Mueller’s Findings, No Trump Collusion

There went two years and millions of dollars down the drain.

Of course the Democrats won’t stop trying to get Trump on anything they can grasp at.


What these dumb moherfuckers don’t seem to grasp is that they are in a tunnel and that bright light they see is a train coming.

The Trump Train.

He has been patiently waiting for the Mueller Nothingburger to get done with.


Start looking for two things to happen.

Firsst, Trump is going to release the Office of Inspector General’s report on the FISAGATE scandal and then he is going to de-classify the applications for the FISA warrants used to spy on his campaign.


Then we will see just who is dirty and that will open up a massive can of  worms that the Democrats will be unable to defend against because it will just be the beginning of the exposure of the entire list of traitors and the criminal activities that went on during the Obama administration.

It will be non stop after that, the Dems will be so busy trying to defend thmselves that they won’t have time to attack Trump with anything.

The media is not going to escape unscathed by any means either, they are eyeball deep in all of it.

I’m tellin’ ya, stock up now.



I just saw this.

It puts things into perspective.

look at it this way

What this was in reality, was an unsuccesful coup attempt.

There WILL BE repercussions for that.

6 thoughts on “Mueller’s Findings, No Trump Collusion

  1. Hope you’re right….. Where’s Q and not between P&R. I have big doubts about Q, I’m just giving my opinion, and hope I’m wrong.


  2. NOTHING is going to happen to ANYBODY involved in this……the deep state corruption is simply TOO DEEP. The ONLY thing that will happen is that Schiff will pick up the torch and try to use his seat in Congress to “investigate” Trump so they can get rid of him. I repeat……NOBODY ON THE LEFT who is important is going to go to jail, anyone who does is a SCAPEGOAT who is no longer useful to the Demonrats.


  3. Dear Abbey – Is it wrong to leave a message on the Clinton Foundation phone service which says “Noogie – noogie – noogie – noogie” ?

    Dan 11:01 – you may be right, but in Trump administration, it WILL get called out in public because it is a well earned FUCK YOU WITH A BROOMSTICK. As much as the MSM and Dems have put this in the news stack for two years running, it will require some major ‘ Look – Squirrel !” efforts.


  4. Sorry, but the Republican’ts don’t have the testosterone for payback, history has proven they can’t even stand to be thought of as “mean-spirited”.


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