No, No, A Thousand Times NO!

Sweet Jesus there are some stupid motherfuckers out there.


He even filmed it and put this on YouTube.

Just wait until the cutter digs in hard enough to knock that Morse Taper loose and the load comes sailing out of there spinning at a high rate of speed…..

Let the excitement commence!

4 thoughts on “No, No, A Thousand Times NO!

  1. I’ll see that “drill press lathe” and raise you this one…

    (this video was in the comments on your video posted. Some other comments mentioned the things you did about the morse taper and side loading the bearings )

    I’ll give them an “A” for effort given the fact that they are working with what they got.

    “F-” for following osha guidelines. LOL

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  2. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve knocked the MT loose on my drill press, so the fact that he did two parts without doing it is pretty amazing.

    It’s probably a “random spontaneous amputation” machine.

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  3. You can turn parts on a mill thusly:
    1) Chuck the part to be turned in the mill spindle. (Works best for small parts, but use your imagination.)
    2) Clamp a lathe bit in the vise, positioned appropriately.
    3) Use the power feed on the mill head to lower the workpiece across the lathe tool.
    4) Use the handle dial or DRO to control part diameter.


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