Pinch Me !

I just scored a dream come true.

I am also kind of at a loss for words and am having trouble expressing my gratitude here because of the absolute generosity of someone whom I can’t name.

I can say he does read the blog once in a while but other than that I am not going to say anything else. He knows who he is.

This guy,  he just made me one very happy old man.

As in Holy Shit!! kind of happy.

He just sold me this little cutie  because he let me borrow it for a few minutes one day and I absolutely fell in love with it on the spot and couldn’t shut up about it.

He also has another one and says he really doesn’t need this one.

What the fuck am I rambling on about you ask?





He even threw in a big handful of welding rod.

I am beside myself here.

I have kind of wanted one of these little units ever since I laid eyes one one several years ago but about shit a ring around myself when I found out how much they cost.

When he let me use his I couldn’t believe how smooth it welded.

Smooth is the best word I can come up with to describe it.

No sticky rod when you strike an arc, no loud buzzing or spatter all over the place, it just kind of hissed and welded like a dream.

I was like, fuck me this thing is AWESOME!

I have a small wire feed that I bought about 3 years ago and can’t fucking use it because it trips regular household breakers as soon as you strike an arc with the wire. It needs a 30 amp, slow blow breaker. Everything in this joint is 15 Amp.

It was a relatively cheap unit at the time when it was new but it’s an older one now, that you can hook a bottle of gas to. Those, ain’t cheap anymore to go buy new. I had it checked out by a pro when I bought it and it worked great when we tested it, at work.

I have a bunch of shit around here that I need to weld up and the lack of something that will work on a 120 volt circuit without tripping the breaker has kept them all on the back burner.

This little jewel even has a sling on it so you can pack it around. It’s not much bigger than my lunch box.

That ain’t the half of it though.

It’s also 120/240 volt capable. An extremely versatile little unit.

He tells me that you can buy the accessories and TIG weld with this thing!!

It’s got a place to hook up gas and the whole 9 yards of electronic controls are built in.

I’m sure I’ll never get my grubbies on anything that fancy and that is perfectly fine by me, I just need something to throw some inch or two long beads on once in a while that doesn’t need a cart to hold it and a heavy duty circuit breaker.

This little Miller is far and away a fucking Cadillac when I was thinking all I was going to wind up with was a YUGO because that’s about all I could afford and make room for anyway.

Some $50 little buzz box that basically has jumper cables on it and would struggle to weld up a tin can.

I was seriously going to go get something like that last weekend but he had offered me this Miller contingent on something going in his favor so I put my wallet away and decided to wait and see if this came up instead.

Best damn decision I have made in a long time.

I already have a job for it just waiting for the weekend to get here again.

I’m going to the bank and get the money to pay him for this and ain’t saying a fucking thing to the wife about it.

What she don’t know don’t hurt me and this is some money that is for another purpose but is just sitting there for now anyway. I’ll stick it back in there here and there when I get it. There is no way I was passing up this deal, he is selling it to me for about 20% of what they cost new just because he is a hell of a nice guy and no, it ain’t hot either.


10 thoughts on “Pinch Me !

  1. You are one blessed, luck dog, Phil. That’s a real neat present, and thanks to whomever endowed you with the Little Welder That Can!
    I’m jealous, and I don’t even weld!


  2. I’ve welded a LOT of stainless pipe with a little Miller like that.
    A bottle of argon chained on a 2 wheel dolly, hang the carry strap & cables over the handle with your TIG rig, tool bag hanging on your shoulder & you’re ready to go anywhere in the brewery.
    You got a great score!


  3. I ain’t pinching you Phil… kinda gay i’ffn ya ask me, I’ll sock you in the shoulder with a roundhouse, that’s manly. Nice welder too! I am envious!


  4. You scored big! That is awesome. Get after it!

    I picked up an AHP Alphatig in 2017. It welds with the smoothest arc I’ve ever experienced.

    I took a welding engineering class in college, and the lab was all welding, on an 8 point scale. 91 was a B. I had to reweld every project during dead week, since my looooooooong walk from English Lit put me in lab last. I got a 1940’s era crank type AC only welder, and I had a devil of a time using it. Lincoln donated a lot of our welders, but I never could get to one….. until that week. I re-welded the entire semester’s project list and got a B. Those new DC welders were great. My AHP is just as good, if not better…

    You will enjoy that, way more than that tiny mig (and I have one of those as well, it’s about to be gifted to a son)


  5. Sweet!
    You might be luckier than you know. Looks like the center covered plug is a amperage control, amphenol 5 pin plug, for a foot or torch mounted control. You can run a gas cooled TIG torch and scratch start your arc. Al you need is the brass lug with one port for a regulator hose, and the other thread port for your gas cooled cable. Some of the earlier Millers with a dedicated soft start switch, have built in soft start so your tungsten doesn’t stick and break your point.
    I been running a gas cooled torch for 25 years. They last along time, and have no water cooled lines to blow when you aren’t careful about dragging the power cable over a hot spot and melt it. The gas cooled power cables are real tough, and very flexible.
    A brandy new Miller pedal is about $150. Get the old fashion lunky steel case model. About shoe box size. They are indestructible. Easy to the wear parts. they dont walk across the floor when your pumping it with your foot. HVY Duty cable too.


    • PS, the Max Stars are great very low amp power sources. You can run 1/32 tungstens and weld .005 thk. SST and have a whole pedal range at 1-15 amps main settings. Great machine. Work just as well at 135 amps. But delicacy at low range is where they shine.


      • DUH!
        Yeah, there’s the lift arc buttons for scratch start TIG up on the top left quadrant. Dude, You seriously lucked out. That is a 1200 buck machine new. Should be near a 100% or at least a 60% duty cycle. The placard will tell you.
        Millers of this industrial grade last. The inverters loose a tiny bit of finesse of control over time, but 99% of welders running low amp GTAW would never know.
        A 50 amp breaker will work best. That keeps the “trip” in the breaker from getting a hair trigger over time.


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