3 thoughts on “Now THAT, Is An Electric Guitar.

    • Oh it’s coming. The minute Trump finally gets around to kicking someones ass and getting the FISA warrant application fiasco used to start that whole Mueller business declassified like he ordered done last year, the whole lid is going to get blown off of the biggest legal can of worms in history.

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      • Thats what I’m hoping will happen too. These clowns are in a serious pickle, they tried to fuck Trump. I admire the guy for his relentless ability to get even, and his best method is to get even by hanging his enemies by their own petards. Essentially he lets the legal system do its thing once he sets it in motion.

        It seems to me they are such a collection of criminals, where they have had unlimited raw naked power to run their crime syndicate, they have put themselves in a position where once one of them who is a key element in the structure is taken down it causes a cascade collapse where they all go down. Its like pulling out the keystone in a bridge. Once one rat begins to tattletail the construct comes unglued, because there will be a stampede of those who have nothing to loose because the top guys are saving their own ass’s first.
        Seriously, how long you going to protect the likes of a Clinton or Obama when the syndicate starts to fall apart and all the privilege and power evaporates? You just become a petty crook. You got no protection.

        Now that the Clinton Crime syndicate and the obama regime are 2 or 3 steps removed from their system of direct blackmail and extortion, they don’t have the fully controlled cover my ass system of co-conspirators they once enjoyed that made them untouchable. Too many variables and small wrenches in the spokes of the wheels of the organization.
        The media is only good for concealment, not cover from enemy fire.

        I’m only making semi educated assumptions here, but Murphy and the law of unintended consequences are irrefutable, eventually they catch up with you. Think of the trail of dead bodies the clinton crime syndicate has left in its wake. Talking thousands, if not 100’s of thousands if you take into account what she caused in Libya, and the subsequent arms pipeline she set up to arm the Syrian rebels and ISIS in order to get rid of Syria so Quater could run its pipeline through the Levant to Europe. Or Fast & Furious? Some estimates make it over 2000 mexican’s murder with those walked over the border guns. Those weapons are still showing up after all these years.

        With a guy like Trump, you make into a mortal enemy, and his high IQ relentless perseverance, along with the consequences of their utter contempt for us dirt people, I think they got a fucking tiger by the tail, and being they are sociopaths and psychopaths their arrogance has made for a shit storm they failed to seriously consider when they embarked on their palace coup to nullify the 2016 election. Never mind all the other criminal and treasonous activities they run day to day.
        In simple terms they are ignorant self absorbed losers, and ignorant of just how long and how much people are fed up with their bullshit.
        This last bit is involves that ancient Chinese Mandate of Heaven thing. And we ain’t Venezuela or some other tin pot dicktator run 3rd world shithole. And no matter how much the media complex tries to portray us as so yesterday’s old dead white guy toxic Nazi culture, once we had enough of this bullshit a really serious thing happens. It is that conscious withdrawal of our Consent thing, not tacit, or passive-aggressive, but the one thing these clowns must have, regardless of their own utter contempt for the rule of law and the cultural codes of our Christian Western culture, what they need because they usurp our system of government and hide behind the Constitution, they must maintain a bare appearance of legitimacy, that only comes from Consent of the people, seriously as a heart attack, they really need that legitimacy in order to operate without restrictions behind the scenes created to make it appear we have a government where we still get to vote and it matters.
        Once that gig leaf of an illusion is ripped off its game over, unless they go full retard police state totalitarian dictatorship on our ass’s.
        This is where our guns count for everything, and its simply refusing to give our guns up that matter more than using them to kill the fuckers. It is a form of power, and it is the most legitimate type of power, so legitimate, the only way they can counter our power is by selectively using threat of force and applied violence against a few, in the intent of making many too afraid to resist and defy them.
        Because no matter what all else, it all comes down to our guns, it always was about our guns, everything else was dress rehearsal for the act where they attempt to dis-arm us, why it comes down to that is simply numbers, there’s not enough of “Them”, The Human Extinction Movement, and waaaay too many of “us” dirt people to physically win dis-arming “us”. And they absolutely must dis-arm us. There is nothing else for it now, we have entered the final stage of their so called “long march”, in effect everything else of the agenda is established or done with. It us pesky Deplorable’s, us incorrigible, bitter clinging dirt people. Really, I’m serious, us and our rifles, who stand in the way of the sonofabitches. Its come down to brass tacks.
        New zealand is many things, aside from the prime bugout location, #1 reason why they made that CGI mass murder white men are bad video production of pure propaganda, they want an isolated completely controlled island fortress if and when shit goes south they can skidaddle about as far from everything as physically possible, but the narrative purpose of the fake massacre was like a giant signal, providing the plausible deniability read manufactured fake excuse, for the usurpers in state legislatures to release pre-positioned Defacto-Law, beginning with the Red Flag laws, basically the excuse to get around three elements of natural law: what the 2nd Amendment represents/sanctions such as the primal right of self defense and protection of personal property, which our rifles are before anything, next is Habeas Corpus, aka, the 4th Amendment and due process, meaning the 3rd element here, the Red Flag “Laws” are Attainders of Writ, basically you “outlaw, or more precisely you proscribe certain people have zero protections under the rule of law, this is critical, and once a pattern of action is established, it provides an appearance of legitimacy, where those who are too afraid to stand up and resist go along with it because they understand they will not be bothered if they keep their pieholes shut.
        By creating a more or less uniform Red Flag “law” in the many states, it is portrayed as De-Facto Constitutional Convention like universal sufferage, where if so many states with active bills going thru their statehouses, whats it up to now, 27 states with 12 more introducing red flag’s?
        Hey, notice they call them “Red Flag Laws”?
        That is typical projection by the usual extremely arrogant tyrants. Like waving a red cape at a raging bull?
        Red Flag in racing, where displayed on the race track signifies the sudden complete end of the race, a red flag in its time to go full retard of taking our rifles, an event whereby using a red colored flag, means its an all or nothing all out effort. Its also used by the Air Force, its a full blown NATO, bring everything you got combined arms live fire exercise.

        I think the fuckers mis-calculated, big time fucked up, as in they thought the cat was all but in the bag. Where they screwed up is by marginalizing, and dis-enfranchising the dirt people, they caused the dirt people to go underground so to speak. Instead of weakening the dirt people thru economic and cultural strategy, thus undermining resolve and beliefs in their civilization, thus the dirt people are then more easily brought under the jack boot of totalitarian rule, they made the dirt people stronger, provided cause and reason for people to not just survive but to build anti-fragle mind sets, fortify resolve, catalyze the ability to defy, and strengthen reserves of courage to resist. Also they caused the dirt people to prepare in all ways where in the majority this was not a standard of living practice, to be prepared, to adopt and cultivate a preparedness mind set, this is self reliance and self determination writ large, the exact opposite of the desired results the fuckers expected as the outcome of their multi generational strategy of making America a country of limp wristed faggots and soy eating pussies.

        Personally, I’ve never seen such resolve and had quite enough of this bullshit thinking and attitude among the “tribe” of people I know. Even the Woman folk are had enough, and are beginning to get into the spirit, where with their womanly perceptions they are supporting their menfolk in all manner of the coming fight.

        I think, I believe, the power elites have grabbed a tiger by the tail, and fail to appreciate fully what they are fucking with. I think their hubris gives them confidence they have power that can not be denied, that does not exist, only the appearence they have this raw naked power simply because quite frankly, nobody has started shooting the assholes yet. They have had quite an easy run of things exactly because us dirt people are mostly live and let live, just want to be left alone in the humble sphere of my life kind of people, in other words, we are high tolerance people, with a very good sense of Prudence, we can absorb an inordinate amount of ruling class abuse, until we decide we will not, no more, put up with their shit. Then its on like Donkey Kong Bitchez.
        You know, BFYTW!

        I know, I’m a dirt person thru and thru, you push me past my tolerance, I’m the most genial and reserved polite person, once I snap, thats it motherfuckers. I don’t give a fucking shit how many of you there are, how many weapons you got, I’m gonna kill every fucking one of you. I don’t give a fuck about consequences because there ain’t gonna be any of you left to matter. And any you send after, Ill kill you too. Bring tanks motherfuckers, your gonna need them. And I’ll kill those too.

        I’m just saying here, its the way one big fucking shitload of us dirt people think. We dont want a fight. We got nothing to prove. We seriously only want to be left alone. It is not asking much, in fact it is asking for nothing, it is a natural thing that needs no asking. When you violate that absolutely, you have taken the essential elemental component of my dignity. And sonofabitch, you went toooo far, you did the one thing that is the biggest mistake you could make.

        This is what it is coming down to. My rifle matters to me so much in that sense above, when you come for it, there’s nothing for it. I use it and remain a Freeman even if I die, I’m still free, I refused to Consent, you get nothing from me, and I owe you nothing, but a bullet.

        See, you can not take that from a Freeman. As Freemen we own that.


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