I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the weather forecast apparently.

Last Friday I got the little fucker started and backed it out of the way to work on my little projects in the garage.

This is what I found a few minutes ago when I went out to have a smoke. It has been lightly snowing off and on all afternoon but I really wasn’t too concerned about it. After I saw that shit I came back in and checked the projected forecast and it’s supposed to drop into the twenties all fucking week now at night.

Guess I’ll have to go clean that shit up out there and get the little monster tucked back inside tomorrow before I go back to work eh?

If  the doors don’t freeze shut.

7 thoughts on “Great

  1. Had about four inches of snow over my way, the roads weren’t too bad yesterday, but with the temps in the 20’s, today will probably be a different story.


  2. Cheer up, Phil, it could’ve been worse – with an Ice Storm to follow it!

    Over here on the East Side of the mountains, 4-8 inches is nothing. ;P

    I bet the ONE snowplow y’all have over there is working 24/7…………..


    • The battery is old and weak so I had to get the battery jumper out and plug it in but it did finally start. On 3 cylinders at first. The damn thing . There is a very fine line between choking it and flooding it. After it sputtered along long enough to stay running on it’s own I revved it a couple of times and it finally cleared up.
      It’s back inside sulking again now.


  3. If that Sprint and you were in South Dakota with all the snow and damnable cold we have been having that Sprint would be a boat anchor iced up and covered in snow.


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