All the snow they kept freaking out about all last week is apparently missing us and hammering everything just  East of here, as in feet of.

Bummer for them.

I better not hear one whiny sonofabitch even mention the word drought come next Summer.

I didn’t do a fucking thing over the weekend, as a matter of fact, I didn’t even put shoes on until I had to roll the garbage can down to the curb last night.

The Bronco never moved and I didn’t bother going out in the garage because my left wrist was all fucked up since Thursday.

I broke it twice in my younger years going over the bars on motorized two wheeled contraptions and landing with my arms stretched out, hands first.

There is a tiny little bone behind your thumb called a Novicular bone.

I have broken that twice. Every once in a while it comes back to haunt me for no good reason.

If you fuck that little bone up, you can wiggle your thumb around but have zero grip on anything. I mean zero. It’s pretty amazing. That flared up and I sat around all weekend rubbing something like Aspercreme on it . It’s much better but not 100% yet.

I’ll be favoring that hand for a while yet.

Other than that, it’s raining and whatever snow is left over from Friday is going fast.

The weather forecasters around here have their heads up their asses and every single one of them admitted that they have no idea what the real forecast is for the general area around here. Everything East of here is fucked though.

Ain’t a damn thing I can do about it anyway except wait and see.

9 thoughts on “Monday

  1. So, with the Scaphoid (Navicular) bone and corresponding Palmar Radiocarpal and Radial Collateral Ligaments fracture and tearing you can’t do a proper reach-around… It must suck not holding a spoon or fork when it was fractured and when it acts up. Not a fun bone to break.


  2. Back in the 1950s, with direct observation by volunteers, the weather forecasters could give you a fairly good two day forecast.

    Today, with a trillion dollars in satellites and computer equipment, the forecasters can give us a fairly good two day forecast.

    Ain’t science great?


    • Actually, it’s not even a “forecast” – that would require some meteorological knowledge, experience with local conditions affecting the weather (mountains, lakes, city heat islands, etc.), familiarity with the historical data, time and the mental capacity to absorb and process the data into usable information, and the willingness to accept a certain level of imprecision in the art. Sufficient dedication to remain in the field for several decades is also a requirement.

      Instead, what we now have is an attractive female or male “meteorlogist” showperson on a 12 to 18 month contract who presents a computer model on a video-enhanced multi-colored background, and who could just as easily be selling cars, refrigerators or retirement plans.


  3. We’ve got a fairly good meteorologist here in Spokane, Phil, and we already have 12″ (total) in the Metro area and are apparently shooting for 24″ by next week. Outlying areas have between 2-3 feet so far.

    No worries, I just engage 4WD and drive accordingly. You poor sods west of the Cascades have only one or two plows to share amongst you, so of course you have problems with the White Stuff…

    All kidding aside, y’all got hammered over there. We are finally getting the expected amount. All at once. Makes driving fun for a few days. 🙂

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    • It’s been raining here for the last two days straight. All of the snow here is long gone. Now we are waiting to see what happens later in the week. Everything East of here got hammered. Glad you aren’t having any problems with it.


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