Little Jussie Smollett Done Got Throwed In The Pokie.

There is going to be a very long list of Leftard assholes eating crow after calling anyone who doubted this guy’s original story liars.

Some VERY prominent names are going to be on that list too.

Since he is a Liberal Hollywood type, I can only imagine the Chicago PD is going to have this young man singing like a canary in about 5 minutes.


Felony criminal charges against Jussie Smollett approved, Chicago police say


Jussie Smollet was arrested Thursday morning and was in the “custody of detectives,” Chicago cops announced.

Smollet turned himself in, authorities said.


Original article,

Authorities in Chicago on Wednesday approved felony criminal charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, hours after he was “officially classified as a suspect in a criminal investigation” for allegedly “filing a false police report” in connection with his Jan. 29 attack claims, police said.

The update in the case was provided by the department’s Chief of Communications Officer Anthony Guglielmi on Twitter, who said the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office approved the “Disorderly Conduct / Filing a False Police Report” charges.

6 thoughts on “Little Jussie Smollett Done Got Throwed In The Pokie.

  1. Relax, it’ll be “Jussie who?” in about a week. He’s off the show, probably all shows now, but he’ll never be behind bars; more likely, behind a convenience store counter in a suburb of Alburqueque after the media zeroes out all references to him.


  2. To say the Police Commissioner of the Chicago PD was a little pissed off about all this unnecessary/wasted time/utilization of the Detectives, and giving Chicago a black eye (pun intended, even if accidental), would be like calling the sun “luminous”…

    Make the little goober pay for all the Detective time spent chasing snipes…


  3. This turd was grossing 1.65 million a year.
    The left will make him, well he already was, but now they will give him a pedestal, for excuse my words of truth, official token “nigger” status. ( i often wonder if they really do not see the token nigger status, or is it a part of the whole, thus most acceptable to all, or is victim status so ingrained it all is what it is )
    His political worth has skyrocketed.
    He makes the perfect victim of white privilege now.
    Because he can be taken up, lifted on the shoulders of the downtrodden NPC permanent victim hive collective, as a “hero” for his “courage” to stand up the the awful orangemanmustdie and his nazi MAGA deplorable brownshirts, doing what must be done, to uncover the hidden horrors of white toxic privilege.
    After all, what he was really doing was exposing the vast white privilege. Or something.

    Before he was just a run of the mill token “nigger” now he is a super victim of the diversity as dress rehearsal for civil war crowd. Who as fucked up as this is, is all most pure very white very north east red diaper baby anglo saxon and amerikan jewish whites. All inclusive variety mind you. The intelligentsia class. Who definitely know exactly whats good for you comrade. They have that divine power bestowed upon them, and nothing can get in the way of that mind you. Run along and shut ur white trailer trash knuckle dragging mouth. You Kulak you.

    Before you knee jerk react to a lifetime of programming from the 5th column false media complex because I typed the word nigger, ideas I’m typing these words because I’m a white skinhead or something, take a look at the traitors in the swamp. They love them some token __________, you fill in the blanks. And the usual leftist suspects/leadership of which is, you guessed it, exclusively white, crazy dirty stinking 60’s pot smoking retread commies, neo-bolsheviks, of the human extinction movement, sociopaths with a few really choice psychopaths to keep the rest in line and collective speaking with fork tongue paleface. Cousin’s of the me me me I got mine Boomer gen set.

    Truth don’t figure in, the truth is whatever you need it to be.
    This turd will make a fantastic brown mascot, homosexually vibrant, alluring bisexual to a huge cross section of the Western Christian taboo and code breakers, swuave, deboner, brown person, without the soyboy permanent flinch of submission, cosmopolitan to a T. Or is that the new swanky meterosexual with butt fucking carribean red diaper jet set steroid jacked sex servants.

    The age of social media has enabled so much not possible before.
    Burns bright.
    But its like a busted bulb of a burning mercury vapor lamp, it burns its brightest just before the tungsten element pops.
    They really believe the USA is their oyster.
    The whole thing is one huge collective selfie.
    A hive of Look at me! Look at me!
    It is the modern equivalent of Roman era The Mob also.
    Bread & Circus.
    Take away the media factor.
    Whats left?

    There’s us who look and watch and shake our heads. Words defy.


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