6 thoughts on “Not At Any WalMart Around Here

  1. That’s all I ever see at Walmart, very distracting when your there for the shopping experience!!
    The football guy from New England should start shopping at Walmart. The Asian massage girls he went to see no look to good. Probably cheaper at Walmart too, he’s a big bargain shopper.


  2. Sure as shit ain’t from the Wal-Mart around here.
    All you get to see is squatamalans and their thousand grubby offspring, along with thousand pound pieces of flotsam and jetsam vibrancy.
    That’s why I don’t go to town.
    Shop local.


  3. We get those same poses and peeks of underwear, but of 400 pound white trash and various squatamolions they have recently importing to what use to be a whiter then white state.


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