So Tired

It’s been another Hell Week at work. Long hours and busting my ass. I was so tired when I got home last night that in my haste to get in the house I grabbed my lunch box and my coat, jumped out and locked the doors then headed inside.

Imagine my consternation when I couldn’t find my car keys this morning.

Locked them in the damn thing.

I have a spare ignition key but not a door key. Luckily as an old car mechanic, I still have my old Master Slim Jim set from 25 years ago. It took me a few minutes to find it and dig it out, then about fifteen minutes standing out in the drizzle but I got that sonofabitch.

There is some pretty major family drama unfolding that has to do with my In laws health and I had to run to Portland this morning to get smokes while we were waiting on that news. It was still up in the air when I got back but nothing I could do so I went into work to make a few extra bucks despite being near exhausted.

I got home a bit ago but noticed my turn signals weren’t blinking on the dash on my way home. When I got here I went out in the garage and dug out a flasher can, swapped it out in about thirty seconds and solved that problem before I could forget about it.

I’m so damn tired that I was getting that thousand yard stare thing going on whenever I stopped moving.

I’m all done working for the weekend. I have a bunch of crap I wanted to do out in the garage but I think the smart move would be to just sit here and vegetate until tomorrow at least.

Actually, I don’t think I’m going to have a choice in the matter at this point.

The Wifely Unit had a big spaghetti dinner ready just as I got home so right at the moment my belly is full and my feet are up. All the ingredients of a mini coma are in place.

10 thoughts on “So Tired

    • Yes, I made that $65 mistake on Wednesday. The real pisser was I looked at my spare keys and thought “Naw, I won’t need them.”


      • Went up to Wilco to get some springs for the press, wound up standing right next to the key machine and a kid cleaning up the savings from just having made one for someone. I told him to set the vacuum cleaner down because he was fixin’ to make another mess. I had him make a spare for the door and the ignition, didn’t even pay attention to how much it cost. Got out in the parking lot, made sure thy worked and put them both right in my wallet.
        Problem solved.


  1. Years ago husband locked himself out of his car with the engine running. Iran all the way downtown-small town!-and unlocked for him. Only took a few minutes.
    Since then policy is that every family member carry two sets of car and door keys at all times.


  2. It’s ok to give urself a break man. Sometimes you have to say that to urself a few times before it sinks in. Got no reservations saying you earned it.

    Wait till you retire Phil. If your like a working stiff guy who has busted his hump for 45 years, which I got no doubt you are, it may take a year or more for it to sink in you don’t have to make it to work every single day, never be late, always work OT when the boss asks, no excuses, no matter what, sick, hungover etc.

    It’s been almost 2 years since my wife made me retire, I still wake up at 4am and look for the clock to make sure I’m not late for work. Or feel like something is wrong, like a metal splinter you cant find but bugs the shit out of you, on some days suddenly realizing I can do nothing for an afternoon simply cause I feel like relaxing. Still get twinges of guilty for being “lazy.”

    Took me a year to chill out about money, because we cashed out our retirements 12 years ago to help buy a property outright, I forget we invested that retirement so we would not have any debt, own everything outright. Cash on the barrelhead baby. Not having a weekly paycheck is a bit scary at first. The old lady said don’t worry, it will work out, you need to stop or your gonna shit the bed. (one of my promises I made my wife was at least one of us will not have to work every day, that be you sweetheart).
    I think she figured it was time to pay that forward in a way. She was right, it worked out just fine. I had nothing to worry about.
    Still it goes back to that thinking you got to bust your hump every hour your awake or your not being a stand up guy or something. Old habits die hard.

    Found one way to let some of that old shit go. Sling on my basic get back home no matter what 1st line gear, a weapon, poncho and Woobie, small shovel and woods axe, some jerky, dried fruit & cheese, couple 2 quart canteens, jar of shine, and cigars, head out the back door into the hundreds of square miles of paper company timber land and national forrest back of the property and cruise the woods looking for stuff. Mushrooms, Ramps, Ginseng, and other wild herbs. Don’t come back till next day sometimes. Digging season before last found a nice patch of Ginseng, it was enough to pay our property taxes for two years. Last year came across looked like an old homestead spot all grown up, it had a patch of grapes gone wild, brought enough home to make a batch of jelly and a gallon of wine. Guess it’s like a busman’s holiday in a way, always have to be busy someway.


  3. Some of us never made a complete transition out of the rat-race. I speak from experience.

    If a man retires, he will find himself suddenly working harder and longer than when he was working full time. WHY? Because EVERYBODY will be coming to the guy who “doesn’t work” and “has all this free time”, asking for all sorts of help, advice, handouts, etc.

    I retired ~15yrs ago, but I just realized that I am now going SEVEN DAYS A WEEK almost non-stop. The mail, bills, phone calls (50% Spammers), doorbell ringing, giving rides, feeding animals, etc. It’s like I became a Human DOING, and I’m no longer a Human BEING.

    Don’t let yourself fall into the ‘retired but rehired’ trap. When a man who has time and experience meets someone who needs their time, the retiree will begin spending ALOT of time, and will get one helluva experience …


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