25 thoughts on “Someone Has A Large Supply Of Brown Paper Bags

  1. Pass the eye bleach!
    That crotch dropping of the Clinton’s has all the features of an inbred from the privileged class who keep outsider blood from despoiling their elitist bloodlines.
    And “IT” is producing more red diaper spawn of Satan’s hand maiden.

    FYI anybody interested. Funny how these elites love to cast Southerner’s in the white trailer trash incest role. I grew up in northern NH., there’s thousands of Tory/Loyalist Beacon Hill Brahman old monied families, huge colonial kings land grants, colonial era, war of 1812, family vacation/bug out compounds, with their trust fund brats doing their tree humping NPC hedonistic shit up there. Incest and pedophilia is rampant among them. Quite a few “swinger’s groups where every kind of kinky shit goes on up around North Sandwich/Tamworth and connecting towns.


  2. Hillary: “Just spit it into the turkey baster Chelsea, that’s how I had you.” Ya see, there really are some females ol’ Bill just won’t fuck, after all!


  3. So he has no self respect, there’s no other way to look at it, he’s not a man, he’s a person who sold his integrity for political gain.


  4. I’m throwing the bullshit flag. You start pouring tequila down the gullet and the next thing you know you mofos are pounding this like you’d work a body bag. Coyote ugly but a 2’o clock fox.


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