6 thoughts on “Something To Keep In Mind.

  1. They put everything they had including their families on the line…so Pelosi can take 90+ Michelle Obamas on a multi-million dollar, tax payer funded tour through high brow European spas & restaurants.

    I’m sure they would be pleased.


  2. Actually, they were mostly the well to do. The English Crown wanted to tax them for the French and Indian war, but the English crown was taxing them for more than that.
    So, they weren’t nutjobs and they were not an extremist minority.
    Don’t believe every nut you read.


    • Yo Fritz, there is nothing inaccurate with what that says.
      They weren’t career politicians, they were declared outlaws by the King and compared to their bleating sheep contemporaries, were very much extremists. Yes, they were the well to do also which gave them the means to organize.


  3. Oh yes. That Guy Fawkes mask? Time Warner gets money from every mask sold.
    So Disobey wearing that mask is actually saying to people who know who owns the copyright means “fool”


  4. In reply to Fritz : They were extremists; albeit wealthy ones. They had everything to lose , including their lives, and put it all on the line.They were in fact a minority and had they been caught, history would be different. Balls that big aren’t made every day…… And Phillipe… Got you on my mind. Next trip or two into Homosassa (Fl) I will be stopping at the cigar store. Yahoo has been kind enough to delete ALL of my emails, so when you get a chance send me your mailing address at eatgrueldog@yahoo.com.. Best regards my good man.


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