Heat Wave!

Holy cow.

I woke up a bit ago, staggered in and stuck a cup of coffee in the nuculeator then whipped the curtains back to step out on the back porch and about got blinded.

It is absolutely gorgeous outside here today.

Not a cloud in the sky and not a lick of wind, yet.

It has to be at least into the 50’s out there already and it ain’t even Noon yet.

It would be a perfect day to get a bunch of yard work done.

Yeah, fuck that noise, I have holes to drill.

I’m going to gargle this coffee down, run to the local Mini Mart and grab a couple of cans of Monster energy drink and hit the garage.

It’s nice enough I’m gonna open up the door and maybe even be able to see what the fuck it is I am trying to do, plus enjoy some fresh air.

Spring ain’t due here quite yet so take advantage of every second of this shit while ya can.

7 thoughts on “Heat Wave!

  1. You suck… it’s cold and we are getting another 5-10 tomorrow night. I was outside today having a
    hobo fire..

    During the week it’s gonna be cold and more snow next weekend.


    • Well, if it makes ya feel any better, the wind picked up and started howling before I was even done typing the post and the wife was just looking at the forecast and tells me we are to be expecting more snow here too in the middle of next week.
      This is a very brief window of relief.
      Hey, at least you have some fine German beers to swig on while you stand there shivering next to your Hobo fire…….


  2. Should be in the lower 20’s tonight and tomorrow night here in NE TX. Lucky me I get to work during the worst of it. Oh well, better than a winter working the Niobara along the North Range in CO, like last year.
    As an aside we’ve had a fairly mild winter. Many of my fruit trees have already bloomed. Had a cold snap a week or two ago, already dropping the blooms due to the hard freeze. Looks like it’s not going to be a good year for peaches. The pears and plumbs should do ok though. Getting giddy, it’s almost planting season.


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