Ya Got One On Me There Pal

For all the crazy shit I pulled when I was younger (There are hundreds of examples),

I was never quite, THIS CRAZY.


Close but this is at least one level up from me.

I gotta give credit where credit is due.

7 thoughts on “Ya Got One On Me There Pal

  1. You have made it to your 50s.by the skin of you teeth and a woman that straightened you out. He may not do as good. But we have to remember God looks out for fools and drunks .


  2. Iffn’ ya did do this kind of stunt, ya need to be wearing the costume ya had on over at Irish’s place, PJ bottoms, tucked with white socks and sandals… and yelling “FUCK YOU!”


  3. Not sure on common sense playing any part in it, but the suspension is something to be emulated. Had I been privy to suspension like that, I’d probably limp a lot less than I do now.


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