Our Turn For The Snow Next Week

We have had an extremely mild Winter around here so far but it looks like that is about to change.
According to every weather forecast I can find it is supposed to get shitty all week next week. Snow off and on and then ice and snow late in the week.

I’ve had this Bronco for just over a year now and have never run it in 4 wheel drive.
I shifted into 4X4 just briefly when I bought it to make sure it worked and as far as I could tell, it did.
It was on dry pavement though. At the very least, the transfer case works.
It also has those infamous automatic front hubs.
This could be interesting.
I’m not too worried about it, I have gotten to work and back for the least 5 years in that Caballero with nothing more than a set of cable chains on the back. At times, when guys with 4 wheel drives were calling in and saying they couldn’t make it.
Fucking pussies.
As much as I dislike the shit most of the time, I’m kind of looking forward to playing in the snow a bit for once.
I am interested in the driving characteristics and the capabilities of this Bronco just for my own information.

9 thoughts on “Our Turn For The Snow Next Week

  1. Good Luck, I’m in SW Florida and the First Snowflake that hits me on the nose the Second one will hit me in the ass, as I will be heading further South. You The Man


    • I saw this on my phone at work and didn’t have time to respond. If you are smart, you use the 4WD to get OUT of trouble and not use it to get INTO trouble.
      I grew up on the coast, there are 40 miles of sand dunes there. I have seen holes as big as small houses dug in them from idiots getting stuck before.
      I once got high centered in a 2WD Ford within sight of the paved road and after eleven hours of getting it moved thirty feet finally got stuck enough that I ended up walking eleven miles out back to town. A guy tends not to forget lessons like that.


      • True, but most folks use 4WD whenever they are on slick roads…..Then get Fully FUBAR’ed and can’t get out.

        I’m like you, I go into shit with 2WD, then get out with 4WD.


  2. Get manual locking hubs. Another question is it a limited slip differential on the front and rear. Ford was notorious for putting open diff’s on Bronco’s.

    Find an empty parking lot to figure out the handling characteristics.


  3. I have no sympathies for you, it is 12 degrees south of 0. and we are having wind up to 40mph, white out conditions… oh and we have 3 feet down on the ground with 6 ft drifts. I have a two wheel drive Chevy with posi rear and I get around just fine with winter tires.


  4. Phil, Do you know of Rufus LaLone and the Weather Café? He does a general two week forecast that really helps to get around what the others are saying. Usually posts Monday & Friday. Except for this week yesterday: Oh, shit, we’re in for it!
    His site can be found at OVS (Oregon Vineyard Supply) in the banner.


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