Missed The Entrance To The Pits?

I literally couldn’t tell you how many cars and trucks I have had over the years anymore but I know it’s got to be at least sixty by now.

I don’t remember half of them anymore but I do know for a fact that at one point ,from when I bought my first rig and totalled it later, I either wrecked or completely totaled 29 cars in a ten year period.

I have driven cars with a front wheel bent sideways up under the front end from sliding sideways into a curb, I have driven rigs with only two lug nuts holding the wheels on and I have driven cars with bent frames that crab walked down the road after having hit a telephone pole.  Twice I have had hoods fly up on me, one wrapped clear over the roof.

This however, is not something I would have even attempted.

This is Go To Jail, Do Not Pass Go kinda shit where I come from,

pit lane

3 thoughts on “Missed The Entrance To The Pits?

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