The Mueller Investigation Was A Distraction, The Bigger Story Is Coming

The Democrats, Liberals, The Deep State and The Obama Administration are all about to shit themselves, very publicly.

We don’t even know what is in the Mueller report yet as it hasn’t been released to the public at this time and it is already obsolete.

The entire aim of that fiasco was to try and find a reason to impeach Donald Trump, tie his hands and distract him from what he said he was going to do even before he was elected. That was to clean out the corruption in our government and give it back to us. We, The People.

We do already know that there wasn’t anything found that implicated Donald Trumpin the Russian Collusion story ginned up by The Left.

In case you didn’t know this, that entire story was a lie.

As a matter of fact, the collusion was pretty much all on the part of the Democrats.

Everyone will be finding that out here in the future.

As Devin Nunes tweeted earlier this evening,

“This is the unravelling of the biggest political scandal in American history…remember, this dates back to late 2015, early 2016 & this began as nothing more/nothing less than a Clinton/Obama operation with a bunch of dirty cops at the FBI & career DOJ officials.” –

He is of course, talking about the phony ginned up evidence the FBI used to lie to a FISA judge about so they could start spying on Donald Trumps campaign members  even before the campaign got into full swing back in 2015.
Phony evidence prepared for and paid for by the Democratic National Committee and used to obtain the FISA warrants knowingly signed by Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States of America.
Remember last year when Trump( *!) fired a whole boat load of upper level FBI agents?
Directly related to this.
There is a political shitstorm coming that literally has no equal in our history.
This whole Q military psyop exercise has been to expose the Deep State on a global scale and dismantle it.
A large part of that involves preparing everyday citizens for the giant Red Pill that is required to accomplish this.
Q has said that 4-6% of the population will be unable to accept the reality and that if the general public was completely informed of the horrors of some of the crimes that have been committed by some of the people we have trusted the most that it would put 99% of us in a psych ward.
Unimaginable horrors that include sexual crimes against children.
On a global scale.
There is no way to put into words adequately some of the crimes that have been committed
One word will cover a lot of people and a lot of activity.
That word is TREASON.
The proof has already been collected and disseminated.
Q says they have it all.
That total chance meeting at the airport between Bill Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch right before James Comey came out and lied to our faces and said Hillary had done nothing “with intent” and he refused to refer her for charges??
Oh yeah, they are so busted.
So, so busted.
Buckle up kids, stock up on the popcorn, I highly recommend this stuff, I buy it several bags at a time when I can find it.
Now then, about this little item above, (*!), right in the middle of a sentence.
The keyboard on my preferred laptop finally shit the fucking bed, right in the middle of that sentence.
Several keys just quit working, I have been having increasing difficulties with the damn things and they finally gave up the ghost. It has taken me two hours to get back to this point, I hadn’t used this laptop since last July and had to update a whole bunch of shit ..
I dug out this other unit and it has it’s own issues but it will do until I decide what I am going to replace the other one with.
My conundrum is that you literally can not find a new laptop that doesn’t have Windows 10 already installed on it.
I ain’t quite smart enough for that Linux crap and you can forget Mac or Apple as them fuckers are way out of my price range.
I’ll be fine until I figure out what I want to do.
One thing that was kind of fortunate, the laptop took a dump right in front of the wife.
Even she said that it was pretty old because she bought it for me for Christmas at least five years ago. So that will make getting a new one just that much easier.

17 thoughts on “The Mueller Investigation Was A Distraction, The Bigger Story Is Coming

  1. Monday or Tuesday the package will be in the mail. I am tossing in a spare V-
    belt/grove gauge set.

    On the subject of the Mueller report, I doubt this is the last we will hear about
    the Russian “collusion” hoax. Mueller is as vicious a partisan as they come.
    While this may put an end to any criminal liability, Mueller’s band of Clinton
    partisans will have peppered the report with innuendo, and therein lies the
    rub. The SOP is to redact any unproven allegations or speculation. The
    report could be so heavily redacted that the Donks will start shouting conspiracy.

    Adam Schittforbrains and Jerry Waddler are not going to give up. As long as
    they hold the House, they will continue with their endless investigations and
    congressional subpoenas. The one good thing that may come of this might
    be a boost in Trump’s approval ratings. After BJ Billy was impeached and the
    Senate failed to convict him, his numbers skyrocketed. The higher Trump’s
    numbers go, the less likely a Democrat witch hunt will succeed.

    It is going to be fun to watch because the left has been rendered insane
    from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Popcorn may come in handy
    before it is over because I doubt the Donks can put the brakes on
    this madness.

    PS I’ve used a wireless keyboard/mouse combo for years, and I would
    never go back.


    • Mueller Is Working to Save Himself From Criminal Charges in the Uranium One Scandal




      1 Dec 2018 – 3:21:58 AM


      1 Dec 2018 – 3:17:25 AM


      Mueller removed via DECLAS


      Mueller will face charges re: U1

      He’s working to save himself.



      • Comey and him are long time Clinton Crime Syndicate fixers. Look at the revolving door of positions they have been anointed to. Those only come from orders on high. Both of them, Lynch, Holder, Reno, McCarhty, all are long time steadfast Clinton operatives. Comey and Mueller are died in the wool sycophants of the one world order deep state crime syndicate. Even Trump’s latest appointment as DOJ Barr, operated behind the scene to clean up the loose ends and feed the media its talking points to mitigate fallout and shift the onus of outright slaughter on the Branch Davidian’s, never mind burning to death 75 woman and children, at WACO. So I’m like WTF? Almost all of them go back to Ruby Ridge, and show up behind the scenes in every false flag op during the two Clinton regimes reign.

        Trump have something on Barr, is he a useful turncoat? I seriously doubt Trump is that ignorant to hire a Clinton operative unless there is a specific purpose. Something is going on just there in that. Maybe they turned the guy, and are using him to spook the Clinton’s? He has to know where a lot of bodies are buried. Even the psychological warfare of an appearance of Barr as turncoat got to make those two psychopathic sex slavers and mass murderers nervous.

        Have you noticed, suddenly like a light switch, all the trash talk and smart mouthing from the political class has seriously dropped off? Even very uncharacteristic contrite comments subtly deferring to the God Emperor from ones who weeks ago where gonna bury Trump in a palace Coup?

        One thing I’ve learned you can not underestimate Trump, no matter the circumstances. In fact, the worse it seems it is for the guy, the better he makes out after all is done. And quietly, his avowed loudmouth enemies, all, have succumbed to their demise. Either by their own corruption, suddenly dropping off the radar, or dying.
        He is adept at feeding out rope to his enemies.
        I suspect he is beginning to gain power also. Which underneath all the distractions, he was purposefully being denied by deep state actors. He’s not gained full power quite yet but watching this guy operate, it wont be long now. I think he is about to pull the rug out by revealing a catalog of corruption and treason, thus de-legitimizing his enemies. Our enemies.
        Thats when he gains full power. Which has always depended on American’s behind him. And why the non stop get Trump 24/7 machine the media complex was turned into.

        I could be barking up a fucking tree, but something like you say Phil, is about to happen changes everything.

        Be a huge bonus to see the Never Trumpers and other traitors eat serious crow. Even better swinging from a rope. They are very destructive in certain ways worse than the dirty stinking commies. Traitors within.


  2. Paybacks a bitch. As you say with the level and scope of the crimes horrors and treason the power elites are involved with, it is a point well said of growing crystal clarity they are truly some diabolical depraved truly nasty creatures, and that they are so full of hubris they believe they are so above an accounting for what they are doing to us, that they are untouchable, is in itself testimony how fucked in the head they are.
    Sure we got our problems as the dirt people, what civilization don’t, but in no way does that make the truth of us either we are incapable of giving these motherfuckers their just desserts.
    You piss off 50 million red blooded Christian White guys armed to the teeth, and you run your shitty little ideological class war to the knife, your gonna eventually end up with a 13 knot neck tie or dead in a ditch and then burned to ashes in a big ass bonfire with your pals who caused all this stupid bullshit to begin with. Your ashes lost to history.


  3. If your considering a new buy, Apple has this Mac Mini, its simply their operating system in an 8″ x 8″ x 1.5″ form. Has all the ports and 4 USB’s, uses way less power, I have it running of the battery bank of our offgrid system, an LED 5 watt buld uses more power. Great little unit. I had a used Apple all in one, 98 vintage originally, it lasted 6 years, the flouresent bulb lights the LQS died, and it was cheaper to get the Mini and all new extras than repair it. They are $724 at worst buy. Once you run an Apple you really find out how truly an inferior product Windows operating system is. Took me years to go for it, I had so much invested in Windows with the constant fucking with it, learning how to get around their bullshit, I think I was like addicted to being scammed by the fuckers.
    Apple is so stupid simple. Plug it in, turn it on. Thats it. It took me about a year to get used to something that worked with zero problems. Been 6 years now. Never had a single problem. Thats no shit.
    The Mac Mini is nice because you can shop for a monitor, keyboard and stuff and save a shitload. Everything plugs into the apple and works. there’s no fucking with anything.
    Other day I plugged in a exterior hard drive from a 1990’s IBM lap top, about 5 minutes later I was transferring 65,000 Jpeg files. Pure plug and play. I did nothing but begin transferring.
    When I got home, I found out what hard drive the thing was running, and got one off the web for $75 bucks. I run the external hard drive using simple plug and play USB adapter cable, as a total partitioned back up. If the Mini hard drive craps out or anything else all you do is swap hard drives. At the least nothing is lost. The Apple operating system has a feature they call Time Machine. It automatically sees the external hard drive and backs shit up.
    The whole thing is so superior to microsoft garbage its another world.

    I hear all sorts of whining about Apple’s, I got nothing but the highest praise. They give you quality shit. Top shelf materials in the construction. The operating system is straight up and intuitive. Nothing to fix, fuck with, do patches etc.
    Their pro level laptops are supposed to be superb. You can buy factory refurbished off Apples website. That is how I started. Saved about 40% off new and full factory warranty on the all in one. Did the same with our cell phones, Iphone 6’s, $240 bucks, factory warranty. We never had phones that worked so well. ZERO trouble.
    Its a strange concept I know.


  4. Laptops losing a few keys of the keyboard are generally just a loose cable. Open it up, plug the cable back in, and good as new.

    This week I learned that Microsoft sent out an update which turned windows 7 and 8 into the spyware of windows 10. There was no notification or anything to click. New software was added which automatically opts you into their “Customer Enhancement Improvement Program”, which constantly reports back to all about all the programs you have and how your using them. Open the control panel and do a search for ‘Customer’. I only found this because I use pi-hole and found all the traffic back to microsoft.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Phil, even on older laptops with any Windows OS; back up all your files, which I think you already do. Then, download and install Linux Lite. Uninstall Win or the old OS.

    It’s an easy process. Linux is free. Linux will run on that older laptop like greased lightening and give you no problems. You can always zap me an email for any Linux questions. No one who moves to Linux EVER goes back to Win or Mac.


  6. Forget any laptop with WINDOWS!!!!!!
    Get a CHROMEBOOK!!!
    I did last year, a 15inch ACER CHROMEBOOK!!!
    Ditched my desktop just for this laptop.
    Easy to use, set up, blah blah blah….
    Just do it please, get a chromebook!!!!
    Oh, the ACER cost us $198 plus tax last year at Wal Mart!!!!!
    Joe, aka IowaDawg


  7. Hey Phil: I’m not a computer guy, but the wife and I have been using ubuntu for about 5 years. It is a linux based OS. Just downloaded it from the website and then zapped windows…using a 6 year old lenovo and no problems with speed or memory. We have had to do some fiddling but not too much…mostly getting printers and such to match up and if you have a linux guy like drake to call on it shouldn’t be much of a problem.


  8. I made the mistake of getting a Win 8 laptop a few years ago:

    The “good news” is that I have not been forced to upgrade the OS (although it asks every 4 hours).
    Bought my wife a Win 10 laptop last year or so and I really don’t like that OS.
    Our company “upgraded” to Win 7 last year and I was literally the last person to keep my Win XP computer.
    The Win XP OS will always be the best and greatest OS from Microsoft.

    The current Win 8 laptop I have at home is connected to a 23 inch TV and has a wireless mouse and keyboard.


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