He’s A Magic Man!

I was sniveling about the demise of this laptop to some buddies and one of them told me to bring it to him and he would take a look at it. He’s torn several apart and fixed them and is pretty computer savvy to boot.

So I loaded the nasty thing up, took my external hard drive and a new can of compressed air and handed it to him.

He downloaded pretty much everything on it to the external hard drive, wiped the fucker clean, got on Youtube and figured out how to take the keyboard off and then cleaned the living shit out of it. It was embarassing how much crap came out of the thing, it was just plain nasty.

I’ve had this thing for at least six, probably seven years now and it’s seen some shit.

After he got the keyboard cleaned up he cleaned the case too and then restarted it and hit a couple of keys, one is a Hot Key and loaded the thing back with Windows 7 right off the hard drive. Then he put Firefox on it and then hooked it up and downloaded all the updates for it. The whole process took him quite a while but the fact that you are reading this is the proof that the guy knows his shit.

Other than the fucked up hinge and the 3/16’s wide opaque streak that runs diagonally up part of the screen from me getting some Windex under the plastic border on it trying to clean it off years ago, this thing is basically a brand new 2009 Laptop.

He got rid of a bunch of shit that I never use like Windows Office and then got rid of the factory installed Norton anti virus bloat ware too.

I am so fucking tickled I can’t hardly stand it.

I’m still configuring shit and will be for a while but I already put the Avast free anti virus in it and added the Epic Browser too.

I owe that guy big for this. Hopefully I will come up with something for his trouble. There’s no hurry so cash would work but I doubt he would take it. Could be some decent booze or a bunch of beer in his future. I’ll work something out.

I’m back in business either way.



7 thoughts on “He’s A Magic Man!

  1. I think a no labor charged car repair would make him really happy. Within reason of course. Barter is good and you may end up with some referrals too.


  2. Wally world and other stores used to sell pre paid gift cards for restaurants, olive garden, red robin, etc……… maybe get him one of those.


  3. Whatever he is really a Nice Guy, I had to go down the street to get a 12-year-old kid to install my windows 10, took him a good hour, but like your guy wouldn’t take a dime. I’m 70 felt like 2. Ha and he thanked me for letting him do it. he’s coming over to show me how to upload pictures from my phone to sell some things on craigslist, oh and I’m thinking about getting a new phone he said he’ll transfer everything from the old phone to the new one for me. Super Great Kid, and a reflection of his parents.


    • Thanks for the heads-up, Bob! I will remember my Best Friend that got killed in the Mayagues Incident, David Allen Higgs.
      I couldn’t get leave to go to his funeral, we were at Defcon 3 and nobody was going anywhere, especially on an operational SAC base.


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