Nice Guy’s Finish Last

I used to be a nice guy.

Key words, used to be.

I heard “you’re so sweet” so many times I could puke.

It took me a long time to realize the old saying is 100% true,

Women like the bad boys.

This bitch lays it out there for all to see. Everybody is shocked!

She is just telling the truth.

4 thoughts on “Nice Guy’s Finish Last

  1. I think that’s true. In a way.
    My way of living a good relationship since 22 years:
    Get to know her as good as possible. That way you know instinctively how she feels – even if she’s shrugging it off.
    Know what she really loves and wants.
    Make that happen on rare occasions!
    Sometimes it’s a good thing distancing yourself from her (not necessarily physically but mentally). She’ll notice that. It will make her worry and thus the value of your relationship with her rises in her mind.
    Don’t do that too much though 😉
    Most of all – be a stable partner and let her believe she’s knowing you completely.


  2. My wife thought I was too nice for a while, until I was asked to rescue her friend from an abusive boyfriend. It was a quick in and out job, but it came off without a hitch…. thankfully. She looked at me differently after that.

    But there are times when a bit of distance will strip away the misconceptions and help her focus on what is important. True Notwende… helps me at times, too.

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  3. Well Phil. I can say I have lived with your format change and now your name change for a week now and my response is I still don’t like change….quite fucking with it! I know it is your blog and your rules and my opinion is a lot like shit in the hand, ya wanna dump it as fast as ya can and about as worth as much as a two dollar dead whore. All I ask is give us obsessive – compulsive assholes a ninety day warning before a major or even a minor change so we can mull it over and sneak up to accept a change.


  4. Yeah. The Bitchez need to be controlled, its part of the nature of men & woman.
    I have a wonderful wife and marriage. I know my old lady is got a wild side a mile wide. Nobody could contain. I seen it from the first in her. But it had a very good aspect to it too. She needed a guy who was not intimidated by it and her sensuality, was emotionally strong enough to not be threatened by her tests of Shitlord-ism, and as soon as she saw what she was looking for she became the most devoted and loyal mate I could ever hope to have.
    Took me till I was 42 to figure this caveman romance/courting thing out. I never married till that point. Too many bitchez are just crazed in the fucking head because they went to seed running wild for too long. There’s no hope for them. Too angry at the world. Got a chip on the shoulder big as a mountain, because somewhere deep down in their lizard brain they see most men as failing to rein them in and make a woman out of them.
    I’m dead nuts serious. My wife was a fucking handful. I never once nor since backed down. I am the man, she is the woman, you keep the fucking faith of that absolutely. It is a hard concept to grok. You got to have balls that clink and you never let your inner fears of trust and unconditional love/companionship control you. Use the wisdom of that though by all means.
    I think most woman who ain’t crazy bitch insane, they desire to be submissive in a devoted and co-operative relationship. They admire their man who is indomitable in that, who can not be jerked around.
    The rest of the wenches, well they may look smoking hot and the broad of your dreams, its the ones who got that inner fire for a strong guy who are the keepers, worth fighting for and those broads are the great lovers and wives.
    I think the cause of why so many people get divorced now is they don’t understand what keeping that faith is about. And most of the root of that lies on us Men’s shoulders, and knowing the woman who are worth it by knowing how to see that quality in them. Looks you got to throw away if your in it for forever. The looks part is a bonus prize. Its proper to let the liittle head influence you, but its the big head that keeps the little one from getting both in trouble. And that right there is the telltale your a Shitlord that the good woman sense. And the crazy bitches too, because its sport to deceive and play with such psyche, I think its a form of female madness. You got to be on your guard for that because some of them are pure cunning bitch and thrive in it. Like hunters, they take trophies and bragging rights.


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