Holy Moly, I just found out The Wifely Unit has been forwarding faxes and Emails from some outfit called Numbers USA to all of our Senators with Bills and other legislation coming up that are anti immigration.

Cantwell, Murray and Huerra- Butler have all been getting harassed by my wife.

For years.

I had no idea.

I am STILL laughing!

God I love this woman.

1 thought on “OMG, LMFAO!!

  1. Yeah. Hear that. They can surprize the shit out of you. They look at it from a different angle.

    My old lady will come up with shit seems like right out of the blue, about resisting the sonsofabitches, comments, and insights, shit that really pisses her off they are pulling. Like wow, you go woman, and I’ll take an extra look at her, and think I’m reminded why I marred her, it wasn’t just for the great cooking and sex either.

    The last time, was like Damn! Had an epiphany, went right to it, had a collection of parts been saving for the next time I had enough change to get one of Green Mountain Rifle Barrel’s excellent AR barrels. Built her an 8 inch barrel .300 Blackout AR pistol with a shockwave brace on a 80% lower. She ain’t 115 lbs soaking wet. I think she actually likes it. Soon as the mudhole down back dries up get her to try it out.

    Its still like trying to herd cats understanding the bitchez no matter what you do. Keep that in mind and it makes life simpler.


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