Mea Culpa

I don’t know why I am telling this on myself, it’s typical fucking mechanic behavior.

Maybe as a warning not to be like THAT GUY.

The weather finally cleared up and hopefully we are all done with that cold and snow bullshit.

Fuckin’ tired of that crap for sure.

Since it was nice and sunny outside, even with a bit of wind, I decided to finally get off my lazy ass and change the oil in the Caballero.


I have a road trip to go on here in a couple of weeks for a memorial service for a very close family friend who I actually found out was a very distant cousin. Did not know that and this family has been friends of my family since before I was even born!

Anyway, back to telling on myself.

I literally can’t remember the last time I changed the oil in that poor fucker but I am thinking it was ,at least, two years ago.

Maybe longer at this point.

It’s not like I drive the sonofabitch a whole lot, I mostly use it for hauling shit to the dump and the occasional hauling job. Be it moving a couch, an engine, a tractor, some lumber or some other shit that won’t fit in anything else we own.

Or one of her fucking sisters bullshit. I have literally hauled so much shit in that thing that the rear springs are shot.

It feels like there aren’t any when you go over bumps.

Mostly though, it’s just been a bunch of short trips, fairly local.

It was way, way overdue though. The second I pulled the filter off to let it drain I mentally slapped myself.

Lazy fuckin’ asshole anyway.

It was nasty.

I actually thought about just taking it to one of those Jiffy Lube type places, I have done that a couple of times in the past but that is a pain in the ass and expensive for what they actually do.

What I will LET THEM do I should say.

They always try to up-sell the shit out of me and Fuck you, I know better.

“Oh your brake fluid is showing way too much moisture in it and for only WAY TOO DAMN MUCH MONEY, we can flush that out for you.

I always wonder just how many suckers they get with that one.

Ain’t me that’s for damn sure.

Then they want to sell you a new air filter, fix any lights that are out, flush your transmission, flush your cooling system and another favorite, flush your power steering system.

Yeah, how about you just change the oil and filter then grease the front end?

How much just for that?

Hold on, $39.99.

Umm, yeah, do that and let me know when you are done. God forbid you bring your own oil too. That costs extra for them to pour that in.

Fuck that.

I had the oil, ran up and got a filter for THREE FUCKING DOLLARS  because it’s a fucking Chevy and a set of wiper blades because they were due also.

Came back home and a half hour later I was done with the whole mess. That includes cleaning up, putting everything away and pouring the used oil into a fucking used milk jug for the recycling Nazi’s.

There’s another one that sticks in my craw.

The cocksuckers around here will only take used oil for recycling if it is in a used plastic milk jug.

Pouring it back into the plastic jug with a decent lid that it just came out of is VERBOTEN citizen.

Stupid fucking shit there if I ever saw it.

Just one more reason to hate on the SJW’s who think they know best.

Speaking of those assholes, if you look closely at the picture above you will notice a tarp covering some shit in the bed.

That represents dealing with more regulatory assholes. It’s got some stuff that needs to go to the dump now. That means you gotta cover it up with a tarp or risk a lecture from some stupid Garbage Nazi bitch at the fucking transfer station.

No tarp, no dump. Make damn sure you don’t have any batteries, chemicals or hazardous material buried in that shit too Comrade, because they VILL be checking, You gotta leave the tarp on until right before you drive on the scales too and then hold up traffic while you jump out and fuck around with ratchet straps and throwing everything on the floor on the passenger side to keep from having the other poor saps behind you start blasting their horns.

Then they will decide whether to randomly charge you some exorbitant fee right on the spot or wait and make you drive back over the scale is they even THINK that they might be able to get another nickel out of you for being too heavy for the flat rate.

Anyways, as you can tell, that kind of shit irritates the piss out of me.

The oil change is done, the damn thing has brand new tires on it, all the lights work and it has new wiper blades. The belts and hoses are still good and I replaced the radiator and alternator in it last year. I also just put a brand new battery in it here recently.

Hopefully it will get me where I am going and back without any nasty surprises.

Fuck me, Typing this just reminded me. As far as I know, the thing still has the original full sized spare behind the passenger seat. I need to dig that fucker out and make sure it ain’t rotten and still has air in it!


It never ends.

8 thoughts on “Mea Culpa

  1. So now you have one or more plastic milk jugs you can’t recycle because they’re contaminated with engine oil?

    But they take the plastic engine oil containers, right?

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    • They take the milk jug with the oil. You are correct about the oil jug, they take that as recycling, go figure. I think the reason they like the milk jugs is because they can see through them as to what’s inside. That way you can’t sneak anti freeze or other shit through on ’em.
      I had a couple here a while back that had oil and some anti freeze mixed in and after they sit for a little while they separate. You can see the green antifreeze from fifty feet away. That was a PITA draining that shit off.


  2. 25 years an auto tech 13 year garage owner and a Chevy guy to boot. Be it a 4.3 or a 5.0 Run that pig. pay no mind on your trip to Anything but fluids and gauges . Dont even look at the amount of ROT that is behind the rear axle till you get back.. Fucking Unibody’s do it every time. As for your town dump issues? Sucks. Sounds like faggotry to me. Have a safe trip watch the weight in the back from here on out. If you find terror back there it aint easily repaired. I love those cars they are all dead and gone here in the northeast for a long time now.

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    • For as old as it is, it’s actually in fairly good condition. I got it at a wrecking yard as a Builder for $1600 about five years ago. It was a one owner rig, I found out later that I actually know a lady who’s Grandfather owned it and it only had 124,000 original miles on it. It’s been smacked, you can see the newer paint all across the front and one fender but whoever put it back together put it back to original condition. I had to have the transmission overhauled and my buddy who did it said it looked like it had a brand new engine in it.
      The damn thing runs like a top and with the 229 CID V-6 in it actually gets over 20 mpg.
      I even wound up with a clean title for it after the wrecking yard failed to do their paperwork and I did mine first!
      The DMV wanted me to bring it in and have it branded after I had had it for a year when I went to put new tags on it. I argued like a motherfucker with them and when the lady called the main branch in Olympia they could hear me going off in the background and said Fuck It, give the man his title, he did what he was supposed to do.
      A very rare win over the fucking DMV I’m here to tell ya.


      • Oh yeah, the damn gauges don’t work worth a shit. The printed circuit board behind the instrument cluster is bad and I haven’t been able to find one because it has a different gauge package than the El Camino’s. I use the trip odometer to keep gas in it, the charging and temp gauge jump all over the place when I hit a bump so I just drive the piss out of it and don’t worry about it.


        • Wish I was in the neighborhood, Phil, instead of on the other side of the Cascades – I’d have the IC fixed in a jiffy! It’s what I do. Restoration can be fun! Sometimes, though, it puts the ‘fun” in dysfunctional!!


  3. The local place changes my oil, lubes everything, checks the air in the tires and never tries to upsell me. $30. Not worth lying on my back in the snow or mud. Our local transfer station has a dump Nazi. Hate to go there. He sends me all over the place to separate everything. Then the guy in the yard will disagree and send me to different piles. There are days when I have to hold onto my temper with both hands. Tempted to rent a dumpster for a week and be done with it.


  4. Phil, one of the MANY tricks my Pappy taught me about engines was to run a regular quart of ATF through the engine if it was gunked up. Don’t run just any ATF though, run Ford Type A Suffix A – which is pure ATF with no additives. That ATF will creep right past the rings, unsticking anything and getting the gunk out of every crevice where it can flow – I use it to unstick seized engines, both large and small. It will disappear fairly quickly out the talipipe, though, so keep an eye on the oil level and also the cleanliness, you’d be amazed at what flushes into the oil pan. Even more so if the engine has considerable wear on it. Might have to change the plugs, keep an eye on misfiring cylinders also. Type FA is how it’s sold nowadays…

    Those old Chevy smallblock’s were darn near indestructable. Used to race F/MP with ’em.


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