Nick Mason From Pink Floyd Having A Concert In Seattle In Two Weeks, Tickets Still Available

The wife heard some rumors a while back that he was going to be having a concert tour. Then all at once last night she jumps up and says the fucking concert is in two damn weeks in Seattle!

Fuck me, that led to a bunch of scrambling around here. I took today off, it’s The Kid’s 21st Birthday and she wants to take him out for a bit so I have to stay home and look after the other boy.

That means I had to jump up as soon as I woke up, run up to work and turn in another Time Off request. The boss man was at lunch so I just left it on his desk. I’ll take the time one way or another if I have to. Then the wife’s fucking Tablet decided it needed to do a two hour update so she couldn’t get on it to get the tickets. It finally updated and then the website wouldn’t let her buy them because something ain’t configured right now so I had to get on this old fucker and get them. Hers is still fucked up.

We are going to take our autistic son, he loves music and he fucking loved Alice Cooper.

Several hundred dollars on the credit card later, I have 3 mezzanine seats coming our way.


If you are interested, there are still plenty of seats left on TicketMaster.

Hard to believe as it is.

Supposedly he is only going to play stuff from before Dark Side Of The Moon.

That will still be cool because that is stuff I have never really heard much of.

Either way, there aren’t many opportunities up here in our area for things like this and these guys aren’t getting any younger. The last time David Gilmore toured he didn’t get within a thousand miles of here or I would have went in a heartbeat.

9 thoughts on “Nick Mason From Pink Floyd Having A Concert In Seattle In Two Weeks, Tickets Still Available

  1. I may see you there. Had I not read your blog, I never would have known about this concert. Thanks.
    Oh, and David Gilmour is, in my opinion, one of the greatest guitar players to ever live.

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    • Gilmore’s guitar work is a gift from God to us mere mortals.
      I don’t have time to look it up but there is a quote out there from someone who once said that David Gilmore can get more music out of one note than most guitar players can get out of twelve or something to that effect.


    • BTW, I would highly recommend yo go if you can. It’s on a fucking Wednesday night. I will be there come Hell or high water, ya can’t miss me.
      Skinny old bastard with a long white beard wearing glasses and looking pissed off at the world.
      That would be me.


  2. Oh how much I would love being there! Unfortunately I never saw Pink Floyd live in concert.
    Do you know „Relics“?
    Whenever I’m in the mood for driving my wife mad, I am playing the song „Bike“ 😂
    Actually I could imagine that song being used as a means of psychological torture say in Gitmo…


    • Yep, same here.
      Great show, loved hearing some of the music, laughed like a hyena at the SJW, anti trump bullshit.
      He did that for every president I think.
      Fuck that dude.
      Shut the fuck up and play, that’s what I am paying for, not your damn political views.


  3. I’d love to go, but Seattle is a bit of a hike from Western PA. Been a Floyd fan since their early days before “Dark Side Of The Moon”, which by the way is one of my least favorite albums. The first one that I ever heard was “Atom Heart Mother”. A buddy gave it to me on an 8-track. I was so hooked that I went and bought all the previous albums. And everyone that came out afterwards until “The Wall”. I always wanted to see the two movies, “More” and “La Vallee”, that they did soundtracks for. They weren’t available in the US for a long time, but I got a VHS of both from a guy in Greece back in the nineties. I’ve since transferred them to DVD. I had a crush on Mimsy Farmer back in the sixties and low and behold, she stars in “More”. And I got to see her nekkid…………………

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  4. Friends in Jerzey tell me Aerosmith is playin Atlantic City in August. Ticket prices are insane.
    They’re like what, 70, now? (not that there’s anything wrong with that, Phil …).
    Hope they live long enough to get on-stage …


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