Go To The Store BEFORE The Snow And Ice Hits!

I was gladdened to see maybe my incessant harping about having some emergency supplies on hand seems to have finally sunk into The Wifely Unit’s thought process a little while ago.

I had been over in Portland doing some things and when I got home this afternoon she was dressed and ready to hit the door the minute I got back.

She wanted to get to the store and pick up enough stuff to get through next week.

It’s a small miracle I’m tellin’ ya!

She normally shops from Tuesday to fucking Tuesday and it drives me nuts.

She finally figured out that she might have to venture out in the cold and snow just to go get some shit we should have on hand anyway and thought maybe going now BEFORE it gets nasty might just be prudent.

Good on her.

Not only for finally looking past the end of her nose for once but also for actually doing it and not waiting and making me do it because she couldn’t get her fucking car out of the driveway.

I’m sure she saw what would be coming her way if that was to come to pass.

She hates me to go shopping because I buy shit she thinks we don’t need.

It’s supposed to start in tonight, if you haven’t yet, NOW would be a good time to get your ass to the store. Running out of asswipe when there is a blizzard going on just doesn’t sound like a good time to me for some reason.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, proud of my oldest daughter too. I had to stop at her place to look at the younger daughters POS car that took a shit earlier in the week. The alternator is out and it’s a toss up on whether or not the vehicle is worth dumping any money into so she is going to weigh her options.

The oldest daughter had just returned from the grocery store doing the same thing as the wife.

The wife just walked in the door and told me there wasn’t a single shopping cart left in the rack at the Wally World she went to. The place is packed.

Guaranteed there will be stupid fucks there tomorrow out in the mess that is coming. There is a Winter Storm Warning for our immediate area in effect right this minute and the rain just started. It’s currently 36 degrees and the sun is going down as I type. There will be snow here shortly.

15 thoughts on “Go To The Store BEFORE The Snow And Ice Hits!

    • Actually we don’t normally get a lot of snow right here, we are at just a couple hundred feet above sea level at most for the most part. We are surrounded by mountains though. Drive just a few miles away and you are in the mountains. We maybe get snow for a week, maybe two in a bad year.
      And like Grog says, it’s the fucking IDIOTS around here that don’t know how to deal with it that causes all the problems.
      Ya gotta remember, Portland Oregon, home of the ANTIFA jerkwads and the local Commie/Liberal faction is a fifteen minute drive across the Columbia river from where I am at.
      There are two large rivers that come together at Portland, the mouth of the Willamette river dumps into the Columbia and then the Columbia is about a hundred miles away from the Pacific Ocean here.
      The Columbia is a mile wide at Portland.
      Ees a BIG river man.

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  1. Notwende, it’s not the amount of snow, it’s the stupid “people” that can’t be bothered to plan ahead, then when a storm arrives, they get frantic and run around like the proverbial chicken with the head cut off, buying everything in the store. Idiots.

    Great picture, by the way.

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  2. Well, up here Seattle-way (I am visiting for a conference) the Snowpocalypse has been a real let down. I think there is less than 2 inches. But schools let out early, there is hardly any traffic on 405 (I’m in Bellevue) and the Trader Joe’s last night looked as if it had been hit by locusts, or Genghis Khan’s hordes, or possibly a mess of horse-riding Mongolian locusts. Amusingly enough, the section hardest hit was frozen microwave dinners. Which is hysterical, because if one loses power then microwave dinners really don’t do one much good. But what do I know? /eyeroll

    The foo-foo shopping emporiums of downtown Bellevue closed early (astonishing) and people are just generally losing their shit. Upper Midwesterners (like me), New Englanders, Germans, Swiss, Nordics at the conference are having a fine time mocking the local PNW types, but to be fair, if the city so rarely gets proper snow that they don’t have in plow/salt/sand/etc infrastructure to deal with it, it IS a problem. Also people not knowing how to drive on snow and ice is a problem. Some poor fucker managed to high-side his sedan on a small divider strip right in front of the Bellevue Hyatt. Sigh.

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  3. A friend who lives up where snow actually happens says whenever a storm is coming, the stores are cleaned out of eggs, toast and milk. So what’s the fascination with French toast whenever it snows?


    • I went to one of the local grocery stores after getting off work, just to see how empty it was, the spam was gone, the cans of beans were gone, the meat shelves and the potato chip shelves were empty, had a good laugh with the man re-stocking the shelves about stupid people.


  4. Born and raised in the Northeast (please don’t hold that against me), I sympathize with having to put up with drivers who insist on driving the same way in snow, as on dry roads. I have dealt with my fair share of them, and where I live now, I no longer have to, for the remainder of my life.

    I have seen the last-minute panic, as well. It pays to be stocked AHEAD OF TIME, instead of last minute. Get and keep a bunch of supplies – and rotate your stock – so you can stay away from crowds and idiots … unless you just plan to hit the liquor store before the safety of home.

    So, why do some of us crave French Toast during a snowstorm? Here’s some background:

    Pittsburgh Magazine traced the tradition back to a snowstorm in Pittsburgh in 1950:
    “A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, written in wake of a historic snowstorm that dumped 3 feet of snow on the city, mentioned that “milk was the one shortage that has hit all sections” and “bread … had been doled out in some stores”.”

    AccuWeather.com traces the tradition back to a 1978 New England blizzard that trapped some residents in their homes for weeks. For future storms, residents began stockpiling goods in the event that they were trapped again. The tradition may have actually started 2 years earlier, in 1976, after Hurricane Belle tore through New England.

    Apologies to Phil and guests for the long post and links.

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  5. You take a cart to the store from the lot, especially the ones lazy F**kers didn’t put in the racks. Gives you protection from people who have little qualms about hitting your soft body, but don’t want to scratch on a cart! Free exercise! Gives a little feeling for the poor bastard who has to push all the rest of them back. It may take away from their paid gig, but I’d guess it doesn’t hurt their feelings.


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