Daddy’s Little Girl Has Grown Up


Ya better keep an eye out for my youngest daughter.

I think she picked up some of my temperament.

She just sent me this picture and picked one up for me.


I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she didn’t pick one up for herself too.

I’m so proud of her I can’t put it into words.

That’s my girl honey.


7 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl Has Grown Up

  1. Oh Lord, a female version of Phil.. and if one iota of toolness rubbed off on her she knows what the business end of a screwdriver is, the males of this world is fucked.


  2. Holy shit!!
    The last time I was in Vegas, there was a crumdugeoningly looking homeless dude busking down on Fremont street with a cardboard sign that said exactly that
    He was right next to the adult baby dressed in nothing but a diaper..


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  3. Fuck Yes I’d wear that shirt !
    No other word expresses so much in so few letters….
    After a few drinks, I can hold entire conversations using only the word fuck…..


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