You Guy’s Are The Best!

I think it’s high time to stop this little Merry Go Round for a minute and say Thank You to everyone who stops by, leaves a comment, actually keeps coming back here and especially to those of you who go way the hell out of their way to send me things at their own expense .

I am humbled beyond words at your kindness and generosity.

This place has over 2 1/2 million page views in a relatively short few years. That boggles my mind in and of its self. Hell, even my Old Man would have been impressed at that.

The fact that you all keep coming here to see whatever has crossed my devious little mind?

You couldn’t put a price on that for love nor money.


Thank You.

25 thoughts on “You Guy’s Are The Best!

  1. Yup, a regular stop most evenings. I mean where else can you get note of wee pissed off feral hogs and tilting band saws in proximity? Then there are the car adventures and machinations below the Mrs. radar. Good stuff!


  2. You’re welcome, but don’t get a swelled head about it. 😉 chuckling

    Off topic, the Priest is going to be in Portland on June 22nd, if you didn’t know already.


  3. Thank you Phil for sharing the insanity, the music, the photos and all the rest with us. It’s been an enjoyable stop. You also have a kick-ass blog list on the side line.

    More success and a big Hell Yeah . . .


  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and “adventures.” It helps me think that people like us may still be the normal ones after all.


  5. Phil,

    You need to get an editor to capture the “Oh fuck, I fucking fucked up again” posts and sell it as “Shop Lessons by Salty Ol’ Bastard”.

    Just sayin’. You’ve kept me from effin’ the shit out of a few things…

    Many Thanks.


  6. Hey Phil,
    I stopped by to check up on you. Hope they aren’t treating you guys too badly since I left. Have they found anyone new yet? By the way thanks for this blog it’s not surprising you have had so many readers over the years, I enjoy reading about your latest trials and tribulations.



    • Walt!
      I have been wondering about you my man, didn’t want to bother you during your transition.
      I hope everything is way better for you and that it is going to work out well.

      Hell no they haven’t gotten anyone, as a matter of fact they actually got rid of some people!
      Just not directly in maintenance but related.
      I don’t have to tell you why they can’t get anybody, you know as well as I do.
      I finally got to use that little welder. If I unplug the washing machine I can use that outlet. Just as a small bonus it irritates the shit out of the wife so it’s double plus good.
      I’m gonna have to call you dude, I don’t want you to disappear.
      Yer a good man.
      Take care of yourself.


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