2 thoughts on “How To See Just How Much Ice Cream You Can Actually Eat.

  1. There was a black lady in the Los Angeles area who called in to the George
    Putnam radio talk show and she was so funny she ended up as a guest
    host on occasion. In her first call, she told a story about being ticketed
    by the CHP for violating the HOV lane laws. She dragged the story out
    as far as she could get before telling Putnam, she did have someone in
    the car, in the back of her hearse.

    Then came the Ice Cream story. A black woman comes home mad as a
    hornet demanding her husband go to the shoe store and kick the crap
    out of the salesman. He got her calmed down enough to tell him what
    happened. The shoe salesman looked up my dress and said “yum-yum,
    I could pack that full of ice cream and eat it all up.”

    The husband asked if she was wearing panties. She responded by saying
    “I must have forgot to put on panties this morning.” She again demanded
    her husband go and kick the salesman’s ass.

    He tells his wife I have two reasons why I am not going to kick his ass;
    First you had no call to leave the house without your panties on. Number
    two, you’re out of your mind if you think I am going to mess with a man
    who can eat that much ice cream!


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