I Like It

Not one single piece of fucking plastic, no fucking semi conductors,  no diodes or potentiometers.

It’s amazing what people came up with way in the hell back then without even a simple electronic calculator.

Oh yeah,  Cast Iron too.

Heavy as all get out but the shit lasts and lasts.

You can pretty much guarantee this thing has already outlasted two generations of operators.

saw filer

And it’s still going strong.

This is why I like vintage machinery.

6 thoughts on “I Like It

    • I love that kind of shit, thanks.I was surprised at just how many parts there were on that little saw sharpener and by golly, I learned something new that I wouldn’t have thought of. Putting Hot Glue on the jaws of the Vise Grips to keep from damaging the knurling on that knob was freakin’ genius.
      Pretty cool old piece and he got lucky finding the cones from whatever tool that was.
      Poor dude needs some better quality tools, I was cringing in a couple places but the damn thing turned out nice!


  1. When my old cabinet maker grandpa went to the great lumber mill in the sky, I was fortunate to get his old table saw. It’s a “ShopMaster” made out of cast iron, frame and table, 10” blade with a three hp belt driven motor. Heavy duty and built to last!
    I’m not sure how old it is…… but it is rock fucking solid.
    There’s no guards or safety apparatus, not even an on/off switch.
    Plug it in and it’s ready to work.


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