LOL! OMG I’m A Dumbass Sometimes!

Cheese and Rice what a fuck up.

For some reason I am not the least surprised either.

This little project I have been working on for about six hours now, the boom extension for my little one ton engine hoist just came to a screeching halt, just as I was almost completely done with it.

You know the old saying, measure twice and cut once?

Apparently I skipped out the day they taught that one.

I know how I fucked up too, I was relying on my faulty memory for measurements on the dimensions when I went and got the steel. The really amazing part is that I didn’t catch my mistake the entire time I was working on it.

After I got all done drilling the holes and cutting the slot, I had to use a cordless drill and a 5/8’s Silver Demming drill bit to get the holes to the final dimension. When I got done, I cleaned it up, grabbed it and went to slide it in the receiver end of the hoist.


It no fit.


The receiving end is 2 1/2 inch square tube. So is the piece I have been working on…

The boom that came out is 2 3/8’s square tube I see after I measured it again….

I obviously forgot that little detail.




Now I have this hunk of steel I can’t use for it’s intended purpose, the joint I get it at is closed until Monday and there it sits, mocking me.

Whaddya do?

Shake my head, laugh at myself and move on.

Such is the story of my entire fucking life.

14 thoughts on “LOL! OMG I’m A Dumbass Sometimes!

    • That’s a new one on me, gonna have to GOOGLE that one.
      Someone makes this size tube and I will find some even if I have to order it from Shanghai on a slow boat.


  1. I built an extension tube for my hoist to be able to pull a 350 engine from my Chev PU. It was overbalanced and I had to put some weights on the back to keep it from tipping over.

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    • Been there too.
      One time all I had handy was this huge dude who weighed about two fifty.
      He put his weight on one foot on the rear cross member and pushed backwards with the other one while I shoved.
      Worked like a charm.
      Going back in was a bit more challenging, I had to go find another dude and he wasn’t quite as big….


      • Phil: We modified a heavy engine hoist to lift large motors bout of vane axial fan tubes and had an assortment of tractor suitcase weights to hang off a rack in the rear for counter balance. Worked well on many western region jobs. Unit could be dismantled and lifted by crane.


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  3. You could weld some ears on your piece of tubing and bolt or pin it on the bottom of the boom using the existing holes in the boom. Easy to do but also easy to overload the hoist. I have one like that and it doesn’t seem to have much of a safety factor built in. Just be careful, buddy.


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