Where The Wind Blows

I heard parts of this last night at work from clear across the building and had to go find out who it was playing it.

Some outfit called Blacktop Mojo out of Texas.

Apparently they have been around and this got to #27 on the Billboard list but the miserable pieces of shit we have for radio stations around here only play oldies and crap from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2,000’s so you’d never know it. It’s absolutely pitiful what we have for radio stations here.

This ain’t half bad by any stretch of the imagination. Give it a listen and I think you will agree.

I see they also did a cover of Aerosmith’s Dream On.

Gonna go find that here shortly.


Aaaaand, I’m back.

Um, yeah.

I had to share this one too.

Damn. Very nicely done.

4 thoughts on “Where The Wind Blows

  1. Damn, that IS really good. Hearing that Aerosmith song really takes me back – better than the original I think (no offense to the original band).

    Thanks for linking to them – Happy Friday Yo !!

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    • I found their Burn The Ships album on Youtube and have been listening to it, some pretty damn good tunes on it, including both of those. I had just got done listening to Dream On with the headphones on. I agree, as good if not better than the original. You can really hear some guitar work that makes it a great effort with the headphones. More depth to it.


  2. You’re straight on about the shitty radio stations around here. South of Porkland, I can just barely pick up 106.3 KLOO in Corvalis. They do a pretty decent presentation.


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