That’ll Do Pig


I see I had a bit of a typo from the other day, I was trying to post from my phone which is something I have only ever done once before and I fat fingered a number. When I said I was 250 miles from home it should have said 150 miles away.

A fur piece either way.

Although the reason for going in the first place was for a memorial service for someone near and dear to me that had passed, it turned out to be a great trip.

It rained a bit about an hour from my destination, then cleared up and was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday. Sunny, almost 70 degrees and amazingly, no wind. No wind at the coast almost NEVER happens.

I actually got to see an old friend that I literally had not seen in almost 50 years and also saw some friends and relatives that I basically only get to see at these kinds of events.

Unfortunately they get fewer every year as we are all getting long in the tooth but it was awesome to get to see everyone.


As for the trip its self, I couldn’t have asked for better.

Only one real back up and that was a half an hour from the house on the way down.

The old Caballero just hummed right along.

The thing is 36 years old now, has 155 thousand miles on it and it never missed a lick. it didn’t burn a drop of oil either.

On the way down there it averaged 19 miles to the gallon and that was going anywhere from 65 to 85 miles an hour for a couple of passing shots.

The thing will do 70-75 all damn day long.

It’s got a long wheel base, and at 3600 LBS. empty, is heavy so it rides nice on the highway. The seat is comfortable and there is plenty of leg room. In other words, a real road car.

Not some iddy bitty  tinny Jap Econobox with all the tire noise, the 4 banger working it’s ass off and being scrunched up behind the wheel on a fucking seat that digs into your back and makes my legs go to sleep after a while.

People  give me shit about my old Bombers all the time. They can kiss my ass.

22 thoughts on “That’ll Do Pig

  1. Whoa!
    In the early 80’s I had just that kind of car you’re belittling here:

    A Matda 323 – it was the best and most reliable car I ever had.
    I bought it second hand with 32.000 kilometers mileage – and when it finally had to put to rest because of terminal rustiness it went over 640.000 kilometers!
    This car was also on the US market. It was sold being a Ford 😂 (was it the Ford Meteor?)

    That Mazda was always fun to drive, it was very comfortable so extremely long distances weren’t any problem.
    I wouldn’t buy a modern Mazda nowadays though – they’re ugly and suck big time.


  2. Back in the late 1970’s, an ironworker buddy of mine always bought full size Oldsmobiles and Buicks for pennies on the dollar compared to what a similar new car would cost.

    We used to call them ‘Guard Rails Destroyers’, and he drove the piss out of them. He’d go blasting down pot-holed gravel roads at 65~70MPH, and those big barges would just float over the holes…..


  3. I so do miss the 73 Olds 98, with a trunk you could live in, leather seats and a motor that would make all that steel go at fighter-jet speeds. That big 455 was a sweet motor. Miss that thing bad.


  4. sad for you loss. good that you went. the best is to meet old friends. life is better than the alternative.
    I’m still driving a ’98 Mark VIII. it’s a tank. I change a few things now and then. going to pull the engine and do a top end overhaul and motor mounts on it this spring when my hands warm up. I really hate to open an engine that doesn’t leak(even though it has fluids in it) but it needs valve work.

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    • I worked on those when they were brand new.
      Evil Mother Fuckers to work on.You are in for it.
      Them fuckers go like a scalded cat though!
      I was talking to an engineer one day and he told me that they took one of them off the end of the assembly line at random, took the outside mirrors off of it, took it to a track and did 180 mph.
      I absolutely believe that too. I know damn good and well they would do 150 easy.


  5. Lot to be said for the ol’ ‘Murican mid-size pushrod V-8 – ~300-350 inches – that just lumbers along, getting the job done without even breathing hard. Couple it to a solid-framed chassis and a simple 4-speed manual (although the old 3-speed Awfulmagic Trashmissions were pretty damn good), keep it out of the salt (or wash the salt off quickly), don’t run into stuff with it, and there’s no reason it won’t go 300K in 40+ years. Some years back a friend pulled a Mopar 361 down after 445K and 35 years “because it just had to need a rebuild…” and found everything measured in spec, even the mains (those engines had 6-qt oil pans and this one got oil & filter changes every 90 days whether it needed it or not). The Torqueflite was still running strong, too.


  6. My brother and I still have Mom’s ’77 Ford T-Bird. Big long football field sized hood, but the interior is still clean and it has 63,000 miles on the odometer. The 302 CID isn’t that good though, burns oil like crazy and it had a transmission replacement sometime in early 1980’s.

    Drove awesome though, you pointed it while driving, not steered. That wheelbase thing – nice road cruiser.


  7. Yousta be ya could get classic plates for something that age in Oregon….a little cheaper renewal rate too. Think the cutoff was 25 years old.


  8. I put Collector Vehicle plates on the Sprite and the Caballero. Here in Washington you can get them if the rig is over 30 years old. $130 one time fee and you never have to renew it.
    Of course you aren’t supposed to drive them all the time after that. Just in parades and maybe 500 miles a year for pleasure.
    If you knew me personally you could imagine the evil laugh I just let out while typing that.
    That fucking Bronco is eligible this year…….
    It’s Over a hundred bucks a year for tags on that bitch now.
    Gee, I wonder what I’m gonna do when they come due next January again…..


  9. My 65 impala wagon was the best bomber in existence, wish I had never sold it but poor students don’t have much luxury when things get tough. Had a 327 corvette engine, 4 barrel and posi rear end. Only downside was the 2 speed trans, first got you from zero up above 60 and then 2nd carried you to 120 easy. I think after my current crop of euro tin it is time to look for another big square impala wagon, upgrade the brakes, put a 3 or 4 speed vacuum op trans in, slap an antique plate on it and enjoy the roominess. No ECU, BCU, TPS, OBD or bank involved. As I recall it did not get that bad a mileage if one did not stomp the accelerator too much.


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