NZ Shooter Posted His Intentions To Q Research Board On 8 Chan Right Before He Started Shooting People

This was a False Flag set up from the Get Go.

An attempt to inextricably link this asshole with the Qanon movement.

Here is the post.

NZ Shooter

As bad as this premeditated mass killing was, Q has said ,recently, that there is a major False Flag large casualty event coming sometime in the future that the media will be talking about “For Days”.

And this wasn’t it…

Keep your eyes open, your head on a swivel and as “Ol Remus has reminded us time and again,

STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS, if at all possible.


Speaking of crowds, I know, my bad, the following may or may not have anything to do with anything but something really strange happened when we went to that concert the other night in Seattle.

Strange enough that even my wife noticed it and said something after I pointed it out.

Without fail every time we go to a concert, they make you open up any bags, empty your pockets out and sometimes even take your belt off. Then you either walk through a metal detector and/or get a hand held model waved around you.

Not so at this concert.

They even sent a notice that no bags were going to be allowed except ladies hand bags/purses and that they were going to make you open up your coat.

They checked my wife’s purse and that was it.

No metal detectors, no emptying of pockets, no opening of the coats, nothing.

Two cops on duty inside the doors in a very large foyer and that was the extent of security other than the ticket checkers who didn’t check much of anything except the purse.

Let me tell you, I was strung pretty tight all night long after we noticed that.

It would have been a perfect setting for a mass casualty event, anyone could have walked right through the front door packing heat.

Unusual doesn’t begin to cover it.

Keep your eyes open, something big and ugly is coming. The Deep State is getting it’s ass beat and it is neither used to it nor liking it one bit.

10 thoughts on “NZ Shooter Posted His Intentions To Q Research Board On 8 Chan Right Before He Started Shooting People

  1. Things are getting very desperate for the Libtards and the Deep State and they know it.
    Thank God for Trump, can you even Imagine if the Douche had won where we would be.


  2. I’m with you Phil on all that.
    Desperate people do desperate things.
    Desperate tyrants do the unspeakable.
    The power elite who has enjoyed unlimited power and wealth for as long as they have is pretty safe to contend have such utter disregard and contempt for us dirt people that there are no limits on the evil they will perpetrate in the cause of retaining their power over us and unrestricted access to stealing the last hard earned buck from us.

    They have a really nasty surprise coming to them.


    • The gun grab is coming. Notice that a Federal Red Flag Law is on the docket for debate in the Senate Judiciary committee with rights violations of the Second, Fourth, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments, all in the name of protecting us from “radicalized” citizens who happen to own guns.

      This is how TPTB will implement confiscation.

      A declaration will be made that a gun owner is radicalized in a SECRET hearing much like the FISA court hearings, supported by affidavit from the police or a family member or acquaintance of the accused, unattended by and with no defense presented by or for the accused, and a confiscation order will be issued to the Police, Federal, state or local. Of course, the order will be implemented at zero dark thirty so that all of the officers can return home safely after they kill the gun owner for resisting.

      Think this scenario is pretty for fetched? They’ve already done is it NJ.

      BTW, everyone that visits sites like this one and Breitbart is already on the list.

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      • What matters most is what we all who will not comply with and more is, come and take them.

        As the quip goes “If your reading this you are the resistance”

        In many ways it will be cathartic. It is time for us Men of The West to put an end to this fucking clown show.


      • Think this scenario is pretty for fetched? They’ve already done is it NJ.

        They’ve already done it in Florida, where the Broward county government that screwed up everything to prevent the Parkland school shooting, something like 45 separate times, started raiding some homes.

        The thing is, once the word gets around that the zero dark thirty raids are going on, then it’s really on.


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