Return Trip In 3…2…1…

Oh man you guys missed a hell of a show.

One for the bucket list for sure.

The Paramount Theater up here in Seattle is a huge ornate sonofabitch built back in the 1930’s, complete with marble staircases and the works. Very beautiful inside.

It was put on the National list of Historic places clear back in ’74 and they have done a nice job of keeping it up.

As hard as it is to believe, the show didn’t even come close to selling out . We hadtickets for the Mezzanine and when we got inside there was a couple of guys with fist full’s of tickets offering to give them to people on the mezzanine to upgrade to the main floor. We looked at the options and decided to stay up top and I am glad we did. Excellent view and I could have hit the stage with a water bottle even with my weenie arm.

Excellent light show and they even had an equipment malfunction that caused them to play another song not on the playlist and then take a short break while the roadie got his screwdrivers out.

I didn’t know that this was the first stop on the North American leg of the tour.

Nick Mason talked to the crowd several times throughout the show and seems to be a very nice guy.

Said he didn’t recognize anyone there from the first time he was there back in ’71 but that was OK because he didn’t remember being there either.

We have to hit the road here in just a minute and traffic is going to be fucked heading South. There was a 25 mile traffic jam yesterday Southbound between Seattle and the other side of Tacoma. They have shit tore up all over the place up here. I counted five tower cranes I could see just from then South view from the hotel parking lot.

I got lucky last night and didn’t have to try and drive around this clusterfuck to get to the theater and back. we took a shuttle bus from the hotel for $9.00 that dropped us off one mile away right at the front door of the theater and then I had put a Lyft app on my phone on the way up, the wife put in the bank info while I drove so we called a Lyft driver to get back. Real nice young lady, she literally showed up one minute after I called. The trip back was $12.50 including a $5 dollar tip for three people. Couldn’t beat the way that worked out with a stick.

I didn’t have to fuck around driving in this mess or try to find expensive parking either.
Anywho, we are packing up and hitting the road. Just ate a free hotel breakfast, had coffee and a smoke and now to pack up and git gone.

I have shit to do the minute I get home.


A private message to Grog.

I would have called and tried to hookup but this is a smash and grab run.

I’m sure you will understand.

I will wave as I head by in traffic.


2 thoughts on “Return Trip In 3…2…1…

  1. Morning, Phil, sounds like an excellent concert, I saw BB King at the Paramount several years ago.

    I didn’t see you wave, but I do understand, no worries, as the man said.


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