This Could Be Interesting

I’m pretty confident saying that anyone reading this probably has a bank account somewhere.

As such, you probably get Emails from them occasionally.

I just got this one from mine,


Being the asshole that I am, I wondered to myself why it is that my fucking bank, of all places, felt the need to send me this bit of virtue signaling in my Email.

So I asked them exactly that in a reply.

A couple of minutes later, I get this back.


I await their response with baited breath.

I’m sure they are going to tell me that if I don’t want to get any more of their propaganda that I can just unsubscribe from their email blasts, which I will do.

I just felt the need to stick my finger in their eye first.

I personally don’t want my fucking financial institution bragging to me about their social justice groveling.


3 thoughts on “This Could Be Interesting

  1. Right on P-man! Yeah, like the fucking gas company or the fucking electric company telling me what my fucking usage is compared to my neighbors. Fuck them and Fuck You! Send me gas and electric as requested and I’ll pay my fucking bill, that’s the arrangement. I’ll decide how much I use. If the bill goes higher than I like it, I’ll make the fucking decision to turn shit off or set the fucking thermometer to blast furnace! They need to mind their own fucking business.

    And don’t get me started on AARP…. I got a great story about that maybe I’ll share with you! They won’t even send my wife(ly unit) an application (which she was pissed about) after I was done with those commie fucks!



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