Getting On The Merry Go Round With Banggood

I  ordered some stuff from them back in mid January and only got one of three pieces. It says they shipped but they never got here.

It’s not a big deal, a little over twenty bucks for a test indicator and a magnetic holder.

I finally decided to try and get a hold of them as a courtesy, I have no illusions that anything is going to come of it. Aaaaan just as I expected, there were only 48 people waiting on line to chat with a representative. So I futsed around and waited, watched a couple of Youtubes etc.

As expected, they were polite and wanted me to contact the Post Office. If the Post office had them, I would have gotten a notice. So I pretty much wrote that shit off.

I’m not even sure if I want to bother with Paypal over it. I have pissed away twenty bucks in less time than it takes to write this sentence many times and ain’t too worried bout it.

While I had the poor sap captive on line, I inquired about what it would take to have them send me something to review here on the blog.

They will get back to me.


They will take one look at the name of this blog and not bother to go any farther.

Can’t say as I would blame them, I’m not so sure I would want to be associated with me either.


Heh, I did some searching and found out I can actually change the name of this blog.

So I did.

Welcome to the new joint,

Bustednuckles @

Just rolls off the tongue don’t it?


2 thoughts on “Getting On The Merry Go Round With Banggood

  1. Sorry to hear you got ripped off….think o it as a public service…. Had considered trying Banggood but had been hesitant. Now I know to forget them.


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