Funny How That Works


Not only that, now they are trying to get the legal voting age reduced all the way down to 16, are also trying to circumvent the Electoral College and have been caught red handed fucking with multiple elections.

These motherfuckers are desperate.

I hope they absolutely get their fucking asses handed to them again in 2020.

If not, then you can absolutely guarantee things are going to go sideways right after that, Civil War II will be going hot shortly afterwards.

The lack of election security and vote fraud will be about all it will take and you know damn good and well that is exactly what they are working on right this minute.

You have exactly one and a half years to be fully prepared for all out urban warfare if Trump can’t, at a minimum, guarantee our elections can’t be tampered with anymore.

Because if the Democrats get their way, Trump will be out, the End Game will be on the table and we will be on the menu.


8 thoughts on “Funny How That Works

  1. When they come for the Guns give them the Ammo first and don’t stop until your out.
    The only reason Santa Anna took the Alamo was the 100 hundred against 10,000 Mexicans ran out of Ammo. Buy More Stay Ready. Better to go out in a blaze of glory than on ones knees begging.
    Molon Labe


    • Invest in semi-precious metals – lead, copper, brass.
      Keep yer powder dry. Learn to reload
      Got your 2-year food supply ready yet?


  2. I believe the democRATS are running preliminary polling that is showing they are going to get their clocks cleaned in the 2020 elections. They have no positive agenda for the people of this country. So in order to get and maintain power they have to do everything they can think of no matter how stupid to get votes. 16 year olds voting, Notice they do not mention the other rights that adults have. the right to drink alcohol, register for the draft and enlist in the military not to mention buying guns. They utter stupidity of the 16 year olds voting but not getting the other rights and responsibilities needs to be rammed down their throat at every opportunity. Illegal are already registered to vote in California when jury notices were sent out to registered voters 449,000 illegal aliens returned their notices admitting they were not citizens. i would bet there are at least 3-4 times as many illegals that are registered to vote just in California, not to mention the other states.


  3. They (the special people) keep bringing up the 16 year old vote in Oregon. I think Lord Of the Flies should be mandatory and cautionary reading.We’ll probable have to settle for the original movie, cuzz reading is hard.


  4. You are right,I have been saying this for years.
    I need to get my food stores in order because I can’t get my wife on board. She did finally say that storing freeze dried and dry goods would be OK.

    About half a dozen more magazines and a shit load of .556 as I finally got my hands on a carbine.
    It well may be hyperbole at this point, the only way I see the Rats taking the Presidency is to steal it and Q has said that there is a plan for going forward even after Trump is out of office.
    I personally don’t want to find out different the hard way and get caught flat footed.
    Q has also said flat out that there won’t be a civil war because they are going to strike hard and fast, taking these fuckers out.
    Again, contingency plans are in order.
    These Commie fucks are deeply entrenched, especially around my neck of the woods.
    I can only do so much and I am doing what I can.
    Unless you live in a deeply Red area, I think everybody should be ready in case the Rats do make a play. I personally live right next to one of the Bluest cities in the country.
    ANTIFA has literally been within two miles of my house as the crow flies.
    Ya damn right I am ready to defend myself and my family.


  5. Does this now mean that the Democrats now wish to allow the Russians to participate in our national elections? Or just the Russian hispanics?


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