A Level Of Stupid Beyond My Ability To Comprehend

cold shower

“It never occurred to me to turn on the shower and let it warm up before getting in. I would always dread the cold water for the first few seconds of my shower. Changed my life.”

Author unknown because they were too embarrassed to put their name on it.

Rightfully so I would say.

Please tell me this ignorant fuck hasn’t produced offspring.

6 thoughts on “A Level Of Stupid Beyond My Ability To Comprehend

  1. It could be from Commiefornia, where concern over wasting water comes first. It also must live in a small dwelling if the water gets hot in only a few seconds…


  2. Many years ago, when the Earth and I were young (late single digits), my first solo shower cured me of turning on the water and stepping in.


  3. My wife works in the baby biz as an APRN Nurse Practitioner. She tells me that well over half of the people she sees could not survive more than a week without supervision. And Yes. They breed in enormous numbers. Nurses have a joke. It go’s There should be a special diagnostic category. “To Stupid to Live”. It would apply to more than half of the population. All that keeps Darwin from doing his job is the welfare state. Take that away and they would die in piles.


  4. Damn, all you rich Yanks have me jealous. My only income is from my disability benefit, I can’t afford to run a water heater. Lucky I live in the tropical north here in Queensland, so it is tepid showers except for June to August during winter.


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