I Just Laughed So Hard I Think I Pulled Something!

Damn, I’m still sore from laughing about that evil bitch Kamala Harris thinking she can win

This though, is fucking PRICELESS.

Cory Booker launches 2020 White House bid

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2019, 4:05 AM PT

The New Jersey lawmaker becomes the fourth senator and second major African-American candidate to join an increasingly crowded presidential field.


He’s not even going to know what hit him he is so fucking stupid. Once they start digging on his past he will disappear.

Please God, let all the crazy Leftists declare.

I would love to see those stupid Democrats blow ALL of their money on guaranteed losers like this clown.

There is one though, that I don’t know if I could handle running for President.

I might get locked up in a psych ward from the hysterical laughing fit it would cause. Care to take a guess who I am talking about?

I’ll give you a hint.






Yeah, that one.


Oh please, oh please, oh please please please!

That would be the end of that bitch.

8 thoughts on “I Just Laughed So Hard I Think I Pulled Something!

  1. The Dems might fight to the death during the primaries, but once a candidate is selected, they all join in lockstep to get him or her elected. Something the Republicans can learn to emulate.


  2. “African-American”?? unless he has dual citizenship, that’s a bullshit feel-good label, and every time I read it I marvel at how stupid people can be.

    Anyway, Phil, don’t punch your computer, but here’s an amusing collection of video clips of the hypocritical bitch in true form, she should have been barred from politics 20 years ago, along with several dozen other losers that couldn’t hold a real job if they wanted to.


  3. Next will be that former Attorney General Eric Holder. You remember him don’t you? The guy that started the Fast and Furious gun running fiasco and is the ONLY attorney General EVER to be declared In Contempt of CONgress. The Democrat who is the sleaziest criminal will likely win the nomination, just like in 2016.


  4. It was reportedly seeing Maxine Waters face which turned Michael Jackson white. At least that is what I read on the internet so it must be true . . .


  5. If Spartacus faces off with the Donald, he will get his ass stomped like a Narc at
    a biker rally! So far, I have not seen a single person who could beat Trump. If
    Princess Squattopiss, Camel Toe Harris and Spartacus are the best they can
    field, the roster has to be piss-weak!


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