That Was A Dollar Well Spent

Jesus, no wonder I couldn’t see a fucking thing.

They were so scratched up everything I looked at had a halo around it.

I found another pair out in the garage while I was digging through some shit and after taking that picture, threw those nasty fuckers away.

One of these days I need to go down and get some real glasses. Until then, The Dollar Store is my friend.

20 thoughts on “That Was A Dollar Well Spent

  1. I buy dollar store readers 5 or 6 at a time, when I lose them, or sit on them or scratch them up good I pull out another pair. When I’m down to my last pair I tell myself I should have bought 10.
    I used to buy the 3 pack at walmart for $8, they didn’t scratch as fast but they did no better when I sat on them.

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  2. That is the problem with plastic lenses even if you get the no scratch lens they do. I have to wear glasses all the time and for computer work. I always order glass and cost more and they sure push plastic at the eye docs but I get tired of having to look through fog and scratches.


    • What does a pair from the eye doc cost you?
      I guess that’s not really important unless the standard 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0 etc works for you.


      • I am so near sighted I can’t find my willy even with two hands and a flashlight … so like I said, I wear glasses all the time and I have three scrips of them, normal everyday with bi focal, true reading glasses if I read a lot and a pair to see the damn ‘puter screen comfortably.


  3. I know this story all too well ! … I’m down to one normal pair ,,, Which keeps poppin’ out one lens …And then I have to use my tinted blue pair of reading sunglasses to find where the damn thing ended up on the floor without steppin’ on it !!! … Which in itself is tricky ! … Good for readin’ the newspaper on the bus or outside … But feels like you’ve had a stroke lookin’ around indoors … …


  4. After you get your new coke bottle bottoms lined out, check out the video of John Kaisch on CNN. I literally cleaned my glasses so not to miss anything before watching it again to make sure i saw what I seen.

    Aside from the approved narrative everything is Trumps fault script, and calling Trump the commander in chaos, and his administration is in total chaos, and the pablum of I’m all about and for the dirt people bullshit, he has a Freudian slip, (aside from he is a total republican in name only globullist elite fraud and just told on himself), you can not parse this as anything remotely like a simple mistake, he say’s live “when they put McCain to death”. Oooops! “They”, put McCain to death. Perfect context. Yeah, that isn’t poor phrasing or mistaken sentence context. Which gives certain credence that Q wasn’t shitting about secret military tribunals for traitors.

    Dollars to donuts, I’ll bet these assholes are very worried. Shit ain’t going their way. This interview is a piece of pure propaganda, they are running damage control as too many of us are seeing them for the illegitimate cons and crooks they truly are. Its got them rattled.
    You can see both clowns mentally hesitate for a second. Kaisch went off the totally scripted talking points when his brain got to thinking about how bad the truth is about himself and his power elite asshole pals. Pure gold.
    Watch the “interviewer” walk Kaisch back on script, takes him a few moments to get back on script too.
    Linked to the “interview” UTube video from this post:

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    • I posted the clip of him saying that shortly after it came out.
      Here’s a fun fact for ya,
      Q predicted No Names time of death down to the minute.
      A month before it happened.

      Trump was bragging on Twitter just the other day that he finally got the court system cleaned up. He has 145 new judges that have been recently installed.

      Oh it’s happening folks.

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      • No Shit! Didnt know about all that. Wow.
        Now you mention it, there was something just not right about that whole thing with he who WNBM and his demise. Talk about a head shit stirring nasty weasel traitor. Like he was a real life Manchurian Candidate. He became obviously more and progressively treasonous, right up to the end. I wondered if it was payback for his ilk for putting the Andrew Breitbart hit on Justice Scalia. Have no doubts they murder everyone who becomes a certain kind of threat. Like Tom Clancy, Seth Rich, LeVoy Finnicum, that Haitian Lawyer who had the goods on the Clintons and the 3 billion they stole out of the earthquake relief money. All those folks, hundreds, maybe thousands.
        Maybe he who will not be mentioned was intended as sending a message they would understand?
        With so much going down its easy to miss key things.
        I noticed the usual mouth pieces and actors have really toned down their rethoric and sack talk all of a sudden. Something happened to shut Schumer and Nancy Palsi up. Even the use of donkey chompers as an attempt to steal back the news cycle from Trump has toned down.

        At some point, its inevitable, something breaks here. Something big. Just the laws of unintended consequences dictate it.

        Got this funny suspision the NZ false flag massacre was run in New Zealand in order to mitigate Trump’s tendency to somehow cause people involved in such bullshit to end up in dire straights. Or worse.
        I think the guy and his crew are getting to them and they are not having free run on American soil anymore.
        Notice how the false flags dropped off in frequency and “coincidental” timing when Trump was sworn in?
        Lot of stuff we don’t know going on. In good ways.

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        • NZ was was also a diversion among the many horrors it provided.
          The goods on Epstein being released were making the news and (((THEY))) needed to get that off the front page.
          There is a whole lotta shit going on behind the scenes and there was a meme the other day that I should have saved that summed it up nicely.
          “If you rely on the MSM for your news, you get yesterdays news tomorrow. If you rely on The Q reasearch board for your news, you get tomorrow’s news a day and a half ago”.
          Pretty much sums it up nicely.
          Q has posted shit that took a year to hit the MSM before.

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          • Man, I had to give what you said a good think.
            The old look its a squirrel, shiny object routine. Its getting so old its boring. Like you said, every time, a diversion for something, while filling the role of doing something normally impossible.
            It sure hits me its desperation no matter its effectiveness. I think if things where going smoothly for the pricks they wouldn’t need to run false flag Op’s like this. Its because things are not going to timeline or agenda they commit such atrocities. To nudge and prod. They are talking big risks. If we know whats up, their enemies in Trumps camp within his trusted working groups know a lot more than we do. They got to know all who the usual suspects are I’d think. So something’s up.
            And they always incorporate a few more ulterior desired effects into these operations. Notice the NZ authorities have threatened 15 years jail time if you have a copy of the shooters video in your possesion? And they are threatening American citizens on America soil with the same. Looks like they are attempting to go full retard on censorship. See how much they can get away with. So right there it sure looks like something even more critical is going on gives them motives to ramp up controlling what everyone see’s.
            Got to admit they are good at it. Except they run the same scripted act over and over. Only the “sets” change.
            And its very obvious once you wrap your head around its all false and manufactured. That you absolutely can not take any of it as innocent or anything else but created crisis as a means.
            Once you do that it is apparent how contrived, regardless of how bloody, it all is.
            This shit does not happen in real life. They only make it appear so so most don’t suspect or have the right info to determine whats fake or not fake.

            Like you said the other day too, they are targeting Q and the 8 Chans.
            Right there it don’t take rocket science to figure that is a serious threat to the clowns.

            Really, whats an obscure, one isolated thread, made up of a community of anonymous people who half of everyone cares less about, and another quarter are doubtful and cynics. It comes under the CIA’s classification they term conspiracy theorists.

            By inference I see they 8 Channel’s have to be a serious threat. Look at what was attempted to de-legitimize The Tea Party, The 2010 Election, 2016 & MAGA, Kek, Alt-Right, the whole rigged artificial set-up in Charlottesville. There was no Alt-Right or dissident right there except for a few poor slobs that walked into that trap. The whole thing was a false flag captured event. I got on my bike and drove over, it isnt a far ride from me. I sat on the steps by the little mall they set up for the event. Something didnt smell right when they advertised for it. I tried to get in touch with individuals and everything looked like a cutout. And no names who have always been involved with the liberty movement are involved or know anything. Plus, a couple characters, who are rather a bit to ready to get people to take violent action, who are a bit sketchy but claim “Special Forces” and other crap experience who where constant commenters on various threads are talking Charlottesville up. (Who are that day, all, without exception, drop off the comment threads. Interesting. One was supposed to be from WV here. Talked a big story about the Appalachian Redoubt, even gave himself the title of Colonial and other shit, He disappears too after C-Ville). I been watching and commenting since 2006, the over view seems to me their are a great deal of agent provocateurs on the threads and a few have posed as patriots on blogs even. They all got certain tells. There’;s a couple right now got a whole clique of suckers convinced they are great guru’s of 4th G war and other armed insurgency. They are watching all of us. they change up, change or run multiple avatars) The flyers and “brochures” from C-Ville all looked a bit too Madison Ave, too mainstream pro for a liberty grass roots thing.
            So anyways I’m sitting there watching, and I can se a lot of people who look kind of out of place, not regular joe’s, or spectators, they weren’t part of the organizer’s, they looked and the way they where acting, like behind the scenes people, in tactical civillian clothes, trying to act discreet. I’m not seeing any grass roots shit at all. These actors keep coming and going shit, they had phones and shit, but it was obvious after watching a spell it wasn’t social networking, they where communicating shit back and forth, there’s a couple of suits looks like overseers. Then I’m thinking this is shit, its a set up, and I’m about got to pull out my helmet and jacket out of my pack, and these extras begin to disperse, and then i begin seeing heads looking over things from parapet roofs. They where all getting into position. Time to leave stupid. My back was crawling walking the 2 miles to where I parked up. It was all I could do to try to look natural. Talk about that creepy crawly shit up your spine. I was a few hundred yards away looking at this. Never got closer. All I could think was they are going to pull me over on my bike.
            I road raced for 24 years. And my bike is my last road racer, set up for the street. Theres fucking awesome roads all over that part of Va., and into WV. Dude, I high tailed that shit like I was running a championship race at Daytona. I’m running “DOT” road race tires, basically slick with a couple grooves. Its a bike I built, the chassis and exhaust I fabricated, got my best race engine, a hybrid air cooled Ducati 750SS engine that won a shitload of races with. I made the heads into straight down draft ports intakes, I stuffed the longest rods I could into the engine, de-stroked it then over bored, made awesome midrange power, knocked the compression back for the street so I could use pump gas.
            I think it was the best street riding I ever did. I felt totally freaked, like something was following me the whole time. Never got those creepy feelings before. Then after getting back, all that shit that went down.
            It was a total staged event. I’ll bet the only Alt-Right and Liberty movement people where secondary who showed up without a clue. I think the “adversaries” they showed on the media where all method actors. The whole thing was a scripted act. Except for the few who got suckered in.

            We where all supposed to have been set straight on that conspiracy shit. Remember the slick documentaries on TV? How they would always have these wingnuts and eccentric characters talk about the Illuminati and shit? Then they would real subtle like destroy their claims and credibility. Like how they do it with those “preppers” shows.
            The media went to great pains to correct our thinking during the 80’s and 90’s with all those “documentaries” on the History Channel, National Communist Broadcasting and National Communist Radio.

            You look back as you become enlightened how they run these Op’s you see shit and your like DUH! How could I miss that?

            I’m serious. I appreciate your take on Q and the 8Chans. From the start everything historical and in certain context Kek struck me as deeply prophetic. The 8 Chan’s didn’t make those connections about Kek and all because they picked up on esoteric tidbits. They are some really brilliant people who make those leaps of logic and critical thinking that High IQ practical thinking minds do. Right there, that makes Q legitimate. If there was any doubt they would have ripped Q for arsewipe.

            Lot of big shit is reaching a crossroads. One of these clowns of the power elites is going to go out of control, rouge, pull a real doozy. Some of them aren’t wrapped too tight to begin with. Especially the Pizzagate child sex slave/sacrifice scum bags. Eptstien looks like a total psychopath lately. Bill Clinton too. Their public face has changed drastically. I’m betting they know the jigs up. I think Trump and his guys went after that shit from minute one.
            I always said from the start, when that method actor showed up at Comet Pizza, and the “coincidences” with Tony Penetta and how Andrew Breitbart waited with the video camera, confronted him in the hotel lobby publicly, told him he had all of them on their human sex trafficking ring, all that shit, I said Pizzagate will be what brings them down. The whole lot of the scumbags. remember Epstien’s entire island, everything was torn down, removed, everything, nothing left but bare dirt, and they burned the entire island end for end last year?
            These clowns don’t loose wealth. imagine what a private island with a runway long enough to land a 707 costs? And one with a palace and all the serfs they need to caretake? Talking billions all told. And they scrubbed it clean. Bet that costs some change. And just who was hired to be able to handle something like that? Heavy lift aircraft that can fly without a flight plan to anywhere. Can you spell John Brennen CIA?

            Their mind blowing hedonism is their vulnerability. Once one goes stool pigeon to save his ass, it will be a stampede of Patrick Henry”s Rats killing each other to cut a deal. And do you know where the upper echelon’s of the power elite all got nice comfy bugout spots lately?
            New Zealand.
            They set up a continuity of power elite network central, because there are non extradition treaty States I heard the worst of them have paid hundreds of millions to set up in. if you ask me. But I’m saying in NZ, they just went hot. And if that is near right, shits far worse for them then we know yet.

            So like you said Phil, something about to happen, something real serious. Wish I had the skinny on that. Always best to have some heads up.

            In any case, sure is looking a might more dynamic lately. They ain’t pulling all this new and improved gun grab shit for nothing.

            I just want you to know I appreciate what you post and write about.

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            • You’re a pretty savvy guy.
              I’ve noticed a few of these agent provocatuer’s and took a vacation just to meet one face to face just so I could figure out for myself if what my gut was telling me was true.
              I’m sure you have heard of him, I won’t bother to drop any names but there was a huge internet fued a couple of years ago you might recall.
              Yeah, that guy.
              The clowns are the SEE AYE AYE and they have been rogue for a while now. Trump and Q have been battling them from day one.
              Everybody is focused on the Eff BEE Eye when it’s the other outfit that you really have to watch out for.

              That bike you built sounds like a bad ass motherfucker dude.
              I’d like to see some pictures of that thing, I’m trying to visualize the porting on the head you talked about and am coming up blank. Straight down?

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              • You remember on a Sunday morning think it was march or april 2017, when an entire Marine Combat Company and a General flew in circles at tree top level around a certain building in Virginia, at 9am on a Sunday morning, they had door gunners with belt feds and weapons pods, and troops in full combat load out hanging out the doors and on the ramps?

                Yeah, I’ll post you some pics of those heads. I took a set of standard aircooled heads, bored out all the valve guide and valve seat areas on the intake side, machined an insert to fit into the hole, that was mached to accept a spigot mount for those awesome Kiehin drown draft flat slide carbs. Then welded it in. A had to make a tig torch that could fit down the hole in the insert so I could weld where the insert joined the parrent metal of the head, so when it was macjined and ported I had 100% fusion. Also sent a sample of the head castings for assay so I could order the correct filler rod, so when the heads where precipitation hardened everything would be of the same more or less heat treat.
                They heat the heads up for 18 hours at just below molten, then whip them out and drop them in cold brine. Hard shit for aluminum. Those Italian’s are master foundry men. They used 355A casting alloy. Raytheon developed it for the bus’s on Mirv’s for nuclear re-entry cones and the frames which hold the ,millimeter wave radar guidance packs on the warheads. It is very high heat resistant. Keeps it’s full tensile strength to 420 deg F. The heads ring if you give them a tap when you get them back from heat treat they are so hard.
                That makes a huge difference for raising the ports. The stock valve guide boss area gets real thin when the port is moved up. I added extra filler around the top of the guide, but things get real tight when you move shit around like that. Oh yeah, I changed the combustion chamber, improved the amount of quench, and by building up the valev seat pockets was able to project the valve heads into the chamber, really helped un-shroud the valves at low lift, which is where all your power is on a two valve head.
                It also enabled a flatter piston and still keep the compression up at 12-13 to 1, which improved flame front propagation and knock the timing back some too.
                It is really improving combustion effeciency. These heads on a bone stocl factory engine, chenging nothing else boost HP by 25%, and create a tourge curve that is flat from 3500 to 10,000rpm red line.
                With everything I developed for my engines, tapered header exhaust, true tuned exact to .060 thousandths equal lengths primaries, a blended venturi collector and tuned secondary pie, a rather mild cam, those awsome flat slides, and the long rod, I doubled the horse power from stock factory.
                The long rods are everything and more Ol’ Smokey Unick claimed. I did everything he said he found worked best on 2 valve heads in his books. On long straights like Daytona, Poconos, Blackhawk farms Ithose long rods really shine. I would leave everyone for dust. Like a whole lap by the last Lap.
                I also made my own chassis, first in Chrome Moly tube, but later in Titanium. The entire chassis with seat subframe ready to bolt all the parts on: 14.5 lbs. The swing arm is 7.8 lbs. Just swapping out the factory steel tube frame drop just under 100lbs. This is huge HP to Weight ratio improvement. Then with the down draft head engine, which I built for reliability, not max power, i was racing a wet weight start line weight of 276 lbs. With 94-96 hp.
                I did a lot of shit like drill out bolts, use aluminum plate for a rear brake disc, aluminum and Ti bolts, run a total loss ignition powered by 14 volt Milwaukee cordless tool batteries, no flywheel, drill everrything that isnt a stressed member part. Carbon fiber fuel tank. Anything to drop wieght.
                Its funny, in racing, everything’s about how much horse power you have. Its the macho thing. I was a privateer, and “too old” to get picked up by a sponsor. Its real expensive to race. You get up to that level you go thru a set of $650 slicks in one race because your running them to the max heat build up. They are junk once they cool, the oil bleeds out the compound. The good race fuel is 6-10 bucks a gallon, chain, brake pads, everything, rebuilds to keep your engine from timing out between your legs on a last lap, etc.
                So I got to thinking, I can’t afford ten grand custom built engines and everything else. So I used plain old fashioned laws of physics to dictate the performance I needed, instead of throwing huge bucks into hand grenades, which those big dollar motors are. Its not will, but when they will blow up.
                1st rule of racing, you have to make cross the finish line to win. All the HP and bragging rights dont matter. Sounds stupid to say that right? U be surprized how many guys you watch racing who never figure it out. I one championships by always finishing, and always in the top 5 places. Few times I never won a race. But I built up points. And you get your competitors, and they fall out with a couple DNF’s, and its mathematically impossible to get those 20-30 pints back unless their competitor DNF’s.
                The even funnier part was I was literally the only guy in the northeast AMA Championship Cup Series who was building chassis, exhausts and suspension, and cylinder heads. On an engine heads are where all your power comes from. On top of that, I raced what I made. You can imagine the contempt for violating accepted conventions. I won against the same guys for years, and they disrespected my work and skills. Go figure. How hard is it to change your thinking when your getting beat every single race, and the proof of how to race better is looking you right in the fucking eye? But instead you go and spend 15 grand on an engine, thats even more of a grenade, thinking that will make you win. And you don’t get any warranties on race parts. IAll I had to do was race harder, I had a built in margin because of the extreme improvement in less mass. I could stay on the gas when everyone was on the brakes, brake in less than half the space, on the fuel sooner, and could roll the throttle on in corners where everyone else had to use engine braking. Because I used physics, and simple common sense instead of throwing high dollars at everything.
                It was a great life experience learning thing. And racing is more fun than you can get with your pants off.
                I crashed bad at Daytona, got myself a closed head injury where if I got another concussion you die type shit.
                Send you some pics shortly. I think you will get a kick out of the heads. I got an extra set off a motor, go out the shop and snap a few shots for you.

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                • Holy Freakin’ Moly dude.You aren’t just savvy, you are a mechanical genius!!!
                  Just reading that shows me that you know more about engines than guys I have known with college degrees in Automotive technology.
                  Hell, I have been wrenching on shit for forty years, actually do have an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology and you make me look like a kid working on tricycles!
                  Speaking of ‘Ol Smokey, God rest his soul, that man was way ahead of his time, can you imagine what he could have done with the materials and technology we have now?
                  The mind boggles.

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                  • Had to think how to respond to that Phil, I would like to say its more good Ol’ American get it done than anything. You know, never say fucking die. And if you want something good, make it yourself. Your all about that in spades. You never say die. There’s always a way. American ingenuity. What built our great country.

                    Sorry to take so long. I got a new Apple, had to hook up the old hard drive and gather the photos up to post for you.

                    Put up a password protected post. The password is BFYTW

                    Here’s a pic of the first set of Down Draft heads I built, Straight on where you can see the valve:


                  • You got that right about Smokey. He certainly was an inspiration to me. Must have read his books 20 times over. It was like how can a guy figure this shit out, like Einstein, how came up with his M=MC2? Thats genius to me. Rare individuals indeed.


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