A Well Organized Starter Set


It sure is pretty and I bet the guy can actually find a Phillips screwdriver when he needs it.

Unfortunately for me, I would need about ten of those walls in a garage much bigger than what I am using now.

I could fit all of that in just one of my Roll Away’s and still have room left over.

I have two full Two Snap On boxes, one with a Side box, another Side box on a mover’s dolly with a grinder mounted on it, a Craftsman starter box Roll Away , two machinist boxes, drawers full of tools and various shit stashed all over the damn place.

All that AFTER I gave my kid a monster sized Cornwell box full of tools  and none of that even begins to count the power tools.

The boxes I still have are overflowing and over loaded. I actually folded a wheel up under one of the Snap On’s the last time I moved it because it was so heavy.


So while the peg board thing is nice, it would be impossible for me to even try.


Hello, my name is Phil and I am a Tool Junkie.

7 thoughts on “A Well Organized Starter Set

  1. Looks good, but it wouldn’t stay that way, I’d end up rearranging it 4 or 5 times and then only using half of it. There’s some old school wire crimpers near the top, good to see those.


  2. I don’t remember seeing any 12 Step programs for “Tool Junkies” I suppose we could use the one for Narcotics Anonymous and just substitute “Tool” for smack….


  3. I feel your pain.
    I’ve a shop half full with new and unopened tools.
    No time to use them.
    But, as time allows, I have been putting up walls and pegboard. Almost to the point now where I can paint the walls flat black for my welding corner Slowly, but surely. Probably be dead before I’m finished.


  4. I would take the time to write down your wishes for any valued tools to be given away to specific individuals while you are still here. I’m not sure if any of your heirs will know exactly what that ‘thingy’ does or how rare / valuable it is.

    Just saying – I hope you are around for a long time, healthy and pissing off Liberals . . . :^)


  5. I too am a hopeless tool junkie. After 45+ years in the industrial trades, I have
    amassed tons of iron. I try my best to keep things organized and really love
    the Ernst line of tool organizers. After my disability, I became High Desert
    trailer trash. I demoed 2 crappy wooden sheds and built a 10×12 metal shed
    for use as a workshop. I was going to build an 8×10 to store the Harley but
    the owner changed the rules. Now I barely have room to do any actual work.
    With 740 pounds of Milwaukee iron between my main toolbox and my home-
    made wooden workbench, I have to duck under the portside handlebar to
    use my drill press. I needed that other shed to store the bike because I
    needed the room for parts for the restoration.

    What I do not like about pegboards is that toolboxes at least provide some
    level of security.


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