It’s Been Said That Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread

Since it’s been pretty well established that I am no Angel you can figure out where that leaves me.

After my spectacular self induced FAIL earlier today, you might be justified in thinking that I would retire from the garage with my tail between my legs and take some time to contemplate my seemingly endless tendencies to fuck shit up in my zeal to get a few things accomplished.

You would be very wrong.

Oh Hell No, full speed ahead and damn the torpedo’s says I.

A bull can’t be shattering ton’s of fine china if he isn’t inside the china shop ya know.

Back into the garage and the scene of my fruitless endeavors I go.

I haz projects, spare time and the materials on hand.

Let’s get the show on the road.

You will of course remember the new horizontal band saw I bought a while back and my adventures with that thing.

Allow me to refresh your memory,


Well, now there is a fresh dent to match that fucker.


Top heavy motherfucker.

I had the new legs bolted on and slid it to the end of the 2X12 I was using as a work bench, took the weight, stepped back and the thing took off forward on me even though I had the base resting on my bent knees.

It just missed sticking the back leg on the ground and rotated on me. Down it went in slow motion and the shroud landed right on the edge of a small level I had been using that was laying on the floor.

As you can imagine the entire garage instantly turned a bright Cobalt Blue with the cussing.

Good and pissed off at that point, I bent over and grabbed the cocksucker and flipped it right side up and set the fucker down in one fell swoop.

My back don’t like me much right at the moment now either.

Since I can’t use my welder at the moment I had to drill holes and bolt the frame together.

That took a bunch of time and was pretty frustrating. As it was, I was spitballing most of it. I thought I had purchased all the steel pre-cut but something got sideways somewhere and two measurements got mixed up so I wound up using the damn saw while it was sitting on the board to trim a couple of pieces down for the legs.

Then it was eyeball the position because measuring it  wasn’t working out. Too many variables on a basically rectangular piece after all.

The automatic shut off switch was particularly fun to work around.


Then there was that pin that locks it in the stowed position that I had forgotten to install on my last adventure which is what caused the belt guard to get crushed when it flipped over on me the first time.


I basically waved a measuring tape at it a couple of times and then threw caution to the wind.

Cut, drill, bolt, trim for height later as necessary.

I actually came pretty close, I only had to trim one leg a quarter of an inch.


It ain’t pretty but it is one hell of a lot more solid.

Notice I haven’t installed the wheels. I feel kinda bad after a very kind reader dug them out and shipped them to me out of his own pocket but because this thing still wants to tip over on account of that motor being mounted up high and sitting kattywampus away from the main body, I am going to mount the bastard on a cart and bolt it down.

I will use the cheap moving dollies from Harbor Freight just like I did with the drill press.

They should stick out far enough to counter act the  high center of gravity problem this thing inherently comes with and still be mobile.

This is what the original stand and axle mount look like after moving it one time, three feet.






So yeah, that stand is a remarkable display of sheet metal origami and completely fucking useless to the point of being dangerous.

My  attempt may leave much to be desired but at least it won’t fold up on me like a cheap suit.

If you look to the right of this picture, you will see some more steel already cut and stacked up.


I am a glutton for punishment and already have another little project planned.

This one I will be able to measure and the pieces are short enough to fit on the drill press without having to get creative.

I obviously need the practice putting things together that haven’t been pre-drilled so I might as well dive in while I can.

I try not to let things like fear of failure stop me.



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