Might Want To Keep An Eye On The News

I have no idea what the timeline is on this but if it is out for public consumption now I would guess in less than a month.



I tried making it bigger but that’s it.

It says Sealed>Unsealed

Indictments Coming


Q is saying that some of those sealed indictments people have been talking about for months have now been unsealed.

That means some people are going to really start having trouble sleeping at night here sometime soon.

That’s not all. Then there is this one,


An old Tweet from Trump from last September.


Then Q adds,




This is a direct warning that some serious shit is coming down the pipe and to be watching out for counter moves like False Flags in retaliation by the Deep State.

There have been other warnings lately. Make sure you have at least a couple of weeks worth of food and water handy.

If you are reading this I am going to assume you do and that you also have self defense of home and hearth covered also.

No need to spell it out.

You guys that come here are pretty savvy.

The Mueller report is due to be coming out.

No one is saying if they know what is in it. We do know it has been a giant fishing expedition against Trump and that so far they haven’t found shit on him personally.

Q saying some sealed indictments have now been unsealed is a direct message to the bad guys putting them on notice.

Looks to me like things are about to get interesting.

5D Chess anyone?

11 thoughts on “Might Want To Keep An Eye On The News

  1. Yeah. Got that right Phil. You don’t have enough ammo, key provisions, and trusted tribe. But we are American’s, in the end we always win because we don’t quit, and we never bend a knee.
    Bad as it could get, in the end it will be good. Too many of Patrick Henry’s Rats. Time to clean house.
    We could do it in a week.
    That long because it takes time to hang them all.

    A few thoughts. Those 6000 sealed indictments have to be opened or trashed at some point. Bunch of them are a couple years old. How a secret sealed federal indictment is disappeared I don’t know. BleachBit? A Hammer? Arkanside? Send it to Afghanistan? Post it on Faceborg? Seriously. Why is the quantity listed far higher than in “average” years? And why are they both Secret and Sealed indictments? Why have they sat so unusually long?
    There’s rumors about unmasking the documentation surrounding the AG’s investigations into the DOJ/FBI from within the “intelligence” community from low to mid level sources. Has Trump managed to reorganize the statist quo within? Or are the transgressions and treason so bad there are rumblings of dissent in the ranks? Those clowns have to know the cold civil war they have fomented is on the brink of a hot civil war. You don’t need a CIA or NSA to know that.
    Trump doesn’t seem like a guy who has a political shitstorm hanging over his head, nor a sitting President who just had, and still really, knows what the real deal with the palace coup is, the undisclosed truth of the actors involved.
    Why is a Clinton regime operative who actively carried out orders to clean up the Clinton’s mess’s from Ruby Ridge and Waco, who knows what else from who all those two murdered and stole from, running the DOJ now?
    Seems a bit counter intuitive to put it mildly.
    Other than Kelly Ann Conway, almost every associate from Trump’s early days is not in his administration. At every turn he is engulfed in a screen of actors within the White House operations who are obsessed with completely isolating him from the public and vice versa.
    At some point President Trump has to take full power. The only way you do that is to A, shoot your enemies in the back of the head, B, capitulate to the deep state, C expose them and their conspiracies, crimes, and treason.
    Trump has to get a handle on the margin of vote fraud employed to provide the fake media with plausible deniability to put on a circus where the next anointed regime leader sits in the Oval Office. There simply is no way they are going to let 100 million Deplorable’s outstrip the margin of vote fraud a second time.
    The barren Vag in a pants suit is not done. Contrary to her declaring her not running. She has a proxy in mind, a time honored favorite tyrants instrument, to do her dirtywork. There is payback for having been made a total clown and political fool on the world stage. Hate like Hell’s own blast furnace for the dirt people. Psychopaths like her, who murder tens of thousands of people in cold blood and systematically steal con and embezzle hundreds of millions of dollars never forgive or forget.
    Mean while there’s the neo-bolsheviks giving the old Trotskyites stealth guards fits in the swamp.
    Bernie Saunders is looking like a washed up has been he is, these new red diaper babies are too radical for him.

    The dirt people keep right on watching. Waiting. We all know what needs doing.


  2. Did you change your site format? I don’t like it. The other way was simple, manly, this is pussifing it. Phil, we need to talk, you are ready for an intervention! I know my opinion means shit in the whole scope of things. Your blog, your rules… I understand.

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    • Yeah, I was fucking around with it at five thirty in the morning, trying to make it easier to read for old fuckers like me. I didn’t really care for it either but it was starting to get light outside so I just left it where it was. I put it back.
      Your whining was duly noted though….


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    • Oh I’m sure that Ohr’s testimony is just one more nail in their coffin. The FISAgate scandal is going to make Watergate look like a Sunday Picnic.
      The illegal wiretapping of Trump and his associates was signed off on by no other than Obama himself.
      That’s going to be the big BOOM.
      The minute they Declassify the FISA warrants it’s all but over. Trump ordered that to be done last year. DOJ is dragging it’s feet because it knows what is going to happen when it’s released to the public unredacted.
      Then all of the signatures on who signed off on it will be there for all to see and be undeniable.


  3. Ill believe it when I see it, they been saying the same shit for years, just like wiki. All carrot and no stick. I hope I’m wrong and you’re right. If so I apologize in advance.

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  4. “False Flags in retaliation by the Deep State”

    If anything does happen, that’s all we’ll ever hear about. I can’t remember the last time I sat down and watched the news, any news. But, that’s all they’ll be hollering about 24/7, just to drown out anything that will distract from the NWO narrative.


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