Freaky as in that’s fucked up!

I literally can’t even hold my hands out and straighten my fingers out all the way.

50 years of wrenching and multiple broken fingers have taken a large toll.


That being said, this is freak show kinda shit here.


8 thoughts on “Freaky

  1. Yo Brother,
    I am an old fart with shitty eyes that just have a hard time adjusting to bright light. So fucking bad I used to wear sunglasses while web surfing cause the screen was always fuckin white as snow whites ass. I’m retired so all I do is assemble crumbs on 8 chan as well as several other websites so my eyes are watery and tear up from sundown to sunup.

    Since you seem to surf the weird hours of the day, I suggest you get a night mode plug in from firefox. I use two. Firefox and Waterfox get one called “Dark Reader” while I use (only one that I liked) and one called Advanced Dark mode on Pale Moon. Yeah, I have 4 browsers with different levels of security.
    Anyway, check them out, they darken the white spaces to black, don’t change other shit too often and can be turned on or off with a click. Fuckin life saver to me and I thought you might like to try one, any one. Pick your own, there are several hundred of them on Add Ons. They do fuck with a bit but because that screen is black anyway, I just turn it off on that webpage. You can select what websites you use it on individually.

    Anyway, this ain’t no fucking commercial or spam. I ain’t no Nigerian but this is just a heads up on what I have a feeling you might come to like, or not.

    Keep up the great posts.


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    • The last time I tried to install Firefox is was so FUBAR I had to delete it. I tried it twice. Then I did some research and found that there were thousands of complaints about it, they knew it was fucked up and weren’t going to do anything about it so fuck them.
      I used to use Palemoon also and liked it but I also play a game that used Flash and it got to the point it wasn’t doing the trick anymore either.
      I am using the AVAST secure browser right now and also have the Epic Security Browser.
      Unfortunately Avast, the free Anti Virus program that also has the browser option, uses fucking Chrome which means teh GOOGLE but it does what I need it to do, as much as I hate those fuckers at GOOGLE. I also have a PROTON free Email service and it comes with a free VPN service.

      Good on ya for picking up the crumbs!
      I don’t go to QMap much, I just hang out on Qresearch.
      It’s gotta suck that your eyes water all the time. I do get a bit of that sometimes but it’s not so much the light that does it, it’s plain old eye strain from staring at the damn screen hour after hour.
      I could probably just adjust the screen brightness I suppose
      Most of the time my biggest issue is the size of the print. Then I just bump up the magnification factor by hitting Control and the Plus key until I can see it more comfortably.
      I do appreciate ya taking the time to give me a heads up on the Add On’s.
      If you surf the Qresearch site then you have probably seen at least one of the several memes I have made that still pop up occasionally.
      With my schedule I just don’t have time to do much actual digging.
      Keep after it my man, from the drops I have seen lately, it looks like things are about to get REAL interesting.


  2. What’s that? triple jointed? weird shit.

    yeah, I can’t bend my fingers that well anymore, also, Phil.

    Off topic, I clicked on the link to Notwende and it took me to his page, but to a post in 2016, any way to update that?

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    • Oh, yeah. Back in my medieval fighting days, nothing more sexy than a hot set of red lips on a chick in armor. Except red lips on a chick out of armor…


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