass down, your ears and eyes open and most of all, keep doing exactly what you have been doing.
      You are light years head of me when it comes to being in a place to sit back and watch it all happen and thrive when it’s done.

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  8. Yeah I been loosely following his Space Marines. There was a pretty good piece about this few days ago, try to find it post the link.
    Your talking about the “exothermic re-entry vehicle”, Lawrence Livermore Labs & RAytheon built the first operational platforms for a feasibility program. They used super compressed nitrogen gas power steering thrusters, guided by millimeter wave radar, basically a depleted uranium lawn dart. They don’t even need thrust, they drop them from orbit which, being orbital speed in low earth orbit is around 25,000mph. I think that equates to a speed of around 5 or 6 miles per second. Gives them so much kinetic energy on impact they produce around small tactical nuke energy transfer. Quite spectacular. There’s no defense against them, they are so small and fast be like trying to shot a bullet with a bullet. ZIAfter I wondered if they picked up any extra speed from dropping into the gravity well of Earths pull. But never found out.
    Science Fiction writer Larry Niven first came up with the basic rough working concept in a series of stories he wrote in the 70’s-80’s. Dr. Jerry Pournell, who co-authored a number of books with Niven was also part of Reagan’s space defense initiative to get away from the insanity of MAD. They both also co-authored the Strategy of Defense and Strategy of Technology along with a slew of other real smart people. Which I personally suspect all that has been reborn in Trump’s efforts. It carries thru what you say about those who have been working since JFK was assassinated. There has always been two defense camps, well three, kind of. Neo-cons/industrial military complex, Trostkyites/Stalinists, and the free thought, highly inventive, everything is possible/its raining soup in space/new frontier people.

    As you can well understand there is a number of “wars” going on we can’t all easily recognize. The good guys are in it to win this stage in civilizations history. As you say previously they got their ducks in a row.
    I noticed you got a bit of resistance is futile audience. No problem.

    I’d heard a number of times, like Daesh and other proxies, the Nomenklatura had the spooks running shit in SA, some shit with the Nork’s too, which make a lot of sense, especially with those two Stalinist’s Bill and HRC’s connections with the Chicom’s and the old soviet Russian die hard central committee holdovers. The more I’m seeing, the more I’m convinced HRC is a true Stalinist megalomaniac. I believe she was setting up to eventually take out the globalist leadership and assume full power in the northern hemisphere.Along with the most radical elements of the5th columnists and holdover 60-70′ amerikan communists and their life long Comintern associations, She certainly was developing her own Nomenklatura class in the form of the deep state which infests the federal and state government systems, the state department is a nest of commie scum and villainy, she was laying her foundations there, its why they went to such extremes risking covering for her time there, there’s so much right along the same lines as Stalin and his preparations for after Lenin’s death, and his system of consolidating power. His Nomenklatura was absolutely key to running a central soviet, and for carrying out his will and absolute untouchable power. It is uncanny how close the “deep state” was structured and evolved, an amerikan Nomenklatura class of managers of a one absolute power figure, it only could have evolved as we see it now with her power influence and tutelage, her money connections, all she needed was exactly what Stalin required, becoming the chief premier, POTUS in her case, and we would have been on our way to being the new USSR overnight. It was all pre-positioned. Everything was there, all the elements, only thing missing was the accession to power. Back in 92 after researching Alynski, Ayer’s and his wife Bernadine Dhorn, I went to down to Wellesley Colledge in Wellesley Mass. I was following up on her timeline and her connection’s as a young neophyte of Saul Alynski. There is a huge bronze statue of her, got to be 15 feet tall, on an 8ft high granite pedestal. Dude, she is one scary vag. They made a serious effort to situate the statue in a spot where you can only look at it from directly below. Its real creepy. She has her arm thrust out pointing “FORWARD!” in classic communist style, the bronze plaque dedication on the pedastal is outright demonic cult/hate/absolute dear ruler Mao/Stalin totalitarianism. I’ll send you the text, I wrote it down. I should have got a rubbing of it. Something else let me tell you. Wellesley is a woman’s colledge, and Brother, it is scary fucking radical feminazi. I’m talking the kind of shit where you go to hire guards for liquidation camps and SS shock troops, Hienrech final solution kind of radical. They use chalk and write slogans on the cement paths through these beautiful topiary gardens on the campus, mini manifesto’s, plans for the extinction of the undesirable parts of the human race, what is to be done to the male spercies, saving the earth. That whole bizzare tree worship tree humping crazy shit. There’s students there you can not tell what their sex is they are so self mutilated with piercings, tatoos, their dress and make up etc. Its a freak show. Seriously.
    And HRC is a god there. A divine deity, true cargo cult mindless worship. Everywhere is graffiti and posters, the chalk screeds, dedications, all that useful dupe sycophant shit.
    We don’t know how close it was to the end of everything as it is. I’m not embellishing about her parallel’s to the cult of Stalin and that path to power and how you maintain it. The only differences of course are time, and the need to operate and plan due to the nature of the culture and politics of our country and its people. But I can see why America is such a great prize, why so many have it in for us and our Liberty. You take America, you rule the world. To take America, you need to almost rule the world. At least the key hemisphere power elite elements.

    I’m not saying if she had been placed on the thrown in 2016 she would be successful, but I’ll wager a left nut there would be open internecine war ravaging the country side within 1-2 years if my understanding of her Stalinist/Alynski-ite ways is half close. What she would have to do to take full power is irrefutable. It can not be done but one way.

    As you say its gonna get sporty. Desperate tyrants do desperate things. It is the timing that is becoming more critical every day. It is amazing me they haven’t taken out Trump yet. The imperatives here demand it. Time is a critical factor now.

    (By the way, I worked on parts for the “Flying Crowbar” as Niven nicknamed it. They had these tiny fucking tubes used to feed the steering jets. 3/32nd and 3/16th 321 stainless tubes, using 1/32nd dia tungsten’s and about 5 amps of current, couldn’t even see the weld puddle unless you used a 3.5 power diopter behind your filter. Just fuse the tubes and fittings together, you try to stick a filler rod in there you couldn’t see the puddle.)


      • Thats cool. Thanks for posting it for those guys. I’m blown away with what those guys have accomplished. They amaze me to no end. There’s some pretty brilliant minds at work there, and how they cooperate is sublime. I can see why Q picked those guys.


      • Everything is connected, its a web of corruption and shakedowns, they just changed up the Arkansas State Police for the FBI, ATF, BLM and DOJ, What with these scumbags from the day those two clinton’s set up shop in the white house, I can’t imagine the total skim in billions of dollars they have taken off the top of the line of scams taken place since 1990. And thats before if you add in their Arkansas organized crime period.


  9. Dude, spent a few hours skimmed thru the thread and links, it would be impossible to catalogue all the connections out there, this guys does a yoeman’s job even though. Real easy to get side tracked.
    What a fucking car clown show. Holy cow!
    These are the power elite? Woh! What a clusterfuck. They need to be hung for the incompetence alone. It reads like a fucking freeforall, a real life It’s A Mad Mad World. Nobody is clearly in charge, its every clown for themself. And the vulture media. Talk about out of control. Putin must have bought all the popcorn in every store in Russia watching these idiots make total fools of themselves. HRC must have been wigging out, she created a monster that nobody could reel in, the unintended consequences she instigated are historically epic in the annals of political idiocy. And the money everyone put out. Crooks liars grifters con artists impostors thieves and tin pot dictators all shivving each other behind everyones backs to cash in on the racket. Never mind the array of personal agenda’s and axe grinding.
    Trump never had to lift a finger. They are their own worst enemies.


  10. You could write your Master’s thesis on political science insanity on this fuckery.
    I see now why Q calls them clowns. Spectacular self importance on a biblical scale.
    I’m shaking my head in amazement absorbing the implications here. Its no wonder this world is so totally fucked up by these idiots.


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