Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This used to be my favorite holiday of the year.
I would literally be drunk before ten in the morning.
I’m sure you have all seen pictures with the caption, “I have been that fucked up before”, Bet me I can top just about anyone of them.


Of course I was drunk pretty much 24/7 anyway but that’s beside the point.

But the Good Lord had mercy on the world and finally said that’s enough boy so I gave it up cold turkey.
I have been sober almost seven years now.
It’s fucking miserable but it beats the alternative.

Have fun, stay safe and watch out for the rookies.

22 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. I have seen you post about sobriety before. Any tips on what You did? I`m wanting to get clean, and nothing seems to wor. All the best, and Props, Sir

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    • Scott, I have a friend who’s in end stage chirrosis, diagnosed last fall. He’s 60. Been drinking since he was a teen, heavy starting in his twenties. Up until about a year ago he was 6’2′ and 230lbs. When I last saw him in November, his weight had dropped to 160 and his eyes and skin were yellow (jaundice from lack of liver function) and he was having trouble just walking around in his house. I know(knew because they’re dead) a couple of other guys who also died young from the same thing. One was in his 40’s the other 50’s.

      PLEASE, Don’t Be Those Guys. GET HELP.

      I’m NOT a recovering alcoholic or an alcoholic, so I don’t know that struggle personally. I’ve been through some shit in my life and know how bad patches can really **** a person up.

      I’ll make you the same offer Phil made. If you want to get in touch, reply here and I’ll email Phil my email address. Then we can talk on the phone or whatever suits.

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    • AA does work… I had to want to stop drinking. I Had to want it! The meetings helped more than I can say. It’s been a lot of years, a lot of days… all of them one day at a time. I still look at a beer every now & then and say “not today”.

      Go to a meeting & tell them what you said here… keep going back. At the worst you’re where you are right now, at the best you’ll put that drink (or whatever) off until tomorrow. Not today.


  2. You pretty much have to have a conversation with yourself and make a decision of what is more important to you.I have been in treatment a couple of times, one was court ordered, one I checked myself in house.
    Tried AA, tried cold turkey, I pretty much hated myself and had no fucks to give. Lost two house, fifty vehicles, a marriage, a long term relationship and almost everything I owned multiple times.
    Embarrassed my family countless times and was pretty much the town drunk and a running joke of a human being.
    I finally found a good woman who would put up with my shit and almost lost her too. That’s when I sat myself down after a particularly vicious out of control 3 day running straight whiskey drunk and asked myself if the booze was more important tan losing her and what that would mean. I also asked God to help me out, again. What that would have meant was sentencing myself to a slow death by drinking.
    My mother basically drank herself to death at 39 so I have seen what that entails first hand and it ain’t pretty.
    Basically what I am saying is that no one can help you stop.
    You have to dig deep inside yourself and make your decisions.
    Trust me when I say there are times I would have no problem ripping someone’s throat out to get to have a nice shot of Irish Whiskey. Sometimes on a nice hot day I would strangle someone for a nice cold beer.
    They say it’s one day at a time. After seven years I have to agree with that. The urges pass and life goes on man. Find something to do with your hands to keep you busy, ask God to help you out and have that conversation with yourself.
    I’m not normally one to preach religion to anyone. I have no idea what your beliefs are. All I know is that even top scientists have conceded that a superior intelligence must have created the universe at some point.
    Dig deep inside and remember how shitty you feel in the morning when you are hungover and then ask yourself if it’s worth dying for to feel that way.

    Best of luck to you and you can always reach out to me at anytime for support.
    Bustednuckles AT Gmail Dot Com brother.


        • Oh you BASTARD!
          Right through the heart!
          You are of course, absolutely correct.
          I’m putting shit away from my little project to make room and digging through a bunch of crap looking for some British parts for a buddy.
          Unfortunately for me he is only looking for certain items and told me in no uncertain terms not to be trying to unload a bunch of shit on him.
          I have a lot of shit man.
          It’s time to start unloading some of it.
          Opening up and digging through boxes and containers full of shit I will never use and have been lugging around for twenty odd years.
          I need to find someone just like me with too much money and space.


  3. I saw my liquor store girlfriend the other day at the local
    Shit & Git and she asked how I’ve been. She said she’s been worried ‘cause she hasn’t seen me in a while…. I had to tell her it was over, we had to break up. Regardless of how much I loved her,
    she was gonna see me dead if I kept coming in to see her…
    It’s been 7 months and I feel so much better and healthy.
    Every day it gets easier, so much I’m starting to look forward to tomorrow again …
    Take these guys up on their offer Scott, it helps to have friends who understand what you’re going through….

    Happy Saint Paddy’s day to all my ginger brothers and sisters,
    and to all the ones who’ve become my adopted family.
    Today, I raise an Irish coffee….. sans alcohol.

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  4. Phil, you rock! Can’t imagine what you went through…
    Now could you get Harbor Freight to stop sending me emails after I bought my husband presents you recommended.

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  5. I was in my mid twenties when I almost became an alcoholic. I hated everything in my life then – including myself. I started smuggling small Baccardi-bottles out from my working place.
    One morning when I got up I was walking straight to the fridge and poured me a glass full of that stuff. I sat the glass back on the table without even a sip and thought to myself:
    “Really? Is that it? Are you gone that far drinking that shit in the morning hours?”
    I knew it had to stop and I also knew I couldn’t change it if I remained in the same setting I was in. So I packed a small duffel bag and took three big bottles of Baccardi down to my old Lada, put everything in the trunk and drove straight to Strasbourg, France where I joined the Foreign Legion.
    Thus, my quitting drinking was guaranteed.
    I can have a drink anytime today if I want to since I fortunately pulled the emergency brake before it was too late.

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    • Yeah well, I’m a hypocrite in that sense. I can’t take my own advice and finally quit those fuckers. I’ve tried and picked them back up several times. Maybe one of these days I’ll try again. The last time was a real motherfucker though.


  6. 10 years 3 months 10 days.

    you get there by making the decision each day, each time

    I realized I was committing suicide in slow motion. I was unhappy with my life and situation. My first child changed that. A change of job and an understanding wife changed the rest.

    Physically/mechanically, I gave up liquor first. I used the excuse of an upcoming surgery. Went a year or so without, then quit wine and beer cold turkey one January 8th. First it was “hey I went a couple days, don’t want to wreck the streak” then it was a couple weeks with the same thought, then months, then years, with each succeeding milestone adding weight to the accomplishment. It’s worked for me so far.

    I’ll admit I was also a bit scared by the signs of developing neuropathy and the pain and discomfort from that was only going to get worse. Then the money saved really starts to add up. $10 -$20 every day (or more in the bar) is a LOT when you later get to spend that money on something else, like a hobby, a car payment, or a home.

    Ultimately it comes down to wanting to do it. NOT “It would be nice to stop” or “I want to stop but….” You have to really want to stop. Find a reason. Taper off (to get used to the idea and start breaking habits) or get medical help. Change the things that contributed to the problem, whether they be people, places, or circumstances. Recognize that a whole lot of things in your life will change as a result. (No more closing out the bar for one, or hanging out with drunks while they’re drinking for another.) You might need new people to be around, and new things to fill your time. Find something harmless to help with the habit if you need it- I drink one can of soda in the evening while relaxing. Explore the world of specialty sodas. The hardest thing for me, and something that is still an occasional issue, was replacing alcoholic drinks before and during meals.

    Use the excuse of ‘designated driver’ if you need an excuse. Or an early start tomorrow, or whatever it takes. I’ll advise against actual lies. Lies are bad and corrode your life and relationships, which doesn’t help.

    Eventually, you’ll feel enough better that you don’t really want to feel bad like that again. that helps to.

    Good luck to you, it’s worth it.



    • Thanks nick, and Phil, and several others.. I have always been a drinker. Usually full strength beer with shots of bourbon. My Wife was fine w that. Then, She had openheart surgery. Not purdy. I spent 2 months with her in the hospital. My work paid me. There IS a God.. After 2 months,I finally got to bring her home. For the 1`st 2 weeks, She could not wipe her own ass.. I cut back. Finally got back to work. Long story short, she`s healing fine, and laying on Her Ass, Bathing in this victim bullshit.House not clean,etc. Dr told Her she would feel ” better than ever” after valve replacement, She did. I was still working. She was not. Just bad. Girl got a new heart valve, and went millineal

      I continued on My “beer and shots
      till I realized that beer was waking me up to pee..
      Aint had a beer in Prolly yrs. Straight Bourbon. still get up at least once


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