Oh. My. God!


I literally fell asleep sitting here in my recliner with the laptop going and the headphones on, watching Youtubes.

I’m fuckin’ beat from working my ass off.

I started to come to and I can hear this guy talking but my eyes ain’t quite open yet but I’m thinking to myself that this voice is familiar. It took me a few minutes but he finally turned the camera around and here is good ol’ Abomb 79.

If you watch any Machining videos you know who this guy is. if you don’t, you should. Seems to be a hell of a nice guy, a big feller and he is like a 3rd generation machinist and KNOWS HIS SHIT.

He has tons of videos. Anyways, here I am trying to get my bearings and he is walking around this place that looks like a junk and garbage filled abandoned machine shop.

Except it ain’t abandoned. He is wandering around the inside of a 113 year old machine shop somewhere in Georgia that originally started out as a Blacksmith’s Shop clear back in the 1880’s.

There is crap and antique machinery EVERYWHERE! the place is HUGE.

Come to find out, wherever this place is, the city is wanting the property and the unidentified owner has some gigantic  machine he wants someone to buy so it doesn’t get scrapped that was made in 1905 and he has the original blueprints for even.

It’s a  Niles vertical turret lathe and it is freakin’ huge.

It still works too.

There is literally antique and vintage machinery all over this place, that still works and I would have a complete run away just wandering around the place, wanting about half of it!

Hell, I’d be happy with just some of the old tools laying around.

You have got to see this to believe it.

4 thoughts on “Oh. My. God!

    • Excellent idea Deb!
      I went back and left your suggestion in the comments for Abomb to see if he can contact the guy and put that bug in his ear. Thanks!


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