Thank You Eatgrueldog!

If you don’t visit Eatgrueldog on a regular basis then you are totally missing out.

The man has a wicked sense of humor.

We have a lot in common but I’m tellin’ ya, he comes up with some excellent material.

Allow me to give you a small example, I swiped this one from him while I was at work.

This one is going to leave a mark.


Oh baby.

That one needs to get passed around I’d say.


Thanks again. I hope the weekend gets here soon for ya my man.


8 thoughts on “Thank You Eatgrueldog!

  1. Not to try and outdo Jay, since we’re all on the same side throwing derision stink bombs at the shyit for brains hypocrites, but MAABA

    Make Alexandria A Bartender Again

    Stupid bint


  2. Well, they stuck the anti-Israeli screaming islamist ex-Somalian from Minnesota on the Foreign Affairs committee, the one that deals with secret foreign intelligence briefings and such.


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